Donald Trump walks in, and he barrels in and the first thing he sees is me standing off to the side, and he comes right up to me, and he kisses me on the cheek. Just puts his hands on my shoulders and pulls me in. … I was powerless. I just stood there frozen thinking, Oh my god, what is this man doing? He’s not my friend. He’s not my business partner. He’s not my social acquaintance. He’s not a family member of mine. This is somebody I am covering.
—  Katy Tur, NBC reporter, talking with Terry Gross 

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So you gonna ban mentally ill users with violent intrusive thoughts too? Cus, you know, they publicly announce their desires to kill and traumatize real people and stuff.

They’ll be issued warnings for that.

It’s not the same as expressing a desire to sexually assault a child.

There is a certain peace that comes with being surrounded by a bunch of men with big guns.

As much as you want to run or fight or scream, there’s not much you can do — except whatever they say.

On a Friday afternoon in April, I was sitting in a restaurant in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, trying to convince two government officials to issue me press credentials so I could report there. I had tried and failed to do this over the phone from my home base in Nairobi, and so my bosses and I made the decision that an in-person appeal would be best.

I flew to Juba, and this was the moment of truth. The two government officials and I made small talk for a while, and then I sheepishly said, “So…”

One of them grinned.

“We’ll give you the credential. You can come pick it up on Monday,” he said.

We were mid-celebration, in the middle of our beers, when half-a-dozen men with guns showed up. They were in plain clothes, carrying assault rifles.

“I need you to come with me quietly,” one of the men said.

I Spent 4 Days In Jail In South Sudan. I Won’t Stop Reporting On The Crisis There

Photo: Kainaz Amaria/NPR
Caption: NPR’s Eyder Peralta


Hello Fellow Fairy Tail Fans!! I AM GOING TO JAPAN TO WATCH FAIRY TAIL’S DRAGONS CRY! I will make sure to constantly update whats going on in japan with that news! ill take many pictures and post them in Tumblr. i will be in japan for a few days starting on April 20th and on my last day, i will watch the premier of the movie so ill be sure to post to you guys on updates! ill be looking forward to your feedback on things you wish to see!<3 MICHYPEACHY OUT!

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a lot of the criticism of this site seems to be like: "you mean I can't just make baseless accusations about people I don't like being nazis and pedophiles without actual evidence?? ????" because you've literally said hate speech won't fair well on your site, but y'all got to report it first and that's what's got people mad, they want that callout culture, they want to be able viciously attack people they don't like in peace

A lot of that comes from the satisfaction of a callout post, too! It can feel like taking justice into your own hands by shaming/scaring those who post what you feel is wrong (or in some cases, is legitimately wrong). However, we adhere to the idea that even one innocent person being wrongly implicated is too many, and callout culture is rife with innocent victims.

“The president dismissed our reporting, saying it’s not true, and that our sources are made up. Those sources, however, do exist. In fact, three of them were in the room when the president talked about dramatically increasing the number of US nukes,” Lester Holt says tonight on NBC NightlyNews.

This is the exclusive NBC News report on the meeting that came before Sec. Tillerson called the president a moron ->

First Amendment advocates are speaking out against US president’s license suggestion that would stifle TV broadcasting.

The president’s tweet on US TV networks’ ability to broadcast came in response to this NBC News report this morning.

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How will you guys handle anon hate? Do people report it and are you able to see who the anonymous person actually is? Just curious because Anon hate is a pretty big problem here on Tumblr

Anonymous users are tied to their account, so reporting them will let us punish the user who sent the hate!

There are already leak investigations going. They’re going to be aggressive from what we can tell. The White House and the DOJ want them to be aggressive, and it’s a real concern. You don’t want to be involved in putting somebody in jail, even if you didn’t do it directly, and some of these people are taking risks to speak to us.
—  New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg on sources leaking to him
This Vice News Documentary from Charlottesville Is Horrifying
Watch it and share it.

Vice News, to the outlet’s immense credit, was on the ground to document the events in Charlottesville this weekend. Reporter Elle Reeve even embedded, for a time, with white supremacist leader Chris Cantwell. What she found speaks for itself, but keep an eye out for the little things. Like, say, how many guns these white supremacists have.

Stop calling acts of terror Islamic.

Dear media,

The terrorism and violence wreaked in Barcelona is not “Islamic.” Please stop labelling it as “Islamic.” Acts of violence and terror are not Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Agnostic, for crying out loud.

Stop mislabelling!

A burqa worn by a politician in a parliamentary stunt is not hurting the sentiments of most Muslims like you keep reporting. FYI the burqa isn’t “Islamic” in origin either, but that’s a whole other beast we’ll tackle another day.

What is genuinely hurting the sentiments and well-being of global, law-abiding, peaceful Muslims, is YOU continuously labelling acts of terror and violence as “Islamic.”

Stop! Please stop! You are only contributing to the further marginalization of an already misunderstood and misrepresented group of people.


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Hi i should have asked sooner instead of relying on hearsay and doing more harm than good and I'm sorry for that but i have an important question. If we find a Nazi blog on writScrib and report it will they be banned? Or do we have to wait for them to harass someone? As Nazi's beleive in genocide for many groups I'm hoping you will automatically ban before they do more harm.

That’s part of why we’re making WritScrib! Hearsay and vague callouts are very popular on Tumblr, and only serve to stress users out and put them on the defensive, or else cause accusations to be flung.

Our Community Guidelines state that harassing content includes physical and mental harm to users. As such, a Nazi might be able to skirt by with only posting WWII imagery (ie, curating a WWII blog), but if they were discussing ethnic cleansing or claiming that races were inferior, that would count as inflicting physical or mental harm on our users (as it can be assumed that we would have members of the affected groups within our userbase) and could be reported.

Additionally, any attempts at circumventing our rules (like using coded language), would result in a double punishment, and any direct threats against other users could potentially lead to us involving the authorities.