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Live Updates: Trump Rants On Twitter After Reports Reveal Campaign Aides Were In Touch With Russian Intelligence
Connections between President Trump's administration and campaign aides with Russians are roiling the nation. Catch the latest here.
By BuzzFeed News

Here’s the latest on the Trump administration and Russia:

  • The United States is facing political chaos as more and more reports emerge tying President Donald Trump’s aides to Russia. An FBI investigation is underway, members of Congress are calling for reviews, and the public, reporters, and intelligence community are looking for clarity amid many seeming contradictions.
  • Members of President Trump’s campaign had repeated contact with Russian intelligence officials, according to phone records and call intercepts first reported by The New York Times on Tuesday evening.
  • The calls were intercepted around the time that the intelligence community found evidence that the Russians had tried to interfere with the presidential election to get Trump elected by hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s computers and releasing emails.
  • This come a day after Gen. Mike Flynn resigned as President Trump’s national security adviser after it was revealed he communicated with a Russian official about sanctions before Trump took office — which could have been illegal — then misled Vice President Mike Pence about it.
  • Trump has been aware of the situation with Flynn since Jan. 26, White House Spokesman Sean Spicer said, adding that the White House was “reviewing and evaluating” the issue “on a daily basis for a few weeks.” But, on Feb. 4, Trump indicated he wasn’t aware of the scandal surrounding Flynn.
  • At noon Wednesday Trump is scheduled to have a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Trump went on a Twitter rant this morning after it was revealed his campaign was in contact with Russian intelligence. He started by calling out the “fake news media.”

Then moved on to “Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign.”

After that, Trump tweeted that the intelligence community was illegally filtering information to “failing” news outlets — “Just like Russia.”

Then he reminded everyone that Russia took Crimea during the Obama administration.

Distancing himself from the “scandal,” he said the real issue is the “un-American” handing out of classified information.

bts jungkook soulmate au// bedsheets and house keys

Series: Jin | Namjoon | Yoongi | Hobi | Taehyung | Jimin | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Description: The only place a person can see their soulmate is in their dreams. Depending on where each person lives in the world, the dream becomes clearer when both people become closer to each other.

