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Wheat Thins Sponsortunity

“Let me reiterate – I cannot say this too many times – that this is an actual memo from Wheat Thins that I received.”

Upon my regular rewatch of The Colbert Report I got to one of my favourite segments ever and felt the need to share. I have this on my iPhone ready to deploy for people who haven’t seen it, and I recite it word for word alongside them.

umbriel  asked:

Hey, I've seen people spelling it different ways, and now I'm curious... is it Goderich or Goderitch?

Oi Oi OrphanSarah,

We did some highly sophisticated investigative reporting (rewatched the episode and took screengrabs) and discovered Krystal’s name is spelled:

Krystal Goderitch

Exhibit A: 

Exhibit B:

We feel partially to blame here, because we are guilty of spelling it wrong on a few occasions, and we’re supposed to be your official OB resource. But we never said we were good at spelling. We also have a slight speech impediment, so talking, spelling = skills not in our wheelhouse. You might be wondering how we even got this job and we wonder too. Don’t mention this to anyone. This never happened. Cue dream Evelyne: