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Hey, Doll

Summary: Billy takes interest in the shy bookworm, who is unsure of his intentions. 

Author’s Note: This one was getting long, so I’m splitting it into two parts. Billy is such a fun character to write!

Requests are open!

I rolled my eyes as the girls beside me gossiped about some new kid with a great ass. I shook my head, changing the page in my book. I tucked my pencil behind my ear as I scanned the page, trying to locate the exact quote that I needed for my report. That’s when the catty chatter from beside me completely ceased. 

I glanced up to meet an unfamiliar person sitting beside me. He had the wildest head of hair I had ever seen and a pair of chocolate brown eyes. He slouched back in his chair, not even pretending to do any work as he tapped a beat on his desk with his fingers.

     “Mr. Hargrove. Do you intend to participate in class?” The teacher questioned, crossing her arms. 

    “No. Not really.” He gruffed, mirroring the teacher’s position and crossing his arms over his chest.

The teacher simply rolled her eyes and sneered, returning to her desk. I don’t exactly know what she was talking about when she asked about him participating. She hardly participated in class herself. Her go to was to order us to read a book until the bell rang. I shook my head, returning to the page I left off on.  
    “Hey, doll. Could I borrow a pencil?” A silky voice spoke.

I kept my head down, not thinking anything of it. Nobody ever talked to me in class, and quite frankly, I didn’t want them to. I preferred they didn’t

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I was stalking your yoonseok tags and,, where can i find the video of yoongi trying to pin down hoseok? ;-;

this moment yeah? it’s from that japanese show when bangtan were tasked to wake the other members up. during hoseok’s turn, he chose to roll/get on top of the other members and when he got to yoongi, he hadnt gotten on top just yet but he had his legs over him, so i guess yoongi tried to pin hoseok down then but failed and so hobi got on top eventually 😂

anyway here’s a snippet of only namjoon and hobi’s turn, enjoy!

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Hello! I'm a new army and was wondering what exactly a bts festa was/what they did last year for the festa?? (:

festa is like a countdown to bts’s debut anniversary on the 13th of june where they release content every day starting from the 1st of june in celebration. this was last year’s festa schedule: 

  • 06/01: i know by rapmon and jungkook 
  • 06/02: baepsae dance practice
  • 06/03: festa 2016 photos
  • 06/04: family photoshoot
  • 06/05: hobi’s dance practice
  • 06/07: series of throwback bangtan bombs 
  • 06/08: self-written profiles 
  • 06/09: profiles written by other members
  • 06/10: offical fanclub shooting vid
  • 06/11: eatjin episode
  • 06/12: kkul fm radio show
  • 06/13: livestream of 3rd anniversary party on vlive + young forever unplugged version

(i dont have a link for the 06/10 video bc it was uploaded on the fancafe or the 3rd anniversary party bc it was paid content but this is the highlight video)

take my heart (I don’t need it anyway) (ao3) 7.3k for @extranikiforov

Working in a pet store, Viktor expects many things: crazy dog owners, old cat ladies, escaping hamsters and parrots - everything. He doesn’t, however, expect Yuuri Katsuki. (And neither does Yuuri Katsuki expect Viktor Nikiforov.)

20. ‘You can borrow mine.’ in the 100 ways to say ‘I love you’ series.

There are perks to owning a pet store. One, you are the first person in town to get your hands on a hot deal for your dog. Two, you get to make those hot deals happen if your dog and wallet are in need of them. Three, people bring their animals with them so you get to give free headrubs and sometimes receive a newfound affection in return.

There are also several disadvantages, though, the first being the urge to buy everything in the store for your own dog, the second having to remember to restock and actually doing it, and the third – being responsible enough to keep talking to the customers even when he walks by. He, being black hair and glasses and a passing glance at the photo of puppies on the store’s window.

If you asked Viktor, he couldn’t tell you when he started paying attention to that one man in particular. All he knows is one day the man stopped by the store to pet the dog Viktor’s customer left outside and didn’t leave until the dog was taken away. From then on, Viktor has considered himself lucky if he caught a glance of the man.

Those have always been lovely days.

Those are rare occurrences, though. Mostly, the man runs by Viktor’s store, not even giving it a look.

One day, though… He probably won’t forget that day for the rest of his life. One day the man glances at the window display, then turns his head away—like he always does—and then stops and looks again, eyes wide and staring. It would make Viktor laugh if he weren’t on the other side of that window, falling victim to the thrill that the brown eyes awakened, as though they were staring at him and not at something else entirely.

The man jerks a bit, looks in the direction he was walking in, then back at the window.

“Come in,” Viktor utters under his breath.