Originally posted by nnochu

  • Ever since you were a little kid you dreamed of traveling, your mom would always say things like “every time you travel brings you closer to your soulmate”. 
  • Hence, most of your memories as a child were abroad- the pyramids in Egypt, cafes in Paris etc. 
  • No matter where you went, your dreams of your soulmate were always fuzzy. It was as if someone put a sheet over the camera lens.  
  • That was until you took a gap year after you finished high school. 
  • Always being interested in the culture, you decided to spend ten months Seoul, South Korea. 
  • In a jet lagged trance was when the sheet was finally lifted. 
  • A scene of an abandoned playground came into sight, with one little boy swinging alone. 
  • As if sensing your presence, the boy stopped, looked into the lens, and smiled. 
  • You awoke from the dream, your hand outstretched as if the boy was still right in front of you. 
  • Every night after that, a scene would play with the same boy, and each dream the boy became older and older. 
  • After nine months of dreams, the once young boy was now a handsome man, around the same age as you. 
  • You became obsessed with the silent boy. 
  • Your bedroom was covered in drawings and notes- anything to help you discover who your soulmate was. 
  • You would post the drawings all over social media and “soul search” websites, hoping for a clue or a response. 
  • When your ten months in Seoul was coming to a close, you decided it was hopeless in finding your soulmate.  
  • In a fit of rage, you took down all the drawings and notes, and ripped them to shreds. 
  • The once comforting smile of your soulmate now became something that only brought you anger and sadness. 
  • You refused to go to sleep that last night in Seoul, for fearing that you would dream of him. 
  • Instead, you wandered the streets of Seoul. You might as well enjoy the city while you can. 
  • As you wandered the streets, you felt an ominous aura- someone was following you. 
  • You glanced behind to see a hooded man about fifty meters back. 
  • Assessing the situation, you began to walk towards sources of population, something that was hard to find at two in the morning. 
  • The steps behind you became louder, and with that you began to ran. 
  • Out of breath, you ran into a late night convenience store, the man close on your tracks. 
  • Realizing the man went into the store behind you, you screamed and pointed your keys. 
  • The only thing you didn’t account for was that the hooded figure was not as scary as he seemed, he actually had always been in your dreams. 
  • Jutting a key at his throat, was your one and only soulmate. 
  • Frozen, you both stood like deer in the headlight. 
  • That was until the convenience store clerk started to whisper, “911 I would like to report an emergency”. 
  • Quickly you explained to the clerk in your broken Korean that calling the authorities was not necessary. 
  • Playing it off as some prank, you laughed and grabbed onto the young boy’s hand and said how that was enough games for tonight. 
  • Fleeing the convenient store as quickly as possible, outside you peppered him with questions. 
  • “Is there a reason why you were following me for an hour at two in the morning?” “Who are you” “Why here? Why now?” 
  • Stuttering, the young boy explained why it was that he made his presense unknown for so long, but you didn’t hear a word- all you could focus on was the way crinkles appeared when he spoke, how the street light reflected just right onto his light brown hair, and how his hand was still holding yours. 
  • Stopping whatever sentence he was in, all he said was “i’m jeon jungkook, and I’ve been looking for you for nineteen years, it’s nice to finally meet you.”
  • After introducing yourself, you two went to a park and just talked for hours and hours. 
  • When daylight broke, Jungkook offered to walk you home, so you let him. 
  • Once reaching your apartment, you decided you might as well invite him in for some breakfast. 
  • But you neglected to remember how you tore apart your apartment last night in a fit of rage.
  • Frozen once more, you stood in your doorway trying to find what was once your kitchen floor.
  • Jungkook walked into your apartment and gently began to pick the papers up. 
  • “Are these all of me?” 
  • Sheepishly you tried to come up with a response that didn’t make you sound like some crazy stalker, but Jungkook stopped you. 
  • Out of his back pocket he pulled a little notebook, inside were sketches of you, messy notes, and drawings of places you thought no one knew.
  • “I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one” he whispered
  • Smiling, you two began to pick up your shambled apartment. 
  • He gave you his sketchbook, you gave him (the now crumpled) drawings. 
  • You began to build your relationships over burnt pancakes, swinging on playgrounds, playing video games at internet cafes, and listening to music. 
  • Not long after you two met, he introuduced you to his friend group, who you quickly became friends with.
  • Which was the beginning of realization that you would have to tell people about how you and jungkook met- almost stabbing him in a 7/11 at 2am  (true love). 

-xoxo zoeo

So people talk about Dad!Might Dad Aizawa and Dad Mic but what if they’re all the dads? Just give Izuku all three of them as dads.

Present Mic is the adrenaline dad who boosts your confidence 100 fold and goes on all the amusement park rides with you and he takes you mountain climbing and skydiving but if you get scared he’ll sit down and listen to you.

Toshinori/All Might as the Dad who doesn’t know what to do but he’s trying his best and he reads all the parent guidebooks and he takes you to school and has lunch with you and listens to your problems and offers advice.

Aizawa is the “strict” parent who lays down the rules and makes sure you realize the consequences of your actions but he actually has a softer side and on a good day he’ll let you give him a hug.

I’m sorry but i love these dorks and i immediately thought of this when i caught up-Kes

anonymous asked:

This past week since the election has been scary and depressing... and as someone who isn't over 18 I feel absolutely helpless. Do you know of anything that I can do to make a difference?

First, I empathize with you because I too, have been experiencing these feels. I apologize for not replying to this (way) sooner, but I was dealing with it in my own private way as well. Second, you should know that not only are you not alone, but the diagnosis for such emotional turmoil has been outlined distinctly by @robertreich

1. Normalizer Syndrome. You want to believe Trump is just another president—more conservative than most, but one who will make rational decisions. You’re under a grave delusion. Trump and his ultra-conservative cabinet pose a clear and present danger to America and the world.

2. Outrage Numbness Syndrome. You are no longer outraged by what Trump says or does because you’ve gone numb. You can’t conceive that someone like this is our president so you’ve shut down emotionally. Maybe you’ve even stopped reading the news. Please get back in touch and re-engage with what’s happening.  

3. Cynical Syndrome. You’ve become so cynical about the whole system—the Democrats who gave up on the working class, the Republicans who suppressed votes around the country, the media that gave Trump free air time, the establishment that rigged the system—that you say the hell with it. Let Trump do his worst. Well, you need to wake up. It can get a lot worse.

4. Helpless Syndrome. You aren’t in denial. You know that nothing about this is normal and you desperately want to do something to prevent what’s about to occur. But you don’t know what to do. You feel utterly helpless, powerless and immobilized.

Reich urges, “Instead of falling prey to one of these syndromes, I urge you to take action—demonstrate, make a ruckus, join with others, demand your members of congress also resist, commit yourself to changing American politics. Fighting Trump will empower you. And with that power you will not only to minimize the damage, but also get this nation and the world back on the course it must be on. We need you in the peaceful resistance.”

Recommended reading: Ross Douthat’s Books for the Trump Era’ (NY Times)‘Here are the books you need to read if you’re going to resist Donald Trump’ from Marie Myung-Ok Lee‘NINE MUST-READ BOOKS IN THE AGE OF DONALD TRUMP’ by NINA BURLEIGH

Also read: ‘The Future Is Better Than You Think’ by @peterdiamandis; ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined’ by Steven Pinker; ‘Tomorrowland’ by Steven Kotler; ‘The Demon-Haunted World: Science As A Candle In The Dark’ by Carl Sagan; and just generally familiarize yourself with Diamandis and those of his forward-thinking-future-doing ilk. Read ‘Peter Diamandis Is The Author Of Technology’s Future’ from @forbesmagazineonline to get you started. 

Above all, as Reich said, get involved. On the side of politics, simply engage with others so that you put yourself in a more inclusive mindset where ideas can foster into tangible alternatives or concepts for change and social action. Sign petitions, write to Congress, join Facebook groups and find out what’s going on in your area. On the forward-thinking, science side of things, stay informed on technology trends, economic reports on emerging industry, and frame your daily perspective with the future in mind, not the bleak picture being painted by the artists formally known as the party of Lincoln. 

Stay curious, my friend. March and Stand Up for Science. 

Wanna One's Kang Daniel And Yoon Ji Sung Set Up Independent Label Under MMO Entertainment

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel And Yoon Ji Sung Set Up Independent Label Under MMO Entertainment

External image

It has been revealed that Wanna One’s Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji Sung are in the process of setting up an independent label under MMO Entertainment.

Reports emerged on August 18 that the two idols are currently in the incorporation process of setting up their new label. Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji Sung are said to have made the decision based on the friendship they forged from training under B2M…

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He swooped into politics, he declared, to subvert the powerful and rescue those who cannot defend themselves. “Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”

To Trump’s faithful, those words were a rallying cry. But his critics heard something far more menacing in them: a dangerously authoritarian vision of the presidency — one that would crop up time and again as he talked about overruling generals, disregarding international law, ordering soldiers to commit war crimes, jailing his opponent.

Trump has no experience in politics; he’s never previously run for office or held a government position. So perhaps he was unaware that one of the hallmarks of the American system of government is that the president’s power to “fix” things unilaterally is constrained by an array of strong institutions — including the courts, the media, the permanent federal bureaucracy and Congress. Combined, they provide an essential defense against an imperial presidency.

Yet in his first weeks at the White House, President Trump has already sought to undermine many of those institutions. Those that have displayed the temerity to throw some hurdle in the way of a Trump objective have quickly felt the heat.

Consider Trump’s feud with the courts.

He has repeatedly questioned the impartiality and the motives of judges. For example, he attacked the jurists who ruled against his order excluding travelers from seven majority Muslim nations, calling one a “so-called judge” and later tweeting:

Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!
Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 5, 2017

It’s nothing new for presidents to disagree with court decisions. But Trump’s direct, personal attacks on judges’ integrity and on the legitimacy of the judicial system itself — and his irresponsible suggestion that the judiciary should be blamed for future terrorist attacks — go farther. They aim to undermine public faith in the third branch of government.

The courts are the last line of defense for the Constitution and the rule of law; that’s what makes them such a powerful buffer against an authoritarian leader. The president of the United States should understand that and respect it.

Other institutions under attack include:

1. The electoral process.

Faced with certified election results showing that Hillary Clinton outpolled him by nearly 3 million votes, Trump repeated the unsubstantiated — and likely crackpot — assertion that Clinton’s supporters had duped local polling places with millions of fraudulent votes. In a democracy, the right to vote is the one check that the people themselves hold against their leaders; sowing distrust in elections is the kind of thing leaders do when they don’t want their power checked.

2. The intelligence community.

After reports emerged that the Central Intelligence Agency believed Russia had tried to help Trump win, the president-elect’s transition team responded: “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” It was a snarky, dismissive, undermining response — and the administration has continued to belittle the intelligence community and question its motives since then, while also leaking stories about possibly paring and restructuring its ranks. It is bizarre to watch Trump continue to tussle publicly with this particular part of the government, whose leaders he himself has appointed, as if he were still an outsider candidate raging against the machine. It’s unnerving too, given the intelligence services’ crucial role in protecting the country against hidden risks, assisting the U.S. military and helping inform Trump’s decisions.

3. The media.

Trump has blistered the mainstream media for reporting that has cast him in a poor light, saying outlets concocted narratives based on nonexistent anonymous sources. In February he said that the “fake news” media will “never represent the people,” adding ominously: “And we’re going to do something about it.” His goal seems to be to defang the media watchdog by making the public doubt any coverage that accuses Trump of blundering or abusing his power.

4. Federal agencies.

In addition to calling for agency budgets to be chopped by up to 30%, Trump appointed a string of Cabinet secretaries who were hostile to much of their agencies’ missions and the laws they’re responsible for enforcing. He has also proposed deep cuts in federal research programs, particularly in those related to climate change. It’s easier to argue that climate change isn’t real when you’re no longer collecting the data that documents it.

In a way, Trump represents a culmination of trends that have been years in the making.

Aaron Hotchner - Angst/Fluff Prompt Request

This was requested by @milkandcookies528 <3

Prompt: 44“What you did was stupid.”  with Aaron Hotchner

Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Y/N Y/L/N, mention of the team

Warnings: none

A/N: this is actually a two parter and i based the garcia prompt request on this. I will upload them both today :) enjoy!

“Y/N! My office, now!”; Hotch said as he stood in the door of his office looking down to his agents. Y/N sighed and looked at Morgan before getting up and heading to Hotch´s office already knowing what was expecting her. She entered the office and closed the door behind her.

“Take a seat!”, Hotch suggested which Y/N accepted.

“What´s going on?”, Y/N wanted to know pretending not to know what was on Hotch´s mind. 

What you did was stupid. Irresponsible and reckless. What did you think you were doing? You could have gotten yourself killed.”, Aaron said. 

“I was doing my job, Sir. Nothing more, nothing less. Not a big deal.”, Y/N replied.

“Not a big deal? Y/N, you ran into a building which was on fire and could have easily break down upon you.”

“I know, but it didn´t. It was a risk I was willing to take to save this little girl. I´m sorry if you are not happy with the way I handled things, but it´s my job to save people which is all I did. If you want to fire me for succeeding in my job, than go on.”, Y/N casually spoke her mind. She was very well aware of the fact that she could have died in there but she needed to try at least to save the girl.

“This is what I´m afraid of. I know that this won´t be a one time thing and that you are willing to sacrifice your own life for others.”

“Yes, this is the job, Hotch. It´s a risk we´re all taking and I´m fine with that.”

“I know..”, Hotch said, he was at loss for words because deep down he knew that she was right, “ nevertheless, you did an amazing job out there but as your superior I  have to tell you that if such a thing happens again, there will be consequences. For now, you are free to go.”

“Thank you, Sir. I will try my best not to pull such a stupid stunt again.”, Y/N stood up and left his office to go back working on her report when she got an emergency text from Garcia. She got up again and made her way to the technical analyst embracing herself for what was about to come.

Adding the tag lists:

CM: @imagicana@marvelfanlife@illegalcerebral@milkandcookies528@liz-a-22@sunreid

Hotch: @imagicana@michellelisa@littledizzyhurricane@iammostdefinitelyonfire26

1044 words I wrote last night

Okay guys, here you go. The bit of the thing that might bloom into a bigger story.

@pippin4242@almostdefinitelydying@kimbureh​  and whoever else wants to see.


“Where’s the crewman?”


“I thought he was a bionic?”

The dispatcher shrugs.

The shower stops running, and Cepheid steps out of the stall. He takes care to experience every stroke of the towel. It’s blue. He looks around the sparse station bathroom, taking everything in, taking mental notes. To be sorted through later- for now he has space and they could be useful. He names objects to solidify their definitions. Faucet. Sink. Hook, or hanger. Radiator. Mirror. Reflection. Obscured by steam. Still recognisable.

When he opens the door, dry and dressed, two curious faces greet him with their best impressions of nonchalance.

“Hello,” he says, hoping he adjusted his tone correctly.

“Yeah, no, he’s not human. Ah. I know, that’s offensive,” the first dispatcher shrinks back, ashamed of his gaffe. Or ashamed of being ashamed. Hard to tell.

“I don’t care,” Cepheid says in a tone that proves he doesn’t.

“Didn’t know you took showers?” the man is emboldened to ask.

“Yes. It’s the easiest way to clean off. Most of me is organic-“

“Oh yeah I read about that. New generations, nearly all flesh. Bio-27?”

“26.5.2. Same principle.” It’s unfortunate, but Cepheid needs to belch, and he does so. “Excuse me.”

The dispatchers are amused. “Yeah see they got maintenance processes disguised as human behaviours,” one says to the other, quoting from whatever article he read. Cepheid sees him look for confirmation, so he provides it.

“We do. Sorry about that.”

“You don’t fool us though,” the first dispatcher has quite forgotten his earlier embarrassment. “It’s in the eyes.”

This puzzles Cepheid, every time. He has not so far managed to build a script with the correct response. “But they are organic?” he tries.

“Not human though. Sorry, I keep saying that, ain’t fair to you.”

“Really. I don’t care.”

“No feelings? No program for feelings?”

Cepheid pauses a moment, considering this.

“I…just don’t care. Do you want to know anything more? I’m happy to answer your questions,” he says, though now that the train of thought has been set in motion, ‘happy’ seems like more than an expression. It does not fit.

One is happy when one gets what one wants. Cepheid doesn’t want to answer questions like these. They are all covered in the protocols, but that’s just not enough.
What he wants is to start his mission, and he uses a script to politely communicate moderate urgency.

The mission is typically unpleasant to full humans, due to its forced solitude. The location is remote, the distance to cover too great for any reasonable ties to be kept with the outposts. Aside from a few notable exceptions, most crewmen returning from duty reported slowly emerging depression and trauma.

A depressed and traumatised human can rarely continue to work efficiently, to function in society without degradation. Sending them out in pairs was not economical, and posed a risk of hostility. Worse than the dementia of solitude. Sending out families and communities was unfeasible- that was colonisation. No such options.

But bionics are usually not affected by loneliness. With, in inverse proportion to full humans, a few notable exceptions.

