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JJ finds passports with new identities for her and Henry in Emilys house. Cause Emily always has a plan B for her loved ones ~H

The Secret Life of Lauren Reynolds, A Jemily Drabble

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and JJ was doing some clean up around the house while Emily was out spending time with her mother. Henry was with Will for the weekend and JJ was enjoying the time to herself. Ever since she and Emily had moved in together they had been inseparable, which JJ was not complaining about in the least, she just appreciated the down time. She had tidied up downstairs and was vacuuming the bedroom. She was listening to her favorite song and wasn’t paying too much attention when the vacuum sucked up something and started smoking. JJ flipped it off, cursing under her breath as she leaned down to assess the situation. While she was on the floor something caught her eye under the bed, a lock box that was pushed behind some extra bedding. Curious, she dug the box out from it’s hiding spot and found that it was unlocked.

JJ was confused by the contents. Five thousand Euros, some old photos, a necklace, and a few passports. She shuffled through the pictures and saw Emily with an older man, they looked happy together. She noticed the necklace in the lock box was the same one Emily was wearing in the photographs. She opened the passports to find Emily’s picture but the name listed was Lauren Reynolds. JJ felt a knot in her stomach, Why would Emily hide this from me?
JJ spent the rest of the afternoon coming up with every scenario to explain what she had found. It was obviously some secret life Emily was keeping from her and she was furious. They had agreed to never lie to each other and JJ felt hurt and betrayed. That night Emily got home and JJ was waiting in the living room, holding the lock box in her lap.

“Hey babe, how was your day?” Emily asked as she came in the door. She made her way into the living room and saw the look on JJ’s face, “Jayje, what’s wrong?”

JJ opened the box but said nothing. Emily’s face dropped as she opened her mouth but words wouldn’t come out. JJ watched as Emily tried to come up with an explanation.

“Emily, what is this?”

“Jennifer, I can explain.”

“Yes, please, explain to me why you have multiple passports for another name. Explain to me these pictures where you’re so happy. Explain to me why you have a small fortune in foreign currency stashed under the bed,” JJ’s voice rose in anger as she spoke. Emily stood there in silence. “Go on, tell me Emily. Who is Lauren Reynolds?”

Emily sat down on the couch next to her partner and took a deep breath, “Jennifer, there are things in my past that I’m not proud of. There are some things that I haven’t told you, that I can’t tell you. You have to trust me, it’s not what you think.”

“How am I supposed to trust you when I discover this alter ego? I thought we were in this together. I thought we weren’t going to keep secrets from each other. Who is he Emily? Do you love him?” JJ was shaking as she spat out her words, “Is this why you’ve been so distant? All the secret phone calls, do you think I haven’t noticed? Are you fucking him?”

“It’s nothing like that,” Emily tried to keep her cool. “He’s a ghost from my past, more of a demon really,” she took a deep breath, trying to decide just how much of her dark past to share with JJ. She knew Ian Doyle was free and back in the states. he had already killed one of the other operatives of JTF12, the mission Emily had been undercover on. She was terrified she was next on her list and she knew the less JJ knew, the better. She wanted to be honest but at the same time she was responsible for keeping JJ safe. “Before I worked for the BAU I was recruited by Interpol for an undercover operation. The case was extremely classified. The goal was to bring down an international arms dealer with ties to the Irish mob. I lived under cover for two years until we had enough evidence to bring him down. He was extradited to Korea to serve his time for his crimes but he escaped. I have reason to believe he’s back in the states and is hunting down the members of that operation. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to put you in harms way.”

JJ paused as she processed what Emily was saying. “There’s an international criminal after you and you didn’t think that would be important to share with me?”

Emily shrugged, “JJ if anything happened to you, to Henry, because of me I could never forgive myself. This isn’t your fight.”

“Fuck you, this isn’t my fight! Emily, if you’re in danger then I need to know. I’m your partner, I’m here for you through better or worse. You don’t get to deal with this burden by yourself, you’re not alone anymore,” JJ shook her head to try and calm down as she started to cry. “So what? Your back up plan was to just leave? Start a new life and leave me here?”

Emily shook her head, “No, Jennifer. It’s not like that. I never wanted to leave you but I had to have a back up. You don’t understand.”
“Then make me understand!” JJ sobbed.

Emily got up from the couch and disappeared into the bedroom, a moment later she returned carrying an envelope. “Here,” she said as she handed it to JJ.

JJ opened the envelope and found two passports one for her under the name Rosaline Reynolds and one for Henry under the name Declan. She looked up in confusion, “I don’t understand.”

