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i just wanna get this off my chest: I’m so scared taylor will never come out of hiding again. that this is the way this era will be; no livestream, no interviews, taylor acting “colder”,  no media ANYTHING. i’m really hoping i’m wrong bc that would break my heart and i know we just gotta wait but sometimes my mind goes to those things and it would make me so sad bc i love taylor so much and i want her to be happy, but hearing her talk and watching interviews & seeing her being interactive with us and being excited and all made me so happy

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What happened with Ariana?

honestly I have no idea, but I can lay out what I do know if that’s helpful??

-everything tonight was running like an hour behind and so the opening act went on before anyone got to meet ariana

-apparently ari looked super sad during m&g and it was super rushed and nobody really got to spend any time with her

-apparently security said the show still needed to end by 11 so it’s unclear if they cut songs I can’t figure it out from twitter ???

-people think she is either sick or that she and mac broke up or that something happened with her family or that she’s upset about all the hate but nobody really knows what

-if you haven’t noticed, she’s been trying to stay off social media and out of the public eye for a while now and she just liked a fan’s tweet about how twitter was kinda mean and people shit on her a lot

-she just replied to a fan’s insta post with an explanation

-2 fan accounts of how the night went: here and here

i’ll update as things happen/I find things out I guess?


yes u are CORRECT the back of my jacket says luigi because he’s the superior mario brother and that? is the Tea. no further questions n no flash photography.


@franklinvigo: maeby funke vc: marry me!
@zaddylawrence: photo creds 👅💦


melodramatic new tat after i opened a can of ravioli n realised it was out of date. nips (nearly) out fr the Boys we lost along the way #rip


@ashforddenvers: the fuck is that font brad
@badlymilligan: @ashforddenvers leave me alone dad ur carbonara last night was shit and mom is sleeping w the pool boy
@junemeowko: ah yes my work looks wonderful 1 like
@nobleson: this is like that time you mistook me for someone else and nearly flashe dme
@badlymilligan: @nobleson “nearly” as if u didn’t witness a nip that fateful night
@ashd: you should’ve got me to do this js
@badlymilligan: @ashd the tattoo on my ass tht simply says “ass” is my shit tattoo legacy n i have to follow it until the day i die
@jesseharmon: good content!

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hey maya!! do u think we could reply with our insta users so u can check out our accounts (and also for us to follow eachother and stuff :-)

yaaaa 🌈