Cepheid, to his knowledge, is not one of them. There is nothing daunting or demeaning about riding a module out across so many light years of uninhabited space, and stationing at a rarely frequented hub for a few years. It is a job that he’d be happy to do.

‘Happy’ feels different that time.

The human dispatcher checks off a manifest. “Power cells. Print cartridges- steel, plastics….” he mutters of numbers for all the compounds “plex…yada yada yada all there. Food. Oh yeah. Standard issue crap. Hey, if you can turn off your tastebuds, I’d recommend it.”

“I can’t.”

He didn’t feel like answering questions, but now he wants to explain.

“Most of me is organic, I have much of the same physical needs you do. Some processes are just streamlined.”

He doesn’t quote the protocol, the manual, the wiki article for his model. He doesn’t want to- he wants to use the language he learned, the human language. Humans learn it too, when they are children, but somehow they forget the challenge as they grow up. Cepheid is not human, was never a child, and remains sensitive to his mistakes.

The protocol, too, is translated from binary, but models like him don’t speak natural binary anymore. That is the tradeoff for more organic matter. The engineers didn’t expect it and are secretly still puzzled at the limitations that technically should not exist. What difference is there between sending programming across hardware made wholly of silicon, and a processor built from flesh and synthesised nerves? And yet there is a difference, and they cannot pinpoint it, and that is why model 27 remains in strictly controlled, limited production.

So the protocol is binary parsed by Cepheid’s programming, which is proprietary and locked off from his access. That unnerves him, if he can use the word (he believes he can). Symposiums on bionic autonomy debate this and a thousand similar issues, always concluding with no conclusions at all. Are full humans not also locked out of the mechanism of their own brains? Would it not be a slippery slope to give access, truly unnecessary access…

Cepheid is mostly organic, and his blood and flesh has developed a new protocol, a new program of involuntary response to the phrase ‘slippery slope’. It shows on his face and in his tone. He has had to create several scripts to mask it.

Anyway, those are all irrelevant issues, because his autonomy will be as perfect as it can be, out there on the loneliest hub in the Betel sextant. He will answer to no one but:

  • his core protocols
  • his self-written programs (some of which override the core protocol, which is not illegal, but makes people very nervous)
  • the rules of the job.

He smiles at the dispatcher, who returns weakly- he does not trust this expression. He would probably be more comfortable if Cepheid did not emote at all.

The scripts for this are conflicting.

Fire, Water, Sun AU! // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by imbanny

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: AU, action, fluff

Summary; Your entire town is being evacuated due to a roaring wildfire. Jaebum helps you escape, but you both get separated trying to run from the fire in the woods.

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anonymous asked:

Poly Pharah and Mercy (you could single them out if you wish) finding out their crush is a Phoenix. Just to save you time a Phoenix is a fiery born bird who according to mythical legend, is reborn from its ashes when it "dies" through combustion. Symbolically "The Phoenix bird has come to symbolize many things including the sun, time, consecration, resurrection, immortality, and renewal in general." Feel free to look some more stuff about it since it's an amazing creature.

[Name] was a jack of all trades, spending each day in every part of the base helping however they could. They would help Angela in the med bay in the mornings and visit Pharah in the armory in the evenings to help her with weapon maintenance. The two of them had grown very close to [Name] during those times, and both began to harbor feelings for them as well. It wasn’t until they both gossiped to each other at lunch that they learned they both had a crush on them!

Lucky for the two, they were both very level-headed people and would even share an oxygen tank if they had to. Fareeha and Mercy didn’t mind at all having to share [Name], but they only hoped they would choose both of them in the end. And if not, they were good enough friends that they’d be happy for the other.

One day at base, the two had planned to surprise [Name] with some hot coco. Mercy brought the mugs and Pharah brought the marshmallows. The two found them on the balcony overlooking the watch point, hunched over the railing as their shoulders rose and fell shakily. The two exchanged worried glances before Pharah set down the marshmallows and approached.

