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yo so much do you love mitch marner?

okay, so the game is over and i’m on my laptop which means that i can give this the full attention it deserves.

how much do i love mitch marner? that’s a damn good question.

this boy grew up in toronto with dreams bigger than him. since he was a kid he wanted to play for the maple leafs. did anyone really think he could do this? no, not even he did. mitch thought his career was over before it had even begun. he went on a pointless streak during the first year of his draft eligibility and this kid thought that that was the end of it. he got so down on himself that his dad had to take him home for a bit.

did he give up here, though? well, obviously not. he worked his ass off and he got back to where he was, maybe even better than where he was. and then he went fourth overall to his hometown team. this kid, who went far lower in the ohl draft than he should have because of his size, got drafted by the toronto maple leafs, the team he’s loved since before he could tie his own skates. he then went on to dominate the ohl, winning numerous awards and the ever so coveted, memorial cup as co-captain of the knights.

and now? now he’s one of the most important players on the team. he puts in consistent work every single game - he even plays when he’s sick - and doesn’t give up or ever really get discouraged. he’s like this ray of sunshine for the leafs. also, he’s in the leafs record book now, during a rookie season no one thought he’d play. plus, he’s surround by other amazing rookies, yet he still manages to hold his own and prove his skill, night in, night out.

now, enough about his accomplishments, which even though they’re a huge part of why i love and admire him as much as i do, they are not the only reasons.

mitch marner can light up an entire fucking stadium when he smiles and damn, is it a contagious smile or what? everything he does it to make his parents proud and there’s no one who’s opinion matters more than his dads to him. after his family home caught on fire and they had no idea of the damage, his first question was about his pets and never about all of the important mementos from a childhood spent playing hockey. he used to wear number 93 because it was the year his brother was born, yet turned it down when his childhood idol, doug gilmour, offered it to him. he cuddles his teammates and loves them so much. he’s always praising them and is so proud of their success. he gets just as happy as a fan would, maybe even more, when he or anyone else on the leafs scores. he’s just got this complete and unadulterated joy when he plays and he doesn’t let anything ruin that.  he’s a hometown boy who got to go home and you can see in the way he plays how grateful he is for that.

all in all, mitch is sunshine on skates and i love him more than i could possibly put into words. he’s an amazing and accomplished guy with a massive heart and i would literally have to spend hours trying to string together the 26 letters of our alphabet to explain my love for him and it still wouldn’t be enough.

tldr; i love mitch marner more than i love anything else in the world and yes, yes, i would write an essay for him.

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Do Nylander and Matthews please

now, i’m nothing if not accomodating

this is william nylander

[the backside is all you need]

his nickaname is “Sniper”, reportedly.

in which we are all viktor loov.

he is kasperi kapenen’s special… friend:

he is also a fucking idiot, according to zach hyman.

his go to karaoke song is single ladies by beyonce:

he can also dance to it:

he had a glorious flop of hair but had to had it bc lou apparently has a thing about napes? not sure about this, don’t quote me on it. 

but his hair is beautiful now too

he, in general, is beautiful

and also single but it’s complicated.

complicated bc he and david pastrnak are in love: x, x, x

now, this is autston matthews:

he, too, is what i like to call expressive:

he is also an undisputed fashion icon, as evidenced below:

who owns at least three pairs of ripped jeans:

and handles crying babies like real live grenades:

[credit to @brosnia​ for the gif]

now, i shall leave you with this: 

which is auston’s attempt at hearteyes or blushing virgin, i assume. [credit to @dyllarkin​ for the gif]

i don’t have a ‘for real’ section to add, except maybe that he and zach werenski are in the middle of a folllowers’ feud? I think?? and also, he got the booty. and he can fish. 

questionable though as his skill may be.

Damsel in Distress- Auston Matthews

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I literally have nothing witty to say here. Anon, I totally understood your request so don’t worry! I hope y'all enjoy it!

Warning: creepy stalker dude

Anon Request: Do you think you can do one where you are at a store and some like creepy dude won’t leave you alone and you are like wtf and creeped out and you see Auston (and like you don’t know him also by Auston I mean Matthews Auston Matthews) and are like dude can you help I don’t know this guy and he’s following me and blah blah blah and i don’t know this sounds confusing but I’m bad at explaining things. I’m sorry


              You had had better ideas in your life.

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If you're a baby now how do you take care of your self? Or did you just throw yourself at someone with you tiny hands?

BEN: leaf takes care of me…

BEN: she’s too motherly though.

BEN: it’s gross.

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I desperately need a Rider Sentai crossover that has the Kyurangers meet Gaim Riders. Stinger is just so put off by Takatora, but won't say why to his team because that would requires sharing instead of being a broody, secretive jerk.

takatora is just trying to be a pleasant host to these weird space people but the orange one keeps glaring at him from across the room and trying to attack him with his fucking scorpion tail whenever he turns his back

Owe You One (Bucky Barnes x Reader, Sister!Natasha Romanoff x Reader)

Request: Could you write a reader x Bucky, where Natasha is protective over the reader?

