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Do you have any photos of Gerard or Lindsey with Bandit?

there are definitely more if you wanna google. but i choose to post only the ones Gerard and Lindsey have shared bc the others that are out there were posted without their approval (and they were upset about it) or are creeper photos

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could you please tell me how you made the 3D effect for your gifs of Death? /post/162881836348

Heya. Sure… I can do that. :) Buckle up.

Anon is ref. to this:

1. Have your gif ready (normal gif completed and saved - I suggest b&w to have the 3D effect show properly)

2. Upload your gif into PS (&transform into smart object)

3. Duplicate the layer “Smart Object”

4. Click ‘fx’ on the bottom of the smart objects and select ‘blending options’ then deselct ‘R’ in the Advanced Blending - then click ‘OK’

5. Select your copied smart object, click ‘V’ and then move the smart object in whichever direction you want. 3D effect will show once you move the Smart Object

6. Save your gif as usual

External image

External image

bethgrop2010 replied to your post “What’s your take on Nicholas and his DUI and arrests? Honestly I would…”

Which group photo do you mean? The one with all of them together that I’ve seen has him in it. Unless that’s his brother

You do know that there is this thing called photoshop right?The fact that he’s in the photo doesn’t mean he was physically there for the photoshoot. Just watch the video on youtube and you’ll see. Wait, I’ll make it easier for you.

Screenshots from the actual photoshoot:

No Nicholas in sight.

Then (or maybe before this) he made his own photo shoot:

And the final product, magic! He’s there!

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Would you be willing to make/sell a brush pack with those plant brushes in it? Or a tutorial on your method? They look so nice!

Thank you! I’m getting a lot of questions about this. I hadn’t really thought of it, but I’ll look into putting a brush pack together for those interested.

And I’d be happy to make a tutorial about it. I’ll try to put one up by the end of the week. 

Thanks again!  I’m glad you liked them :D

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i heard that you made the icon from dailycsgifs and it's so pretty!! i was wondering if you could make a tutorial?

Yes, I made the dailycsgifs icon! How did you find out lol Thank you lovely! :) And yes, I’ll show you how I make my icons!

We’ll go from this:

to this:

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hi! i love your gifs~ how do you make sure your gifs still stay hq with the gif limit? and is photoshop the only way to make hq gifs? thank-you!

  • The only way I know how to make good gifs is photoshop ^^ I think there are some programs that will make gifs for you, but those will never be as good quality as if you make them from scratch yourself in photoshop :)
  • Try to always use HQ videos! If you can, always use 1080p or above! Anything below 1080p will always have some graininess unfortunately :(
  • Using “smart sharpen” filter will help make your gifs look better too usually ^^ but you need to play around with this and figure out a good setting for each quality video :) usually HQ videos won’t need too much adjusting ^^
  • If you find yourself having to use a low quality video, try to play around with the contrast or coloring of the gifs ^^ sometimes that can help give the appearance of a better quality gif ^^
  • Match the Tumblr dimensions so your gifs don’t appear distorted on the dashboard ^^
  • For staying under the gif limit, I use “pattern” as my dither when I save my gif ^^ Some people don’t like that look, but it’s a style I like :) because I don’t like the patchy areas you get when you save using “diffusion”. And using “pattern” definitely reduces the gif size ^^
  • Reducing the number of frames you use will also help reduce size, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality of the image ^^ but just be careful, because you don’t want to go so few that your gif will get choppy :) that won’t look nice either~ just experiment what looks smooth but still under gif limit for you ^^

Number one thing is, just keep practicing and playing around ^^ you’ll get better with time :) here’s some nice tutorials! They know much better than me ^^


Hi there! And good morning to you too :) For my Isaac animation, it took a total of 22 drawings to create the animation. When I first go about planning my animations I rough out my key frame poses, and then clean them up and time them out. Then I go back and draw in the breakdown poses, and lastly the inbetweens. The nice thing with Photoshop is that it has the timeline (animation) window that you can animate with frames (or do the short cut of using seconds or half seconds etc…which is what I do). The inbetweens were applied a lot for Isaac’s hair for a “slow in slow out” on his hair since it’s so bouncy. :)

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hello!! your art is amazing and i just sorta melt when i see it!! i was wondering if you would share your brush settings? thank you!! have a great day :)

Thank you so much! <3

Well, my brush settings is a little messy and recent /since I’ve always worked on SAI and now I feel more comfortable with PS / I show you some of my favourites here:

You can download them freely from pheberoni’s dA here, mezamero’s post here, concept art and speedpainting brushes here, and these brushes here too.

