Before I start reblogging a bunch of positivity, I will say this first. 

Should Maddie have done that in the video? Perhaps not. 

But in no way does it make this her “fault”. It was a private video, and because it was an iCloud hack, it was most likely deleted soon after the fact. The only person who is at fault is the perpetrator. No one else. 

Maddie is in an incredibly scary and potentially dangerous situation, please be mindful of that. 

Report any sightings of the godforsaken video or screenshots of it. It is child pornography. 

hugs go out to Maddie. 

Hackers Doxxed Planned Parenthood Employees - This Can't Turn Out Well

Hackers Doxxed Planned Parenthood Employees – This Can’t Turn Out Well

Republicans know that the last time they waged a war on women, their reputation (if not their seats in Congress) took a hit, so they’re being a lot more subtle this election cycle. Instead of saying that women are “sluts” for using birth control, they are ginning up the fearful base with badly edited videos showing Planned Parenthood employees allegedly selling (selling never actually happened)…

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Modern Prometheus Productions

So it’s been in the works for a year, and finally the announcement of my new production company, MODERN PROMETHEUS, came out today in The Hollywood Reporter! This is a big deal, as I finally get to spill the beans about the animated pilot (Ian McGinty’s WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE, starring punk rock icon and personal hero HENRY ROLLINS) and the official announcement of my next feature - which I’ve mentioned on this blog before - Paul Pope’s THE ONE TRICK RIP-OFF.

Every young filmmaker dreams of moments like these, where you get your name in The Hollywood Reporter or Variety, and it’s for something you’ve worked incredibly hard for. But this is just the beginning, and the real hard work lays ahead in the coming weeks, months and years.

I’ll need your help spreading the word, as the more traffic the article gets, the more it will be promoted. I thank you so much for your help and as always keep you in the loop of the developments of my new venture, including producing the cartoon and the animation process. Thanks!!

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Modern Prometheus Founded to Bring Indie Comics to Screen (Exclusive)

btw i was tidying my room to pretend i have some semblance of control over my life rn but guess who forgot she had a huge printout of this guy sitting on her table from the pentagram incident and happened to lift it up and look at it right as her mother entered the room

that’s right, me

when laura has her “i am the hero of this story” moment i’m gonna bawl my eyes out i’m getting emotional just thinking about it

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about snape? do u like him? i love ur meta and would love to hear ur opinions on him

not a fan. i think he was abusive towards his students, a terrible friend to Lily with a creepy fixation on her he decided was “love”, and, most importantly, an unrepentant Death Eater. I do feel kinda sorry for him because of how his life turned out to be, but he did a lot of things that were cruel and petty, and abused his privilege by bulling kids like Neville out of jealousy and Hermione out of his (internalized?) racism towards muggleborns. He just generally makes me go “meh. sad. whatever.” I also think he’s way overrated and there are more interesting characters out there who deserve the attention he gets. so overall, I don’t like him, no, and I most definitely don’t like the version of him that his fandom has created & idealized to the point of no recognition.

Writing Report for July 20-26

Total words written: 1547
Days writing 250+ words: 4/7 (counting 2 heavy editing days)

Worked on: Keeper ficlet (edited), Katari ficlet (wrote and edited)

Posted: Keeper ficlet, Katari ficlet, Twelve Agents’ Tales (no new material, just collected all the ficlets)

Whew! More editing and posting than new writing this week. It’s great to be done with the MP characters project and to see the recognition it’s getting.

Goals for this week: Edit and post the first letter of the Twinquisitor alphabet; update and edit the second letter; start writing Chapter 6 of On the Internet.

Tyler's Linklater Movie to be released in 2016

Tyler’s Linklater Movie to be released in 2016

Variety reported today that the Richard Linklater film, formerly titled “That’s What I’m Talking About”, is scheduled to be released on April 15, 2016. Tyler stars as McReynolds in the baseball movie, which he has referred to as a ‘slice of life’ film. Mark your calendars!

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Introducing ROM Reporters!

Hey ROMKids Tumblr readers! You might have heard there will be some changes over the next little while. Starting today, we, the campers of Summer Club’s own ROM Reporters, are taking over.

Starting tomorrow, me and a group of cool teens are taking over @ROMKids social media as #ROMReporters. I couldn’t be more stoked.

— Alison Cooley (@arcooley)

July 27, 2015

So #ROMreporters took over @romkids. Very excited to see @romtoronto through their eyes! #summerclub2015

— Kiron Mukherjee (@kironcmukherjee)

July 27, 2015

We’ve already got a head start sending out tweets, but over the next two weeks, we’ll be heading behind the scenes, and getting up close and personal with some favourite museum artifacts, specimens, and exhibits. From new dinosaurs discoveries to creepy crawly creatures to Pompeii to kids art projects, we’ll be giving you the inside scoop on all things ROM.

Hey @eviscomm - check out #romreporters a new @ROMKids camp program for budding science communicators #scicomm @ROMBiodiversity

— Dave Ireland (@davehireland)

July 27, 2015

Stay tuned for updates— including an amazing behind-the-scenes visit with Natural History Technician Brad Millen, who showed us one of the wildest parts of what goes on here at the ROM when new specimens come into the museum.

For more from ROM Reporters, keep an eye on the ROMKids Tumblr, or track us down on Twitter @ROMKids.

By Alison Cooley, ROM Reporters Instructor/Editor In Chief. Last update: June 27th, 2015.

Family Reveals Bobbi Kristina Died to Chants of Hallelujah from a Close Group While Whitney Houston Pulled Her to the Other Side

Family Reveals Bobbi Kristina Died to Chants of Hallelujah from a Close Group While Whitney Houston Pulled Her to the Other Side

The final heartbreaking moments in the six-month battle for life by Bobbi Kristina Brown were revealed tonight. (more…)

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