Requested By: @mp938368

Word Count: I don’t know I wrote part of this on my phone and I’m not about to sit here and count. I’m guessing about 1,000. I will probably come back later and give the exact count.

Warnings: Slight swearing, Violence

A/N: Here you go! So sorry it took me so long to update, and sorry if this sucks to be honest. I wasn’t sure on how I wanted to end it. Well, I hope you enjoy nonetheless! Also, I made the reader Nat’s sister in this.

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Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!

You think, sprinting through the halls of the facility.This just had to be the day that you woke up late. Rounding a corner, you continue to run as you make your way to the conference room. Pushing open the double doors, everyone’s eyes look up at you. Seeing Fury’s annoyed look, you slip into the nearest chair open, which was next to your sister, Natasha. 

“Okay, now that everyone is here,” Fury grumbles, giving you a pointed look. “We can continue.”

Breathing out a sigh, you slouch into the chair as Fury begins to debrief you on your next mission. Barely paying attention, your eyes begin to wander the room, looking at your teammates. Your eyes fall on Bucky and stay there as you begin to admire him. You’ve had a crush on him for a while now and whenever the two of you were in a room together your eyes just naturally go to him. 

You are brought out of your staring when you feel your sister pinch your arm. Jumping slightly, you send a glare her way. You see her eyes flick towards the space on the table between you two, realizing that she wants to talk through Morse code. Sighing, you nod, and she taps out the first message.

“Why were you late today?” She taps out, eyes still focused on Fury.

Sighing, you type out your own message, “Slept in, why?”

“Just wondering. You’d think that an extremely trained spy wouldn’t sleep in,” She responds. You send a pointed glare her way before rolling your eyes.

“Spies can sleep in every once and a while. Besides, you never answered my question.”

“Dammit, knew you caught that,”

“I am an extremely trained spy,” You retort, tapping out your message as you watch Fury.

“Okay, the reason why I asked was because Barnes walked in late today as well and I wanted to make sure you weren’t with him,” She responds. As you decode her answer, your eyes flit up to the man with shoulder length brown hair before looking at your red-headed sister. Scowling at her, you are about to tap out an answer when Fury looks at the two of you.

“Y’know, I’d like to think that my best spies were listening to what I had to say, seeing as it pertains to them, but it doesn’t seem so,” He says through his teeth, causing everyone to look back at the two of you. Mumbling your apologies, you begin to frantically tap out a message as Fury begins to assign partners to the mission.

“Why do you care if Barnes and I were together?” You ask, as Fury partnered up Sam and Steve together.

“Because I know you like him and I don’t trust him. He was brainwashed, you know,” She replies as Fury called out Tony and Rhodey’s name together. 

Fuming at this accusation, you tap out your next message. “Just in case you haven’t noticed, he isn’t brainwashed anymore. Also, he understands what it was like to follow orders you didn’t want to do, seeing as he came from the agency that controlled the Red Room. So, sorry for wanting to have someone else who understands besides you. ” 

Glancing at her, you see her flinch at the mention of the place that you were trained. Feeling a bit bad because of the low blow, you turn to look at Fury as he calls out the rest of the teams.

“Natasha, you’re with Clint,” He calls out. “(Y/N), you’re with Barnes.” 

Shocked, you look between Nat and Bucky. You were always your sister’s partner on missions if you were both on it. Everyone else looked at Fury in shock too.

“Fury, are you sure you want to separate the ‘Spider Sisters?’” Tony asks, using the annoying call sign that he invented. Everyone nods along with his statement, but Fury cuts them all off.

“Black Widow and Red Widow need to be separated in this mission, seeing as their specialties are needed in two separate areas. Natasha will be using her specialties with Clint as they capture enemies and interrogate them, and (Y/N) will be using her specialties with Bucky as they infiltrate the enemy compound undetected. (Y/N) could do this on her own, but she will need Bucky there as she will need backup. Everyone understand?” Fury finishes, glancing at everyone. Seeing as everyone nods, he dismisses everyone to suit up. 

Standing up from your chair, you glance at Bucky and he gives you a small smile. Smiling back, you exit the room to suit up.

“Quinjet five to HQ, we will be approaching the landing site in ten minutes, copy?” Clint calls out over the radio. Receiving the okay, Clint begins to descend as everyone else double checks their supplies. 

Strapping a gun to your thigh, you see your sister do the same thing as she carefully watches Bucky. Rolling your eyes, you stand up and make your way towards Bucky, 

“Ready, partner?” You ask with a smile. Bucky was just strapping a knife onto his thigh when you asked him.

“Ready,” He replies, smiling at you. Nodding your head, you look over your red catsuit, making sure that you have everything that you need. Fixing the small black hourglass sign over the center over your stomach, you nod to yourself, feeling prepared. 

“Lookin’ good, (Y/N),” Tony says with a smirk as he stepped into his Iron Man suit. Rolling your eyes at him, you walk over to your sister who does not look happy at all.

“I don’t like that we are separated,” She grumbles out, attaching knives to her Black Widow suit. 

“I don’t like it either, but we’ll be okay,” You reassure, placing a hand on her shoulder. Pulling you into a hug, you feel your sister’s grip tighten on you.