“[Name]?” she called, “Are you alright?”

Their head whirled around, a panicked look on their face. Their eyes were bloodshot and had bags under them and their skin was strangely more taut than usually. Fareeha cringed at their state as she slowly reached a hand towards them.

“[Name]…what’s wrong?” she asked worriedly.

“Pharah!” they gasped, pulling away from her touch, “Mercy? W-What are you doing here?”

“We thought you’d like to sit and chat with us for a bit,” she smiled, “We brought hot coco,”

[Name]’s eyes darted over to Angela who held up the mugs and thermos for them to see. Of all the times that they wanted to hang out…

“I–that sounds great, but n-not now,” they rasped, “I’ll be inside in a bit, so–time, just give me time,”

“Please tell us what’s wrong,” Mercy said sweetly, “We can–”

But her voice died in her throat as [Name] suddenly disintegrated before her eyes. It was definitely the least expected thing to happen! Throwing the mugs down on the table, Angela rushed over to the pile of soot.

“Angela, what happened?!” Pharah barked.

“I-I don’t know!” she stammered.

She had never had a patient turn into ash before! She had never even heard of a condition like that! Just as she reached for her comm link to report a medical emergency, she saw the soot begin to smolder and glow.

“Hold on…” Mercy muttered.

The two slowly backed away as the ash began to shiver and burn like a fire rekindling. Then a wind swirled around it, creating a small cloud of burning ash until it solidified into a fiery red bird. Pharah and Mercy were speechless at the sight of the bird who sat in front of them blankly as if to say “what’s your problem?” Then the bird glowed again and morphed back into their shared crush, looking just as beautiful as the day they arrived on base. They stared at the two with a nervous smile as they stared right back at them with mouths ajar.

“Sorry about that guys,” they grimaced, “I was hoping nobody would have to see that…”

“S…See what? What was that?” Fareeha rushed to their side again, taking their hand like a concerned mother.

“I have never seen anything like it,” Mercy breathed.

[Name] shifted their weight uncomfortably, “Well…You have to promise you won’t tell anyone on base but I’m a phoenix. About every two years I need to rejuvenate like that. Y’know, gotta stay young and fresh!”

No matter how hard they tried to alleviate the tension, the two women just kept staring at them, making them increasingly worried. Suddenly, the two embraced her in a warm hug, sharing the pheonix’s body heat after regenerating.

“You scared us to death, [Name],” Mercy mumbled into them.

“At the very least, warn us next time,” Fareeha chuckled.

–Mod Sirana

Bayer AG is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Barmen (now Wuppertal) in 1863. It’s headquartered in Leverkusen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern Germany, where its illuminated sign is a landmark. Bayer’s primary areas of business include human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare products, agricultural chemicals, biotech products; and high-value polymers. During WW2 it was part of IG Farben, which was broken up after the war, when Bayer became independent again. Bayer’s first and best known product was Aspirin. They also trademarked “heroin” and marketed it as a cough suppressant and non-addictive substitute for morphine from 1898 to 1910. They introduced phenobarbital, Prontosil, the first widely used antibiotic, and the subject of the 1939 Nobel Prize in Medicine, the antibiotic Cipro (ciprofloxacin), and Yaz (drospirenone) birth control pills. In 2014, they bought Merck’s consumer business, with US-brands such as Claritin, Coppertone, and Dr. Scholl’s. Bayer sponsors Bayer 04 Leverkusen, a Bundesliga football club. The company has been involved in controversies regarding some of its products; e.g. its statin drug Baycol (cerivastatin) was discontinued in 2001 after 52 people died from renal failure, and Trasylol (Aprotinin), used to control bleeding during major surgery, was withdrawn from the markets worldwide when reports of increased mortality emerged; it was later re-introduced in Europe. Bayer’s neonicotinoid pesticides have been the subject of controversy regarding their possible role in colony collapse disorder.