report him please

Hey who wants to start using an Official™ Overwatch code/etiquette system with me

These are mostly for those who might not enter the voice chat for various reasons, and can only communicate with using the text chat and voice options.

I’ll start, suggestions/additions to this post welcome:

  • When you say your ultimate is ready (100%) THREE TIMES IN A ROW, you are about to use it.
    IE: “Zarya: Graviton Surge is Ready! (x3)”
    “We’re on the objective and Zarya’s saying she’s got her ult, I guess she’s about to use it, so I should take advantage with mine too when she does”
  • If you are on The Objective™ during a skirmish, that means you actually want to fight with others to practice the character you chose.
    IE: If you’re skirmishing in Ilios, and you step into the lighthouse, it means you want to practice
  • If a Healer character is saying “I need healing,” ESPECIALLY if they are the only healer, that means THEY ARE IN DANGER and need immediate help.
    IE: “Mercy: I need healing!”
    “Why is our only healer telling us I need healing? OH SHIT Tracer’s shooting her to death! We need to kill the enemy Tracer!”
  • Please ASK or TELL your team that you’re going to play Hanzo or Widowmaker on Offense, so that they can coordinate with you. It’s far better to know a sniper is being chosen by someone competent AND considerate.
    IE: “I’m going to play Widowmaker to get a lot of picks to help you out” “Okay but swap out if we’re not making progress” “Got it”
  • In Competitive Play: state which characters you might swap into in advance so that others will know how to work with you and coordinate their own character choices as well, if you wind up switching.
  • In Comp: ask about, establish or suggest potential strategies for the team so that there’s a range of options to try.
    IE: “Hey, are we going to the left, right, or up the middle? Who should be the distraction?”
  • If someone asks you if they can use the character you picked- ACTUALLY RESPOND TO THEM. You’re allowed to say “no,” but that person is asking and expecting an answer. Please give them one.
    IE: “Hey, can I try Genji?” “Sure”
  • In Comp, if your teammate(s) or opponent(s) state that they have a troll/griefer on their team and they ask everyone in the match to report them- if what they say holds up, then do it, as well as blocking them. You don’t want to wind up with them on your team as well later on.
  • IE: “Opponent: Hey, our Roadhog player complained when our team asked for their help, and then they left the match. Can everyone please report him?”
Calling all antis, and anti-MAP’s, anti Pro-contacts, Shi* all of tumblr

You don’t like me and thats fine, i don’t like a lot of you either. But some do share something with me and I with them. A lets protect kids from harm mentality. Their is this Youtuber called Omnipolitics16. He is a pro-contact, pro-child & adult sex Pedophile who believes that if children are taught enough about sex then they can consent. Myself and a few of my anti-contact/non-offending MAP peers have written long responses about the effects and harm of CSA and how he is just completely wrong. Yet he rebuttals with answers filled with the benefits of adult on child sex. Along with how CSA victims are brainwashed and that in “most cases sexual interactions with children bring them pleasure”. 

Im calling to you guys to blacklist him hard and if you can do your thing. Get them scratched off of youtube. His influence is dangerous. What if a child stumbles upon his videos and thinks its okay to have “consensual” sex with an adult. We all know its rape. I know you don’t like us MAPs (to the antis) but some of us really despise Pro-contacts and that guy is dangerous to children. I don’t want a young MAP finding him and thinking this same mentality. I fear for the safety of children. I fear for the future teen MAPs. Please help and get that guy and his horrible influence out of youtube. I know its just one speck of dust cleaned off of the shelf. But its one speck down. Don’t do it for me, or even for the future MAPs. Do it for the sake of children. Please 

I told him i was happy Offenders were put in jail and that law and society looked down hard upon them and he said that 

He said that about kids being able to feel sexual pleasure even though we are clearly talking about rape here. 

he said a “A child can indeed consent to sex” and i couldn’t stop crying for hours. 

the he talked about how kids play Doctor??? because kids being them is related to raping them?? 

Guys please 

Thats his channel. I don’t want him near children, sadly i don’t know how to prevent that as to him being so stubborn about his pro-contact views. And yes he shows his face. Get him off of youtube please! Please! Do your thing! Spam him! Report him! Spread the word! please! He is spreading information that can result in more possible outcomes and i cant have a child be hurt by him or by his beliefs or by others influenced by him. 

Drag him

Hey can yall uh report blasterlizard on instagram?

hes been reported before for animal abuse and he still continues with his behavior of endangering blaster (the bearded dragon he owns)’s life by hooking his claws in his mouth, bending him over, and filming “funny and cute” videos of his lizard literally FALLING OFF A BED and landing on his neck. I cant currently include pictures but hooking claws in your lizards mouth can cause cuts which, in the incredibly bacteria filled environment that is a beardie’s mouth, get infected and most often lead to death. Bending your bearded dragon over in a scrunched up pose to fit in your hand is dangerous short term AND long term because it can cause spinal damage and breathing difficulties. beardies dont have diaphragms which prevents them from compensating on the difficulty of breathing when scrunched up. overall, hes a horrible pet owner and anyone who speaks out against him is 1.) told “oh i didn’t know thanks for telling me I shouldn’t do X” and then 2.) blocked if they speak out again. he spends money to promote his profile on instagram to many more people and he refuses to change. Please report him to get him off of instagram for good, blaster’s life is at risk.

The Devil’s Backbone (E.D)

Ethan Dolan Series Part One

Pairing: Fugitive!Ethan X Reader

Word Count: 1,349

Summary: You find a bleeding man sprawled out on the pavement while walking home from work one night, and take him back to your home in order to fix him up. Only, you weren’t expecting him to be the fugitive that escaped his prison cell only 24 hours prior.

Warnings: cursing, violence, etc.

Based off of “The Devil’s Backbone” by The Civil Wars

A/N: I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, as I really liked the concept of it. I’m not sure how long this series will be, but I hope you all enjoy it! So without further ado, I present The Devil’s Backbone.” xx (Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes!)

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what have I done?
I’ve fallen in love with a man on the run
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, I’m begging you, please
Don’t take that sinner from me
Oh, don’t take that sinner from me.

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what do I do?
I’ve fallen for someone who’s nothing like you
He’s raised on the edge of the devil’s backbone
Oh I just wanna take him home
Oh I just wanna take him home

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, he’s somewhere between
A hangman’s knot, and three mouths to feed
There wasn’t a wrong or a right he could choose
He did what he had to do
Oh, he did what he had to do.

Give me the burden, give me the blame
I’ll shoulder the load, and I’ll swallow the shame
Give me the burden, give me the blame
How many, how many Hail Marys is it gonna take?

Don’t care if he’s guilty, don’t care if he’s not
He’s good and he’s bad and he’s all that I’ve got
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, I’m begging you, please
Don’t take that sinner from me
Oh don’t take that sinner from me

”The Devil’s Backbone” - The Civil Wars”

You light footsteps reverberated on the dry asphalt of the empty streets of Los Angeles. You were still dressed in your work uniform, the faint smell of pizza grease present on your shirt. The sun had gone down hours ago, therefore in it’s place was the moon, which was barely visible through the clusters of clouds hanging in the night sky. It was practically pitch black, the only thing guiding you through the darkness was the dim hue radiating from the street lamps.

You were walking at a leisurely pace, taking your time to admire the beautiful scenery around you. You were more than content walking home alone, seeing as you didn’t live that far anyway. You loved the city at night; the usually noise filled, crowded streets were now deserted and silent.

Your phone vibrated in your back pocket, flagging you were getting a call. You quickly got it and swiped your thumb right, setting the phone against your ear, “Hello?”

“Hey baby, it’s Isaac. You weren’t picking up when I tried calling you so I’m using Brandon’s phone. Can I come over? I miss you.”

Isaac was an ex-boyfriend of yours, and the relationship both of you had wasn’t solid in any way. He would lay his hands on you and constantly be unfaithful, as well as scream and holler at you for the least difficult of things. You were tired of it to put it simply, so you gathered up all of the strength you could muster and put an end to the abusive two-year relationship. He, obviously, wasn’t happy about it, so for the last month, he’s been constantly attempting to contact you in hopes to fix what you once had.

You scoffed in annoyance, “Isaac, I want nothing to do with you anymore, I blocked you for a reason.”

You removed the phone from your ear and hung up. You rounded the corner, only to come across a man sprawled out across the pavement, shrouded in blood.

“Holy shit,” You muttered quietly. Bringing a hand to your mouth, you hastily ran over to him and began shaking him gently, “Sir, can you hear me?”

He groaned in response, mumbling a few incoherent phrases. He rolled over onto his back before bringing his hand to his chest. You gasped as you saw his face, not expecting him to be so attractive despite his cuts and bruises. His dark tufts of hair confined his tan, battered face. His eyes were closed but you noticed they were embellished with thick, long lashes. His nose was swollen and bruised, the blood trickling out of his nostrils driving a trail down to his full, pink lips. His jawline was what truly caught your attention. It emerged noticeably, the sharpness casting a shadow onto his neck. He was breathtaking.

You mentally reproved yourself before tucking a free strand of hair behind your ear, “I’m gonna get you up, okay? Do you know anywhere I could take you?”

You brought your arm beneath his and hauled him up off of the ground, your knees almost buckling as he leaned his weight on you.

The boy shook his head no and let out a few strangled coughs, blood sputtering out of his mouth and onto the pavement. You were too kind to just let this man suffer alone in the middle of the night, and you knew you couldn’t leave him here, as the guilt that would be weighing down on your conscience was something you knew you wouldn’t be able to bare.

All of a sudden, the stranger went limp in your grasp. He would’ve fallen straight onto the concrete if it weren’t for your strong grip on him. It would take all night to drag him to the hospital, which was nowhere near you at the moment; so instead, you began walking in the direction of your house praying the man would be alive by the time you made it.

The stranger thankfully gained some consciousness by the time you unlocked the front door to your home. You helped him walk over to the couch and laid him down.

This was not how you anticipated your night to go. You were originally planning on ordering some Chinese food and binge watch TVD, but instead, you were taking care of an unknown man who was slumped on your couch.

“Do you need anything? Some Advil? An ice pa-”

He removed his shirt to reveal an extensive cut, causing your words to stall in your throat. He touched it and winced, “Do you have a first aid kit?”

You caught a glimpse of his muscular torso, your jaw almost dropping at the mesmerizing sight of it. “U-Uhm, yeah, I do. I’ll go get it.”

With that statement you hastened into the kitchen, rummaging through all of the cupboards. You placed your phone on the countertop and bent down, grinning to yourself as you hauled the first aid kit out from under the heaps of random objects.

You padded back into the living room, “Hey, I have the first aid kit. Also, what’s your name if you don’t mind me aski-”

You froze in your tracks. Your television was turned on and the spot on the sofa where the outsider was once positioned was now empty. You immediately began to wonder if this was all in your head until you noticed his bloody shirt was placed on the coffee table.

“And in other reports, police are still on the hunt for an extremely violent criminal tonight just 24 hours after he escaped the United States Penitentiary. The urgent manhunt is now expanding beyond Atwater, California where the prisoner broke free yesterday. Authorities are hoping a different photo of the inmate could bring a fresh lead to the case. But for now, here is the mugshot of the 20-year-old fugitive Ethan Dolan. If anyone has seen him, please report to the police immediately. He is armed, so please be cautious. Now to Ashley Cappadona with this week’s weather report..”

Your blood turned ice cold, a chilling feeling crawled up your spine and a staggering apprehension settled upon you as a photograph of Ethan Dolan’s mugshot showed up on the screen.

The hair. The eyes. The nose. The lips. The jawline.

It was him. It was the man in your house.

You bolted forwards and grabbed the TV remote, switching off the television. He purposely wanted you to realize the mistake you made, seeing as he deliberately turned on your TV to the news station that was reporting about his escape. But why? Why was he fucking with you?

That’s when you remembered; your phone.

Darting into the kitchen, your heart leaped as you noticed that your phone was still in the same spot you left it. You typed in the three numbers regardless of your shaking hands.

Just as you were about to press the call button, a sharp metal object was placed against your throat and a firm body was pressed against your back.

“I wouldn’t try that if I were you.”

Ethan’s voice was profoundly deep and gravelly in your ear, his words were bound with venom and maliciousness. The phone slipped out of your hand, tumbling onto the hard wooden floor beneath you.

