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@nikki-66 : The soulmate idea is entirely based of my own idea that if mages find their soulmate, they’re no longer under Circle rule. Which is why Circles keep mages locked up, so that the chances of finding their soulmate is slim. It goes along with the idea that finding your soulmate is a rare thing, that if you do find your soulmate, you are blessed by the Maker. So if the Chantry was to deny the mage their soulmate, it would go against their teachings.

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Bonjour! Je voulais savoir s'il était possible de poster la vidéo de "La revue de presse de Catherine et Liliane" avec Martin qui se fait attacher à la chaise car je la cherche PARTOUT et impossible de la trouver et comme j'ai vu que tu avais fait un gif set je pensais que tu aurais peut-être la vidéo. merci!

Tu as de la chance que je conserve tout! ^^

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Always. What do you see them all doing assuming they all live long enough to “retire”?

Retirement is such a weird concept! XD Like, I don’t think it’s a word they’d use, even in the miraculous event they find a cure for the Calling. They’d go about it quietly and with a lot of preparation but also without too much fanfare or pomp? They didn’t spend all those years rebuilding their order–twice, basically–just to see it collapse into dust again.

And then? The first full week, they stay at home. No traveling. No correspondence. Not even thinking about any kind of routine. Just time with each other, doing whatever feels proper and letting the whole idea of not being beholden to anything or anyone else settle in. There’s lots of snuggling. Lots of tea and reading and talking.

(I do think they remain at Vigil’s Keep, or maybe near it in Amaranthine, since Aeron figures a Warden-Commander should have the quarters that are designated as theirs instead of having someone else living there. The Keep was their stationary home after such a long time of traveling–and for Alistair, who has been shuffled around a lot, probably the first real stable place all his own. Denerim is where Aeron’s family is, but it’s too close to court and Anora so nope.)

I’m not sure what they do beyond that, honestly. At the moment, I like the idea of them buying a small plot of land that Alistair uses to start a rescue/shelter for abandoned dogs. (Sometimes, they rescue and shelter much larger, less furry creatures–or so the rumors go.) And Aeron…well, she may or may not have always kind of dreamed of a different life wherein she owned a flower shop…

@mago-emplumado I’m using Fenris’ romance scenes + his banter with Isabela, cutting it so that it’s only Fenris, then mashing them with Adam Howden’s Fable lines. With a smattering of Anders lines too.

…Debating if I want to add in Greg Ellis’ lines since he is the original Anders voice. Gives me more potential banters if I include Awakening Anders.

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help! im desperate *cries* my lines in digital art are so blocky and not smooth at all no matter what I try, if it's not an inconvenience to you, can you maybe give some tips??

OH! Sure! I’d love to help if I can!! :D

I use a wacom intuos 5 tablet and photoshop cc to draw. To do my lines/sketches I almost always use the same brush, which is the Happy HB brush from this photoshop brush set by Kyle Webster:

I had to pay a few dollars for it, but it really does have some kick-butt brushes. And when I use that brush I always turn on the opacity and width options at the top of the screen so my pen pressure will affect them! (I do this with every brush really)

I’ve also tried this program called Lazy Nezumi, which you can get a free trial of to see if you like it, but it’s whole purpose is to make your lines all smoothy-smooth and beautiful by allowing you to kind of pull your brush around. Like so:

I really liked it, and when I have 30 bucks to spare I’m gonna buy it for myself! 

But yeah! Other than that it’s mainly just constant repetition and practice! 

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Is that a sabre Kanaya is holding

it’s about 10% curved blade and 90% bullshit anime clock hand sword. there’s two of them, they’re called the revisionists. they have a short time rewind ability of a few seconds, and they cut things very nicely.

formally her weapons of choice are talwar but i cannot really classify these abominations as a real sword type.

My Psychology Study Routine

This is just what I did for all of my undergraduate psychology courses, and I found that this worked the best for me!

1. Read the textbook before class & make notecards!
Psychology has a lot of vocabulary words and concepts, so I found it the most helpful to make notecards as I was reading the course material to help reinforce this information early on.

2. Take thorough class notes!
Most of my professors posted their notes online prior to class, so I would print them out and bring them with me to class. I would try and read over them while I was waiting for class to start. This way, I could take notes on what the professor was saying (often times supplemental material) instead of just following along with the powerpoint.

3. Reread notes and revise notecards!
A few days after class (I tried to do this every weekend), I would reread my notes and add any additional information to the notecards I had made from the textbook.

4. Study from the notecards!
Instead of just rereading my notes over and over again before the exam, I would go through my notecards once or twice a day starting a week before the exam. This is much more active learning than just passively reading your notes!

