The sexist soccer fan who yelled at a reporter has been fired from his six-figure job

One of the trolls that hurled obscenities at CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt during a Toronto FC game in Calgary on Sunday has found out the joke is on him. Power company Hydro One told the Toronto Star assistant network management engineer Shawn Simoes, who made $106,150 last year, has been fired. But that’s not the only punishment coming down on these guys.

I am back online momentarily to express my deep sadness over something that has occurred today. I am absolutely devastated to learn that a man who inspired me as a reporter has been killed by militants in Syria. Kenji Goto was a passionate journalist from Japan who always risked his own life to give people a voice, especially children. From AIDS and poverty to disasters and education, Kenji cared for others and his heart showed in the work he did. When he traveled to Syria to cover the violence plaguing the country, he thought he would be safe since Japan was not actively fighting ISIS, unfortunately he was taken hostage several months ago and held until today when talks over his release broke down and he was killed. Goto will be remembered for his bravery, his dedication, and his empathy. He will not be forgotten. My heart is with Kenji’s family including his wife and two children, as well as the people of Japan. このたびはご愁傷さまでございます


Watch: Reporter quits on air to focus on the fight for legal marijuana

 A reporter for KTVA News, the local CBS affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska, spent her latest (and what would turn out to be her last) live news segment in a somewhat unorthodox way. 

In the middle of a live segment, Charlo Greene admitted being the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club and said she wanted to spend more time focusing on Alaska’s marijuana legalization movement, ending the unexpected speech with “Fuck it, I quit.”

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“I’m a reporter and recently wrote a story about a man dying of cancer with one wish to take his four year old granddaughter to Disney World. Though he passed away just days after the story ran and couldn’t take her (the fund-raising campaign ended up going to his final expenses instead of the trip because he couldn’t go), I hope she can go sometime and remember how badly he wanted to take her.”