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I was wondering, what are your top 15 reds? Since we had at least 41 seasons of them so far.

That’s a good question and one I’ve never really thought of before.  Red isn’t generally my favorite out of the heroes of any show.  He tends to get too much of the focus or be too perfect. Or worse, he eats up all of the screen time and makes the rest of his team suffer.  That doesn’t mean reds from these situations are necessarily bad characters, they just don’t feel right in a Sentai series where the focus should be on the team, not on any one character.

I am NOT going to include Akared because he has no out of suit form and is more of a conceptual character, being the embodiment of the the spirit of all reds.  He’s cool but doesn’t really belong on this list.

So, let’s get started.  Remembers, these are just my opinion and if you think I left someone important out or ranked someone too low, my apologies. This is a highly subjective list and all but the top spots could change daily depending on how I am feeling and what I am watching at the time.

With that said, let’s get started!

15. Daigo Kiryu/Kyoryu Red

I am putting the leader of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger this low on the list because he is the poster child for the problems I noted above. He is the focus character, the one who gets the lion’s share of the story, he gets a power up only he can use and he’s the one who gets force shipped with the team’s only main female member (and the one the other female characters seem to want to be with). This would normally disqualify him from the list but I can’t help but like him.  He’s fun, energetic and a bit dense.  I also love his series, despite myself. 

14. Ryusuke Ohwashi/Vul Eagle I

The first leader of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan, might not be the most memorable leader but his team is one of my favorites. He’s still a good leader and the balance between the sometimes overly serious Vul Shark and the goofball Vul Panther.  

13.  Hiromu Sakurada/Red Buster

Though not my favorite series, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is highly underrated among a large chunk of the fandom. I love the costumes, the designs, the mecha and the villains.  Hiromu may come across as kind of a blunt, over serious jerk but he has his reasons and it feels natural and not forced.  He also works REALLY well with his team and the core group of three feel at times more like family than teammates.

12. Sasuke/Ninja Red

The only Red on this list who is NOT the leader of his team, Sasuke makes the list for his unique position and his character growth (and because Ninja Sentai Kakuranger is my favorite series ever). He starts out as a shiftless drifter with no sense of personal responsibility who ends up releasing the Youkai Army from its centuries long sleep.  He learns though and becomes a better person, even working his way up to second in command of the team after Tsuruhime/Ninja White.  By the end, he has the makings of a capable leader.

11. Ryu Tendoh/Red Hawk

Another bird-themed Red to make the list (there will be more, trust me) Red Hawk is the leader and center of Choujin Sentai Jetman.  He is the one member of the team picked from the beginning and he brings a sense of military discipline to his rather ragtag team. He also brings a profound sense of loss, having watched his fiance get sucked into space in the initial attack only to discover later that she was turned into an enemy by the villainous Vyram. He is also, unfortunately, part of the series’ love triangle.

10.  Nobuo Akagi/Akiba Red

Wait a second, how did this guy get on my list?  This unofficial stuff has no place here!  Oh, wait, yes he does because Nobuo is an awesome Red! He uses his encyclopedic knowledge of Super Sentai to guide his team through the pitfalls of villainous plots, standard tropes and the sometimes overwhelming power of their own delusions!  That alone earns him a place on this list as one of the best and most memorable Sentai reds, official or not.

9. Takayuki Hiba/Vul Eagle II

Yep, two Reds from the same series!  The only series to ever swap Reds mis-seasons (with the joking exception of Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger) Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan made a change for the better with the second Vul Eagle. He was a colleague of the former Eagle and took his place on the team with the first went off to join NASA.  He brought with him a slightly more serious attitude and a mastery of Kendo, using a sword in combat in addition to the weapons of his predecessor.

8.  Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star/RyuuRanger

The fourth member to join Gosei Sentai Dairanger, Ryo is the first to get his Mystical Chi Beast and quickly proves himself an apt leader. He is also a cook and delivery boy for a local Chinese Restaurant and dreams of making the best gyoza in Japan!  He is awakened to his heritage as a member of the Dai tribe and uses his proficiency in Dragon Fist style martial arts to battle the Gorma.

7.  Shirō Gō/Red One

The man who was supposed to pilot Japan’s first Space Shuttle mission, his life is forever changed when the New Empire Gear attacks. Finding out he is the descendant of those bathed in Bio Particles centuries ago, Shiro becomes Red One, the leader of Choudenshi Bioman. He is a passionate leader burning with a sense of justice and feels a great sense of responsibility not only to the Earth but also to his teammates.

6. Right/ToQ 1gou

I expect this to be one of my more contentious choices, especially given how high up on the list he is.  Despite falling prey to some of my pet peeves (taking too much focus from the other characters, getting a power up for his own use) I cannot help but love Right.  He’s a great character and so much fun with his (understandably) childish nature and optimistic outlook. He might not be the most seasoned or mature leader but he’s got a vision for victory second to none!

5. Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red

If you were to look up stoic in the Sentai Dictionary, Takeru Shiba’s picture would be there. His usually cool, calm demeanor hides his overwhelming sense of responsibility not only for the fate of the world but for the secret he has to keep.  He is not entirely comfortable with others fighting and putting their lives on the line for his sake and does not hesitate to enter into battle first, no matter the risk to himself.  He grows as a leader as the series progresses to the point where any one of his teammates would willingly give their lives for him not out of a sense of duty but out of respect.

4.  Yusuke Amamiya/Red Falcon

The leader of Choujuu Sentai Liveman, Yusuke shares the sense of loss the rest of the team does because of the murder of their friends and betrayal by their fellow students. Though he is a serious leader, the loss has not made him hard but instead instilled in him a need for justice and to protect the lives and hopes of those still alive. 

