repo! the genetic opera,

Stefano Valentini and Repo The Genetic Opera Headcanons
  • First off, the man loves this movie. It’s his guilty pleasure. He tells people that his favorite movie is some foreign art house film and its actually this. 
  • He knows every part. He will sing every part, at once. Even the stuff that isn’t in his register. Pray 4 him. 
  • His favorite character is Pavi. He strongly Relates to Pavi, but his favorite parts to sing are Mag’s and Rotti’s. His favorite song is Chromaggia. 

favorite story:

back when repo! the genetic opera (aka a trash movie that is a gift to musicals and humanity as a whole) was auditioning actors, paris hilton apparently contacted the producers like “yo i see you need someone to play amber sweet can i audition?”

and they were like “lol no”

(apparently they thought paris hilton playing a rich, spoiled heiress was too much of a stretch???)

but paris hilton, presumably as she sat in her mansion, thought

“fuck that shit. i’m paris hilton.”

and then she showed up for the audition anyway, in a costume she put together herself. and proceeded to kick ass and get the part.

like i said, this whole movie is a gift to humanity