“I never planned on leaving you alone,” Emily explained as she wiped JJ’s cheek. “I planned on taking you and Henry with me”

JJ studied the passports, “Rosaline?” It was her sister’s name, who had committed suicide when JJ was just a girl.

“I knew that if things got bad enough to have to use these, we would be leaving everyone behind. I wanted you to have a piece of your family as a reminder.”

JJ stopped crying and caught her breath, “And Declan?”

Emily had tears at the corner of her eyes, “Declan is the name of a very brave boy whom I loved as my own, much like I love Henry. I wanted us to be able to start over together, to build a new life, somewhere safe. I love you.”

“I love you too, Emily. But you’ve got to let me, let the team, help you,” JJ took Emily’s hand in hers. Emily broke down as JJ wrapped her arms around the brunette. She kissed Emily’s forehead as she whispered, “We’re here for you, all of us. We’re your family and we’re going to protect you, that’s what families do. They look out for one another. You’re not alone anymore, Emily. You never have to be alone again.”

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were u ever an invader zim fan?

i am 13 years old and i am sitting in front of my boxy off-white family computer running windows 2000 with my friend at my side. we are busy downloading as many inuyasha amvs of our otp through napster (a precursor to utorrent-type clients) as we can, and we are very scared that someone will call my house and the dial-up connection will be broken. my friend mentions he has a few american internet friends who watch this show called invader zim and apparently it is really good, so we cancel our otp downloads and start searching for zim episodes–napster is our only way to watch american shows at this point because this was before youtube and streaming–and unfortunately we can’t find any. there’s just a ton of amvs. but we download them anyway.

only one ends up downloading properly. it’s a zim/dib amv, very serious, set to the tune of how you remind me by the critically acclaimed rock band nickelback. most of the footage comes from an episode where zim pretends to be a hobo. we thought it was amazing, and watched it over and over.

i haven’t watched or paid attention to invader zim since.

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There is all these people saying Slavic mythology isn't a thing and that The Witcher is racist. What are your thoughts on this?

Sorry for keeping this ask in my inbox for such a long time. Frankly speaking, I wanted to answer this after checking out the game, but still didn’t have the time or occasion to play it yet, and I only glimpsed at a few articles here and there [plus, I’d rather share more of my thoughts off-anon]. Feeling too fuzzy on the details to comment directly on the opinions about the game [and I don’t want to reveal myself too many spoilers before actually playing it], so I could speak only about the general worldbuilding that I know from Sapkowski’s Saga or the previous games.

First of all, the opinions claiming that “Slavic mythology isn’t a thing” only confirm how little do people know about the culture and history of the Eastern / Central Europe. That’s nothing new or surprising though and comes out as a result of the centuries-long history of anti-Slavism and anti-Polonism, still contributing to the belittling and erasure of the culture of that part of the world. You need to realize that it’s not necessarily their fault to think that way, because Slavic culture gets little to no exposure on the world scale [most people might know only some visual elements of it], particularly in comparison to e.g. the cultures of the Western Europe or even Russia present in the modern media [and while Russia is one of the countries that arose on the Slavic roots, it’s only one of the unique parts of the Slavic world with its own elements classified as Russian mythology and folklore, and could never represent all the Slavic people properly - just like for example Denmark could never represent Norway even though the folklore of both arose on the roots of the Nordic mythology].

All in all, the answer should be always a patient explanation and spreading of the knowledge, recommendation of valuable books, sharing details about the rich Slavic culture and customs, about which many people around the world might have no slightest idea yet. From my personal experience, most of the “outsiders” could’t even point out which countries are Slavic properly. I’d say the Slavic mythology made already a huge step forward in the terms of exposure and promotion just in the recent decade, and is on good track to be recognized on a larger scale. Comments like that will sadly still be appearing, but they usually come from those people who don’t know / have never visited that part of the world yet, or stopped their research on reading the Wikipedia article about the Slavic mythology. Just - help spreading the knowledge, some people forget that mythologies can be kept alive in other forms than a written one.

There’s also one thing I wanted to emphasize here. The Witcher world is based primarily on the Polish folklore - the customs, mythological creatures and legends known mostly from the ethnographic resources from around 18th to 20th centuries and there are never any actual Slavic gods mentioned - but we immediately jump to the conclusions that it’s completely natural to call it the Slavic mythology. Doesn’t it show clearly how closely both of them are intewoven, and how well has the mythology survived in the folk customs and tales up until the modern era?