“Wow, what a good girl. I didn’t even have to ask you to drop it.” He murmured in your ear, pressing his body harder against you. You were caught in the middle of him and the counter, the cruel stone pushing into your stomach. Regardless of how much you wanted to escape, you knew you proved unable.

He began to daintily tread the blade up your jawline and to your lips, following over their plump shape with the tip of his weapon.

“Please, stop.” You whimpered, turning your head to the side so the knife was no longer in contact with you.

He chuckled slightly, only to brush his lips up against the shell of your ear, “But sweetheart, we’re just getting started.”


It has been brought to my attention that @mr-w-art has been harassing and threatening some of @ehuante’s friends, and she requested that I block and report him.
It’s IMPERATIVE that he does not get the chance to go through with his threats, as if he had that chance to begin with, anyways.
It’d be a real help if you block and report this guy.
Thanks for taking the time to do this, if you bothered to do so.

Report and Block Him.

Hi everyone, Dolli here. I need to get something off of my chest, and I need everyone to reblog the fuck out of this post. I don’t like to bring personal issues to my blog, but this is something I can’t let go unheard.

I started talking to @3-duce this May, on and off for a while and just this past week I started talking to him again. This week he started to Skype me, which was cool and I really had genuine feelings for this guy.

Thursday night this week he told me about how he has sexually abused his daughter, bragged about it and tried to persuade me to be okay with it. He said I was the only person who knew. Obviously I wasn’t okay with it. I went to sleep Thursday night and woke up Friday morning in a fucking panic. I called every single hotline I could and they all told me I didn’t have enough information on him. Thankfully after using what little information I knew about him, and what he was doing this weekend I found his Facebook, and then found the little girls mom. I got in contact with her and told her the situation and briefly what was going on. I haven’t heard from her since Friday night but I hope that she will take the steps to keep her daughter safe. I handled this situation the best I could.

I ask everyone to please reblog this, get the fucking word out on this guy. Block him, report his blog, unfollow him, please do everything you can. Please block @3-duce & report him.

Thank you, I love all of you.

Hey guys I don’t usually do this but I need you guys to report @columbine0bsession they’re incredibly mentally unstable and have openly threatened to shoot up their school, are delusional and worship the columbine shooters, not like the rest of the TCC but like honest to God worship. The things he’s doing on here are harmful and awful so if you guys could report him please do, I want this website to stay safe.

Hurt (Rami Malek x Reader)


A/N: Hey guys! Long time no imagines! But here is finally another one. I hope you enjoy this! I feel like my writing sucks! :/ Let me know how you find it! thx!

Word count: 936

“Does it hurt too much?” Rami asked as he put your head between his hands to observe the wound on your cheek.  His face showed nothing but pure worry and anger. Salty tears wouldn’t stop escaping your eyes and you hissed slightly as they made contact to your injured cheek. Sitting in front of Rami like this, all vulnerable and broken, was very embarrassing for you. He didn’t know you like this. You never showed him your weak side. Rami had always known you as a woman who was strong enough to survive the horrible actions of her abusive boyfriend.  

He knew how your boyfriend used to treat you. He was there for you when you needed help and distraction from reality. He saw all the bruises and wounds on your body that you desperately tried to cover up. Every time he saw them, his heart would be torn apart in two. Rami wanted to help you. He really wanted. But he was forced to promise that he wouldn’t interfere.

Looking at you now, a deep sigh escaped his lips. “I’m going to get the first aid kit.” He mumbled and left the get the utensils that he needed. You sat there very still on his couch. Since the moment you arrived you hadn’t even moved a single muscle. But you still kept crying.

You never were the one who would let anyone dragging you down. However, when you met your boyfriend, things became different. First, you thought that he was a good man. Your abusive boyfriend would have bought your little gifts and he would also declare you his love almost every day. He claimed that you’d be the best thing that had happened in his life and he couldn’t live without you. This went on for almost four months. After this time, he slowly began to show his real face. Hurting you and treating you like shit was a daily program and the worst thing was that you couldn’t leave him because you were bonded to him. Whatever he did to you, you changed because of his big influence on you.

As Rami came back from the bathroom with an absorbent cotton, a plaster and a bottle of alcohol in his hand, he sat down in front of you. Taking your hands in his, he looked at you in the eyes deeply. “Tell me, (Y/N), how long will this continue?” You only shrugged at his question, not even giving any effort to answer.  