I tend to reduce the flow of brushes while painting and sketching and everything while working in PS XD. 

But if you’re more into Paint Tool SAI, then these are my brushes and settings:

/ in Spanish, tho yvy I can’t remember where I downloaded them, sorry /

And nothing more, I guess? Hope this info can help you :)

Have a great day!

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Heya! I was wondering if you scan or photograph your traditional art, such as your sketchbook, and what equipment (type of scanner/ camera do you use to get such a clear, even image? Thank you for your time!

I don’t think I’m the best person to ask for scanner recommendations tbh. If you’re just scanning loose sketches most scanners will do the job just fine. I think it’s more complicated if you plan on scanning drawings with a lot of colour or tonal variety, since shittier scanners will have trouble picking up those nuances. At home I use a really old 3-in-1 epson from the artisan series, but it works well enough for what I do. Flatbed scanners (that only scan; not print and fax and whatever) are usually better from what I’ve seen.

More important are scan settings and cleanup. I scan everything at 300dpi/res, and used to save them as tif files to prevent any loss. Now I usually just save them as jpgs or pngs because tif file sizes are huge and were eating up all my computer space. And again, since they’re just sloppy sketches and doodles, I really don’t need the clarity of a tif. If you’re scanning complicated stuff you might wanna go that route tho.

I cleanup in photoshop real quick by messing with the levels to remove any gray on the paper and to darken the sketches. I ought to mention too that most of my “sketches” I put on here are not direct scans, but scans I’ve drawn over with some of the rough sketch still intact.

If I got no choice I use my shitty android phone camera. Please love yourself and don’t repeat my mistakes.

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Heyyy Darqx ! Sorry to bother you, but I have a little question >.< See, I've got an issue with Paint Tool Sai because of Windows 10 (like, my drawings are super pixelated). Have you heard about something like that ? (I can't remember if you use the same program) Sorry to ask you that, but I'm really desesperate and nobody seems to know how to fix it...

I have neither Paint Tool Sai nor Windows sorry XD;; Anyway i don’t know if this is the issue you have but you can try this: SAI blur Windows 10

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Do you have any tutorials?! Or like your process of sketch, line flat color, shading, fully done. Etc. I'd love to see your process? when I get to see step by step of beautiful artwork, helps me understand how it works and improve!

Here’s my process.  Rough sketch > Grayscale shade > Color

I separate the layers into 3 main part (hair, face, clothes) and I put Clipping-mask on each of them, then set a new layer (clipped to the main layers) into color mode then start with a flat color into a more complex mix.

I had to make this dummy because mine are worse than a jungle [here]

The main idea I put clipping mask is to safe time so that the color layer doesn’t mess with anything outside of the main layer. 
(clipping-mask is not necessary if you don’t like restriction, it just me hating to spent extra time erasing the color that smears beyond the subject) 

The most time consuming part of this technique would be the grayscale shading, it’s like a foundation of your drawings, composition, anatomy and light source. The color part is to emphasize the focal point by using saturated color (main focus on eyes, nose, lips) then desaturated color (for everything surround it). There’s also a mix of cool blueish color just so the skin doesn’t look too flat and it also gives a cinematic feel. The last part would be the most fun/frustrating part, it’s adding the details such a skin complexion and color adjustment.

Pardon me, my explanation is kinda sketchy, I forgot to keep track of the coloring process so it’s quite complicated to explain. I’ll make a better tutorial next time! =)