As it comes to the topic of racism, that’s naturally a much more complicated and delicate matter. Fact is, the problem of racism does obviously exist in The Witcher world - the Saga is a good example of a dark political fantasy reflecting many different social problems, racism being one of them [think of the complex world of the Game of Thrones, but showing much more of the rural life and folklore, and focusing on fewer characters travelling through Northern parts of the continent only]. It’s also hinted many times that it’s a result of the unhealthy hermetism of the communities, so the notion of xenophobia might be even more suiting here. Everyone fear everything that’s “different”, because in that war-driven world anything can become an enemy. On the other hand, the Witcher [Geralt] and the other main characters are openly anti-racist, and often refer to the corrupt and racist people as worse than the actual monsters Geralt kills. They often struggle themselves from discrimination, and at the same time feel powerless against the large extent of old prejudices and lack of the harmonious state of peace. Sapkowski himself said in one of the old interviews: “the Witcher feels like a stranger wherever he goes, and I wanted the reader to feel like a stranger in this world as well”. That’s a well-planned move which is actually supposed to make the readers / the players feel lost and uncomfortable, and to think by themselves about the mechanism driving such riddiculous acts and the outcomes of them. It’s never an easy topic to discuss, but Sapkowski never hesitated from exposing the problems openly. Actually, I’m quite positive that people acknowledging and protesting against the problem of racism is what Sapkowski might have wanted, in a way.

“Northern Kingdoms” being “too white”? The Saga’s core making it so unique is the early medieval Central / Eastern Europe, which was still quite homogenous back then [to be clear, we’re talking about c. 10th-12th centuries when Christianity was only starting to gain the influence over here]. People also seem to ignore the fact that the world of The Witcher is based primarily on the territories of Poland [with a few references to the mythologies of e.g. the Baltic and Norse cultures that were present in some of our northern parts], which wasn’t interacting with [for example] the Eurasian nomads as much as the people inhabitating some parts of modern-day Ukraine or Russia. Mongol invasions? They were reaching the areas of the southern and central Poland only in 3 relatively short phases in 13th century [1240-41, 1259-60, 1287-88], and were consisting largely of Ruthenian units / vassals [particularly during the 2nd and 3rd wave]. Jewish people? There were traders in some larger trade centers coming already in 10th century, but the mass waves of immigration came only after the mentioned “Mongol” invasions that left some parts of the country completely desolated. Romani people? They were appearing from around the 15th-16th century onwards. But, we could certainly get more references to some travelling merchants coming for example from the Middle East with which Poland was interacting frequently throughout her existence [for example, many Arab coins are being discovered in Polish archaeological sites from around the mentioned 10th-12th centuries]. It was an inspiration for the Zerrikanians in the Saga, and I’m sure it would be interesting to see a few more of them in the game, or even set up a new game or locations in which Geralt [or others] would travel to the Southern Kingdoms. That would require a whole new level of worldbuilding though, and maybe even abandonment of the essential Slavic core, because in Sapkowski’s Saga, with which the game stays surprisingly close, the Southern countries are only mentioned shortly in conversations [for example a line about fascinating lands where unusual striped horses can be encountered, it was told by Dandelion if I can recall correctly].

In all the cases, I’d recommend some of the open-minded commenters to read the original Saga [hopefully well-translated to their language] and some valid resources about the Slavic mythology and folklore, and about the general history and demographics of Poland.

These are just some general thoughts, open for a discussion.

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hi! do you have any recommendations for well drawn shoujo manga, please? Thank you very much!

Hello, here are some good art, hope you will like them too. *_*

1.  Crayon Days

2.  Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

3.  ReRe Hello

4.  Inochi Mijikashi, Koi seyo Furyou Shounen!

5.  Haru Matsu Bokura

6.  Orange (TAKANO Ichigo)

7.  Hiren Trip

8.  Watashi no Ookami-kun

9.  Nijiiro Days (MIZUNO Minami)

10.  Rinjin wa Chou

11.  Tsubasa to Hotaru

12.  Naisho ja Tarinai yo

13.  Romantica Clock

14.  Silent Kiss

15.  Aruitou

16.  Namaikizakari.

17.  Hatsukoi Wazurai

18.  Taiyou No Ie

19.  Nanohana no Kare

20.  360 Degrees Material

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Czec! Hi ! I loved the post about the flower wreaths for Kupala. Do you have any more resources or informations on topics like that? I have been studying Polish Native Faith recently because I would like to have original religion from my heritage.

