Pregnancy is first of all an institutionalised form of psychosis: me or it, my own body or another body. It is an identity that splits, turns in on itself and changes without becoming Other: the threshold between nature and culture, biology and language… If pregnancy is a threshold between nature and culture, maternity is a bridge between singularity and ethics. Through the events of her life, a woman thus finds herself at the pivot of sociality- she is at once the guarantee and the threat to its stability.
—  Julia Kristeva ‘A New Type of Intellectual: The Dissident'
Pope says birth control ban doesn't mean breed 'like rabbits'

By Philip Pullella ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (Reuters) - Catholics should not feel they have to breed “like rabbits” because of the Church’s ban on contraception, Pope Francis said on Monday, suggesting approved natural family planning methods. Francis used the unusually frank language during an hour-long news conference on the plane from Manila to Rome at the end of his week-long Asia trip. The freewheeling encounters have become a hallmark of Francis’s simple style, his penchant for straight talk and his ease at using colloquialisms to make his point. He announced plans to visit Central African Republic and Uganda late this year and a trip to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay during the year.