3. Geki/Tyrannoranger

Prince of the Yamato Tribe and leader of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Geki is an all around great guy.  He’s a superb fighter, an expert swordsman and possessed of a sense of Justice second to none.  He cannot stand evil, those who would hurt others or anyone who puts children in danger. He may be royalty (by adoption) but he never acts like he is above anyone else. 

2.  Tsuyoshi Kaijo/Akaranger

There is NO way I could do this list without including the original Red Warrior.  Heck, I would not be able to live with myself if I didn’t have him on this list.  Just look at the name of my blog! Tsuyoshi is the standard by which all Sentai leaders should be judged.  He is a great fighter, a good leader, a selfless hero and pretty much the pinnacle of what a Sentai red should be.  There is only one who really beats him in my opinion.

1. Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red

When I think of Sentai Reds, the first person who comes to mind is this Pirate Captain from 2011.  Captain Marvelous is everything I love in a Red.  He’s a good character on his own, leads his team well and doesn’t get in the way of the personal growth of his teammates or totally dominate the narrative.  He gets enough focus to be the central character without feeling like the entire story is all about him.  That, in my opinion, makes him the best Red we’ve ever seen.  

He’s also a snappy dresser and kind of a jerk at times.

So, there you go!  My 15 favorite reds (as of this point).  As I said before, this list could change at any time and some might get themselves booted if they aren’t LUCKY!

hamletismyjamlet replied to your photo “All I want from this youtube red show is for Dan and Arin’s characters…”


I see a ton of people asking about this. I think as of right now the show doesn’t have a name but it’s centered around an E-sports team. They are filming for youtube red right now and I think they said that filming will be 8 weeks. So, the show itself won’t be out for a while I imagine. 

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So, I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but I think another hint at Black Paladin!Lance is that when Voltron is formed, the Blue Lion's head is inside of Black's - kinda like a secondary head?

there is both red and blue…

ok, i’m not saying this is co-leadership klance evidence 

but it’s co-leadership klance evidence 

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Can you confirm this info about Gillian saying she has a friend in NY who she stays with, meditates with, and who brings her flowers and does things that make her tear up? You were at the breakfast today, right?

I was, and she did talk about a good friend who always shows her kindness she often doesn’t remember she deserves. It was in response to my seat neighbor and new friend’s Ruq’s ( @xxjasminerougexx) question and Gillian’s answer was really touching and a good reminder that great friends are a treasure and an inspiration to care for ourselves better

If you’re after cute though…

My favourite personal story by a country mile though was when Gillian talked about her happiest little luxury. She said her happiest thing, is when she drags her duvet on the couch (specifically the couch and not the bed), gets under it and just snuggles down. She was so gleeful just talking about it, and said that recently she realised she makes a very specific noise at the moment of snugness, a celebration sound, and though she declined to demonstrate, she did say it was a sort of lunatic cackle.

SO, there’s that! If like me your day disintegrated into a weepy mess, imagine Gillian Anderson, lauded actress, activist and boss ass lady, flailing under her snuggy duvet, at peace and cackling with joy.

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Hi! Was reading your Red Paladin Lance stuff and it was interesting - I like your concepts of it best of any I've seen. I'm with you on being uncomfortable with the concept in general, though, especially because, in a way... Lance already IS the red paladin. Looking at the description of his character in the old shows, where he's red's pilot, he sounds way more like current Keith! There was a personality shuffle before the show even started, and I hope it undermines any lion shuffle attempts.

i’m like in a love-hate relationship with Red Paladin Lance. on one hand, it’s a super interesting concept especially the insecurities/instabilities aspect of it and the kind of symbolism behind it, plus i’m a huge sucker for Langst and drama

but on the OTHER HAND, Lance really doesn’t deserve it…  if he’s supposedly going to mature in some ways, i don’t think cooking his insecurities in the red lion is the way to handle it. not unless the way i think RP!Lance will play out isn’t how it’ll go and Lance actually likes piloting Red and it doesn’t hurt him?

there’s been a couple moments on the show that could possibly be hinting that Lance would like to pilot Red?

jealous, Lance?

oh he’s envious alright

though you could argue that in the first scene he’s thinking “what? my sworn rival is getting a lion too? lame”

and in the next scene he could be going “aww how come i don’t get any cool powers?”

but anyways, i hope that if Lance does get put in the red lion that it doesn’t work out and they bump him up to black lion instead. either that or it does work out for him but they take Lance’s insecurities revolving around Keith into consideration and are able to get him to work through that safely.

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Please stop posting selfies of yourself. It's disturbing and no one cares about your ugly ass mug okay?

I’d also like to add that you are one of the fakest people on this site and a complete bitch.

Gosh! I’m so sorry that my ugly ass mug has so troubled you! 

If only there was a way that we could come up with a solution to this problem…

Wait! I have any idea! One singular sensation idea! 

There ya go, Anon. One idea. All for you <3 

Love and Kisses from “A Complete Bitch”! 

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How you make your draws? They are so perfect! It looks like you do on paper but at the same time on a pc... it's just perfect!

Oh gosh, thank you so much! ♥ I’m very glad you like my drawings, and you’re correct - they are drawn on paper! I just colour them digitally afterwards but the texture of the paper mostly stays ;)

virtual-transcendence answered your question “If anyone sees this send me ur headcanon about Detention plz? (i wanna…”

Maybe Wei meeting Ray in the afterlife after he passes on? I headcanon that he eventually forgives Ray in the good ending. (I really like this game a lot and I’ve wanted to talk about it for a while)

Not exactly what you asked for but.

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okay so you're like my go-to blog idek why but i listened to this song "head under water" by flyleaf and I could not get through the song without thinking "lance. lance. yeah this is lance."

oh my gosh

okay ngl its making me think of red paladin lance wowee