Hello there! I do have and I read a lot, but in my native language. Therefore, there’s a question of how well do you know the language [I can’t figure out from your blog]. The text parts I publish here on “lamus dworski” are usually a combination of informations I gained from various Polish resources, and I keep a long list of various recommended books [it’s available here on my /sources page]. Many positions under the sections about the folklore and the Slavs are very closely connected to the Polish Native Faith in its various surviving forms. Some books are linked, available for free in official Polish online libraries. As it comes to good books for the beginners, Andrzej Szyjewski’s “Religia Słowian” and Aleksander Gieysztor’s “Mitologia Słowian” are a must-read. I can also recommend the project Bogowie Polscy [Polish Gods] that focuses on the Polish Native Faith, a site where everything is analyzed in details and many valuable books are listed in the annotations under each article they publish. The site is ofc in Polish, but they also work on a series of poster-graphics with short descriptions of the gods in both Polish and English [click the miniatures here].

As it comes to the general informations about the Slavic Native Faith as such, there’s this thing that, although everything’s connected, there are still differences between the West/East/South Slavic areas or between the individual Slavic countries. There was a slight contrast between the Slavic tribes already in the early medieval times, be it the names of the gods they were worshipping, documented in medieval chronicles, or trivial things like the elements of clothing and accessories that are dug up by the archaeologists nowadays. Some customs, gods and mythical creatures would appear rather regional than universal, or would differ in details, only resembling each other closely. Because so much was destroyed and lost, borrowing of the informations is a common practice, particularly among the West Slavic groups that were a target of the early medieval crusades. You might want to ask yourself if you want to explore the general informations about the Slavic Native Faith [highly recommended nevertheless, for a general insight], or would rather learn about the Polish customs in particular. For the latter, looking deep behind the Polish folklore and folk customs is a must. So much survived there.

If you want to dig into the topic of the Polish Native Faith and its remnants in the Polish folklore and customs, here are some other posts I published, coming to my mind right now:

You might also want to check my tags Slavic mythology / Polish legends / tales and legends [posts may repeat as I sometimes use them together] for some interesting stories, for example:

Browse my various tags for other things that might interest you.

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I was wondering if you could make a list of manga that it have delinquent romance......... if you can thank you

Hello, try this: 

Junai Tokkou Taichou!

Hanagimi to Koisuru Watashi


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Kyou no Kira-kun 

Nagareboshi Lens

Koisuru Harinezumi

Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji

School Rumble

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Inochi Mijikashi, Koi seyo Furyou Shounen!

Hanayomesama Wa 16-Sai

Moe Kare!!

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu

Honey x Honey Drops

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What are some good student/sensei-love manga?

Hello, here are some manga about love between student and sensei

1.  Hirunaka no Ryuusei

2.  Asami-sensei no Himitsu

3.  Daisuki Datta yo, Sensei…

4.  Gensoku Tsundere Danshi Ikenai Sensei

5.  Houkago, Sensei to Koi ni Ochiru

6.  Mikami Sensei no Aishikata

7.  Sensei Kunshu

8.  Sensei Ni, Ageru

9.  Sensei to Watashi (MINASE Ai)

10.  Sai x Ai

11.  Sugar Family

12. Sensei to Ikenai H

13.  Sensei to, Watashi to, Hajimete

14.  Sensei, Suki

15.  Faster Than a Kiss

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do you need to be 100% slavic to practice rodnovery?

Personally, I believe that people don’t have to be fully Slavic to practice it. It’s only important to remember that much of the celebrations [e.g. the Dziady / Zaduszki rituals throughout the year] is strongly focused on the cult of ancestors, an important part of the faith that many people tend to overlook in favour of the worship of the Slavic gods only. A person whose forefathers were not Rodnovery would need to address them in a certain, more careful / tactful way in order to ensure a mutual respect of beliefs and avoid offending them during the invocations. It also includes one’s ethnic Slavic ancestors who were for example devoted Christians, quite often manipulated to think of the Slavic religion as of “satanic” practices or naive superstitions. One of the main issues that a Rodnover should be worried about is the conscious continuation of faith with informations passed down. That issue has been rising numerous problems over the past centuries, for example with the interpretation of the surviving historical documents or with credible traces of the Rodnovery in folklore. Too much was destroyed over last 1000 years and too much is being called into question nowadays.

Focusing on the ethnicity only is a dangerous remnant of the 20th-century racial ideologies and nationalist movements, and I would certainly avoid groups that put too much attention to the matter you asked about, Anon.