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OOC: Yet Another Hiatus

Uuuuuuuugh I really hate to do this, especially because I feel like I was just getting back into the swing of things, but a lot of stuff in life has hit me all at once. We just got a new cat that the shelter didn’t tell us has a lot of health problems, so she’s having seizures and other bad stuff. Plus work has been hectic, not to mention our office ceiling is leaking and caving in (I love where I work you guys >.>), and I’m currently having some health issues of my own, both physical and mental (still). OH, and my laptop’s keyboard is messing up, which I can hopefully get looked at this weekend.

I’m going to take two weeks to see if things calm down and I can get myself motivated again. I’m going to do one round of replies for all the paras I owe but none after that probably until I come back. I’ll be back on the 31st of March, hopefully sooner. 

Thanks everybody for understanding. 

The assumption that people who roleplay in appless roleplays are all illiterate and never write paras/long replies irritates me so much, as if I don’t spend hours a day putting my all into my replies and plots writing against some of the most incredible writers I’ve ever met on Tumblr roleplay. And I’ve been in literate roleplays many times in the past. It’s literally no different and if anything, I usually get to write more in appless roleplays than lsrpgs. There’s nothing wrong with them, to each their own, but people shouldn’t belittle a roleplay just because it’s appless, as if that makes the admin and the members less than.

Confession || Reo

Not a lot had changed from the biggest day in their lives so far, but Romilda and Theo’s personalities were becoming even more apparent to each other. Since the wedding, Romilda had scarcely been wearing more than her wedding ring, and in those rare occasions she was wearing clothing, it was typically Theo’s boxers or some fancy lingerie. She paraded around in heels and read him poetry in their spare time. The office was the same - she ran odd jobs and did paperwork, and Theo spoiled her with attention whenever he got a break. With MacNair awaiting trial, their lives together could begin to be normal. 

But Theo still didn’t know a lot about her past. They wet aside a date on the calendar for a full night of wine, cuddling, and secrets. They cleared their schedules. Rom moved a few couches and chairs in front of the biggest window in the house so they could look at something other than each other if need be. She brought more pillows and blankets than two people could ever need, but soon they were laying together under a fresh blanket fort, looking out over the sunset. After a few soft kisses and a lot of giggles, Romilda pressed the palm of her hand to her husband’s, comparing the sizes of their fingers. “Do you want to start? Or do you want me to?”

Isn’t it weird how things aren’t real until you know about it? Like think about it… Someone could be flushing their toilet in Australia right now, but we would never even know it because we wouldn’t be able to witness it with our own eyes. So then does that toilet in Australia really exist, so does it only exist because we believe it exists? If that’s the case, does anything really exist, or do we just make everything up? Brain’s are fucked up, man.

no, i know there’s nothing cute about drinking on a tuesday night, her shoulders rolled effortlessly with a shrug of indifference as pursed lips enveloped the glass rim of the bottle tucked tightly between her elegant digits. before urging another swig down her throat, lailani’s motions paused momentarily as if to ponder the idea of intoxication at such an odd hour. with a smirk pressing faintly to her lips, she chuckled softly and downed the remnants of the bottle, her head pursuing a slight jerk backwards to compel her tastebuds not to reject the bitter flavor. –– but last time i checked, i don’t give a f u c k about being cute. so you can either continue to look at me like that –– or you can come join me.

After binge watching Friends while stuck in quarantine for the past week, there’s one thing I really just cannot stop thinking about. I mean– Ross and Rachel knew from the very beginning that they were going to be a thing, so why’d it take them multiple marriages and ten seasons to work? Also– since when are Chandler Bing and Alex Morgan the same person? Oh god– listen to me, I’ve gone fucking mad. I seriously need a bottle of Jack and some human interaction–…