“Be careful with him. You may trust him, but I don’t,” She whispers into your ear. Pulling back, you glare at her a bit. “Yet,” She adds, giving you a small smile. 

“Okay, lets go,” Steve calls out, as everyone exits the quinjet, heading towards their separate destinations. 

Sneaking through the seemingly abandoned compound, you hold a gun, ready to shoot when needed. Crouched down lower to the ground, Bucky follows you as he also holds his gun, ready when the time comes. Peeking around the corner, you see a set of doors.

“There,” You whisper to Bucky, slightly standing up. His eyes flick towards the doors and then back to yours. 

“Lets do this,” He responds. Walking slowly towards the door, you nudge it open. Peeking your head in, you find it empty.

“Stand guard, yeah?” You ask as you move towards the computer. Plugging in the flash drive, you start to download all the important files. 

“(Y/N), we’ve got company,” Bucky hurriedly whispers. Cussing silently, you download the last of the files as you unplug the flash drive. 

“Files acquired, heading out now. Agents coming, headed towards quinjet,” You hurriedly speak into your earpiece. Placing your gun back in its holster, you click on you widow’s stings. Soon you see the familiar trace of electricity as your suit lights up. 

Looking back at you, Bucky’s eyes widen as he sees that you put your gun away. “Why the hell would you put that away?” He asks as you slip out into the corridor.

“More fun,” You say with a smirk. Just as the agents round the corner, you drop low to the ground as Bucky fires his gun over you. Quickly moving towards the guards, you jump onto them while shocking them, before they even realize what is happening. Watching them fall to the ground, you grab Bucky’s hand.

“C’mon, lets go,” You call out. Soon the two of you are sprinting out of the compound. Right when you reach the outside, you find a couple oblivious agents standing around. Smirking to yourself, you and Bucky quickly knock out the agents. All seemed well until you heard the deafening alarm go off. Eyes wide, you look at Bucky.

“Quick! They’ll be here any minute!” He shouts to you. Nodding your head, the two of you start to sprint in the direction that the quinjet is in. Just as you were about to reach the forest where the quinjet was concealed, agents started to surround you. Eyes wide, you pull out your gun as Bucky shouted something into his ear piece. Firing your gun, you slowly start to take down the ever approaching agents.

“We need to get to cover!” You shouted to Bucky, dodging bullet after bullet. Just as you see a guard aim for you, your eyes widen as you realize that you were going to get shot. Before you could even step away, you saw Bucky move in front of you, holding up his metal arm to deflect the bullet. Still in shock a bit, you watch Bucky take down the remaining two agents that surround you.

“Thanks,” You breathed out, looking at Bucky. Turning towards you, he just gives you a smile and takes your hand.

“C'mon, they’ll be on us soon,” Bucky replied as he began dragging you through the deep green forest. Only pausing for short breaks when you thought you heard something, you eventually make your way back to the quinjet.

Hitting the button that opens the door, you and Bucky walk in to find everyone waiting for you.

“Where were you?!” Nat shouted, immediately running up to you as she begins to look for injuries. As she notices that there are none on you, she pulls back slightly.

“Guards caught up to us,” You replied as you picked a leaf from the forest. “They surrounded us and I was almost taken out if Bucky hadn’t stepped in and saved me.”

Looking at Bucky, you give him a grateful smile as Nat’s eyes flickered towards him.

“You saved her?” She mumbled out, a bit of shock on her face.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” Bucky questioned, slightly moving towards you. Feeling his arm wrap around your waist, you smiled to yourself.

“I just- I don’t know,” Nat responds, looking between the two of you. Eyes falling on you, she paused before saying: “Fine. You have my blessing.”

Breaking out into a smile, you turned towards Bucky, beaming.

“Thank you, really, for saving my life, Buck. I owe you one.”

Grinning at you, you feel his grip on you tighten. “Was my pleasure, Doll. And I think you can repay me by going on a date with me tomorrow.”

Smiling even more now, you pecked Bucky on the cheek.

“Sure thing, Sarge,” You reply as you see a faint blush creep onto his cheeks at the nickname.

Just as Bucky was about to respond, the quinjet’s doors opened once more, revealing a very frazzled Sam.

Halting in his step, Sam notices Bucky’s arm around your waist. Looking back up at the group, Sam sighs.

“I don’t even want to know,” Sam grumbled out as he moved towards the cockpit where Clint was at.

As the quinjet began its acsent, with all eight passengers on board, you took a seat next to Bucky. As you leaned your head on his shoulder, you began to drift off for some shut-eye before reaching the facility with one thought in your head: it was a good day.

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BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD ♡✧( •⌄• ) once you get this award, you're supposed to paste it in the ask box of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it's nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out ❤ ( ◜◒◝ )♡ 💕❤️💕💕💕💕💕😘😘💕💕💕💕💕

Aww, thank you! ^_^ You’re beautiful too!

So… anybody still play animal crossing new leaf? And if they have it but don’t play it anymore, would you be willing to sell (preferably large amounts of) your bells / rare items?