Thereupon, Rami took the bottle and opened it, pouring a few drops of alcohol on the cotton and pressing it lightly on your injured cheek. The stinging feeling of the alcohol elicited another hiss from your lips. Rami treated your wound with gentleness and care. You very appreciated his friendship.

He took a place next to you, taking your hand in his. “You need to leave him, (Y/N). You know that. I don’t want to imagine what he’s capable of.”

“I can’t.” Your voice sounded very hoarse and rough.

“(Y/N), please, you need to leave him! He’s not good for you, why can’t you see this?”

“If I leave him, he’ll find me Rami. He’ll never leave me alone.”

Rami became frustrated. He already had this conversation with you for numerous times but it would always end the same. This time he would prevent that you’d go back to your boyfriend.

“God, (Y/N)!” He raised his voice at you. He didn’t mean to but it was the frustration talking.

“Don’t you see the way he treats you? All he does is to hurt you and behaving like an asshole. He should carry you on his hands, treating you the way you deserve. He should treat you like a queen! But he doesn’t! Instead, he beats the shit out of you for nothing! How long will this continue, (Y/N), huh? Until you end up in the hospital or even worse, until you die? I can’t lose you, you’re my best friend.” He tilted up your chin and forced you to look into his eyes.

“You mean so much to me, (Y/N). I can’t see you like this. All covered up in bruises. It kills me.” He said, his voice cracking a bit. You noticed the tears that built up in his eyes. You knew he was right. You knew you should put up an end on this. You were just afraid. Afraid for your life. Afraid of your boyfriend. You felt nothing but hatred for him now, but were scared of him.

“What should I do?” You already knew the answer.

“Go to the police and report him. Please, love, we can do it together if you want to. I will support you by every step you take. Just do not put up with it!”

“What if-?”

“No! Fuck that! Fuck him! We’re going to the police. I should’ve done it a long time ago!”

You leaned forward to wrap your arms around him. You very glad to have him as a friend.

“Do you need anything, sweetheart?” He inquired. “Are you okay?”

“Can we just cuddle, please? I’m very tired.” You mumbled, burying your face in the crook of his neck. Rami held you close to him, not having the intention to let you go. He watched you while you fell asleep in his strong and save arms. He insisted on making that bastards life a living hell. Your “boyfriend” would pay everything he had done to you.

Rami carried you up to his bedroom and laid you down on his bed. Tomorrow, everything would change. He was sure of it.

Headcanon that every time Eggsy has to go on a honeypot mission, he writes an excruciatingly detailed mission report that basically devolves into a smutty novella, just because it makes Merlin so uncomfortable and irritated when he has to read them.

ohsirensong  asked:

hey girl can you post this publicly??? that person who was harassing you started harassing me and messaged me off anon on the messenger after I closed anon. his handle is destroyerofthiscanceroussite. please report him!!!!!!! I'll double check the handle but please!!!!



Hey everyone! Today on Instagram I came across this user! He has four accounts but I have forgotten the name to the fourth! He posts a lot of spam, some??? Stolen artwork, and a lot content involving plain, boat, and train crashes, and it is implied that he could be into that and there is enough proof that he is interested in becoming a pilot, so having a plane crash obsession is really dangerous! He has also posted videos on his YouTube channel that are of recordings of minors’ Instagram lives that are likely recorded without their consent! I have reported him for spamming others’ profiles and the YouTube videos, and you don’t have to report him OFC, but please stay clear of him, especially if you are part of the pop'n Instagram community!

anonymous asked:

i think my pill dispenser is a secret rebel, i'm pretty sure he's been giving me sugar pills because i've been taking my medication but i'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms. please help me?

please report him to your nearest authority. we will send a recorrection unit to the dispenser and help him, and you, to live better®.

Hamilton is more autobiographical than Heights for me — not in the sense that I feel like I’m Hamilton, but in terms of how I feel about life and our country. My feelings about what this country is and can be are all in this show.

I’m….. Not okay.

Anyone who follows me… Can you just, report him? Please? This is probably the worst thing I have ever stumbled on in this god damn website. Ana pro sites are one thing. But this? What the actual fuck???? I’m like, shaking right now. I’m actually done with this site.