5. Study guide!
Most of my professors provided a study guide for the exam. Mainly for this, I would make sure I had all of the necessary information from the study guide in my notecards. If the exam was an essay exam, I would bullet point all of the information for each question one day, and each day after use the study guide like a practice exam and try and answer all of the questions from memory. I found that my answers got better and better each day, and were nearly perfect by the day of the exam!

Let me know what you do/did for your psychology courses! I’ll be following and reblogging people who do!

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Can you PLEEEAAASE give me a list of great books I could read?? (I like fiction and humour books most, but I can really appreciate everything) also I LOVE YOUR ART bye

HMMM. Lets see… Here are a few books that I’ve read recently that I really enjoyed! :D

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - Very funny and very nerdy, with a fun, adventurous tone! 

The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey - It’s a ZOMBIE BOOK! But surprisingly full of heart and very exciting, felt like reading a movie!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell - Very funny, very relatable, and very sweet! :D

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins - Again, very relatable, very sweet, I’m not normally much into romance, but this one is an exception!

Legend by Marie Lu - Action packed with a compelling dystopian society and two kick ass main characters! (Also it’s a trilogy and they’re all good)

The Martian by Andy Weir - Very funny and extremely cool, especially if you’re a science nerd! 

I’m going to get hate for this, but I don’t give a single care about Evan not showing up yet. There’s other actors who are amazing and you whiner babies can’t even realize it because you’re trying to suck Evan’s dick through the tv. Sarah Paulson is amazing. Angela Bassett is amazing. Kathy Bates is amazing. Lady Gaga is amazing. Lily Rabe is amazing. Just enjoy the show! Be thankful there’s something this good on tv. Damn.


I got a WCIF question for everything in my latest interior post so here it goes! (sorry some of the numbers are hard to see)


1. Twinkly Twinkly lights, here.

2. Yuxi frame painting, here.

3. Pillows, here

4. Blanket, here

5. Boho chiceria double bed, here.

6 Luggage, here.

7, Green candle conversion, here.

8, Garden time potted geranium, here.

9. Cabin, here.


10. Curtains, here.

11. Lace curtains, here.

12. Butterfly deco, here.

13. Corner icons, here.

14. Small framed paintings, here.

15. Rocking chair, here.

17. Yuxi japan lantern, here.

18. Leaning painting, here.

19. Two books, here.

20. Riad table, here.

21. Snug rug, here.

22. Fireplace is store content I think.


23. Cottage walls, here.

24. Wall Deco clothing, here.

25. Bottle lamp, here.

26. Mirror is a game content.

27. Cabin, here.

28. Curio bedroom deco, here.

29. Broom, here.

30. Paintings, here.

i’m taking a poll

how many of you have the same drinking/smoking habits as your partner? drinks > weed ? weed all day ? straight edge ? and … how much does it matter if you’re ON/NOT on the same page? i.e. you’re a pothead and your partner doesn’t smoke … you like to drink and your partner is straight edge?

***anyone who answers will be entered into my giveaway*** thanks for helping a gurl out w/ her curiosity ! ?


Hello, sry for the late reply. Here are some manga with age gap, you can find all of them from MangaTown. Enjoy!

1. Rinjin wa Chou

2. Hyakujuu no Ou ni Tsugu!

3. Seito Kaishitsu Kare ga Doku o Haku Riyuu Megane no Uso

4. Usagi Drop

5. Houkago x Ponytail

6. Hirunaka no Ryuusei

7. Mikami Sensei no Aishikata

8. Hajimari No Niina

9. Hana to Akuma

10. Biyaku Cafe

11. P to JK

12. Sensei Kunshu

13. Yumemiru Taiyou

14. Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

15. Faster Than a Kiss

16. Taiyou No Ie

17. Kiss

18. 16 Life

19. Nakigao ni Kiss

20. Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

21. Takane to Hana

22. Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu.

23. Hana no Namae

24. Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga

25. Hatsukoi Monster

26. 31 Ai Dream

27. Virgin Blood

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hi!!! -w- im just another enthusiastic reader, your art is so beautiful!! Can i ask what are your favorite books? Mine are harry potter, the raven boys, the shadowhunter chronicles and looking for alaska

YAY! Readers unite!!!

Ohhhh some of my favorite books…. Let’s see…

Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, The Mistborn series, The Divergent Trilogy, anything written by Rainbow Rowell or John Green, the Legend series, and a whole bunch of one-offs. I just finished the Martian, The Girl with all the Gifts, Ready Player One, and All the Light we Cannot See, and those were all FANTASTIC!