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Do you have any fluffy headcannons about how the members of Goat and Kaneki would treat Touka if she's pregnant? XD


  • i need to start with Naki. Imagine Naki being super overprotective of Touka with the silliest things, at first it looks cute but then Touka gets easily irritated because it’s… way too much. If she’s going to take a seat somewhere, he’s like “oohhh!! let me help you manager!!” grabbing her by the arm and helping her sit even if she doesn’t need help. If she tries to make some coffee he’s like “let me do it manager you are pregnant you need to rest,” and she’s like… no, you’re gonna break the cups/machine and he’s pushing her towards the couch “don’t worry manager, i got this” …. 3 min later he breaks almost every mug. Poor Naki just wants to be useful and help the king’s waifu but he’s always messing it up and one day Touka screams at him to leave her alone for once and Naki can’t help but run away and cry. Touka feels super bad after that.
  • Hinami is super sweet all the time, she usually reads books for the baby and she’s always hugging her tummy.
  • Ayato’s face turns into a huge red tomato when Touka invites him to feel the baby with his hand for the first time, at first he’s putting excuses but she grabs his hand and places it on her tummy and he’s literally about to cry
  • the aogiri kids are super excited for the baby and they’re always placing their little ears on Touka’s belly and whenever they see her they suggest new names for the baby.
  • the garden kids are also very protective of Touka just like Naki, they’re always following her around and creating some type of shield around her body to keep her safe, lol.
  • Touka loooooves to use Nishiki as a slave with the excuse of “i’m pregnant, i can’t move, my back hurts, i feel dizzy” so she’s always like “hey, nishiki, make me a coffee. Could you bring me the blanket? i’m cold. Nishiki, go and buy more coffee beans. Hey, pass me the pillow. Nishiki, rub my back a bit, i can’t even move..” and at first he’s trying to remain calm but one day he loses his shit and he’s like I’M NOT YOUR FUCKING MAID and Touka is like ;-; how dare you to scream at a pregnant woman… for Nishiki’s bad luck, Yomo and Ayato where there when he screamed at her so yeah, rip nishiki.
  • Tsukiyama buys a ridiculous amount of baby clothes almost every day, he always comes to her with almost 10 bags of super expensive garment and Touka doesn’t have more space left to put all the bags. 
  • Koma can’t stop dreaming of the day the baby borns to finally have someone willing to hear all his Devil Ape stories. 

enjoy reading this because it’s never going to happen and the baby will die, adios! *flies away*

The World Is Ours

This is just something mediocre to make up for the fact that it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. Enjoy!

Justin stands at the other side of the room, his back straight and the black suit and tie clinging to him perfectly. My heart attempts to escape my ribcages whenever I look at him wearing such a thing, but I’d much rather he be wearing jeans and a T-shirt, just because I know he’d be more comfortable. He nods and smiles every now and then in response to the nonsense leaving the mouth of the man that stands close by him.

I know the smile is fake. It’s tight and hard and doesn’t touch his eyes. I watch in adoration when he licks his lips or bites down on his bottom lip, or runs a hand through his hair, I know he’s not even aware he’s doing any of these things.

Justin I both strongly dislike either of our parent’s parties, in fact, we spend many nights laid in bed and suggesting all the scenarios we could create that could get us out of them. But here we are. Again. 

“Oh, [Y/N]!” A voice bellows from the crowd of people dressed in fancy outfits, all of the faces secretly turning their noses up at everyone who so much as brushes their shoulder up against their own.

The voice is nasally and I would assume whoever is calling my name currently has the misfortune of a minor illness if I didn’t know the voice all too well.

“Amanda,” I say through gritted teeth. “How are you?” I ask while turning to my right to face her.

The woman stood before me is a close family friend. She thinks just because she happened to be close with my parents at one point in her life, she has the responsibility of making conversation with me whenever our paths meet. Her hair is cut perfectly and hugs her face. The deep red colour shines through every strand and sways almost in slow motion when she moves her head.

“I’m wonderful,” she slurs. “What about you, dear? What’s new with you?”

Even as she says this, I can guess she’s lying through her teeth. There’s a high chance her husband is cheating on her, and her, on her husband. She’s probably drowning in debt and her children wish they’d never been born. Despite this, she hides it with a smile.

“I’ve been fairly good, thank you,” I say and smile politely. “Not much is new but I’m just trying to appreciate every day.” I try to hold the smile on my face as she nods with a bored look in her eye.

“Rumour has it, you’ve got yourself a boyfriend,” Amanda grins and reaches an arm out as though to touch me, but thinks more of it and withdraws her claws.

‘I didn’t think that was so hard to believe but yes, I do.” I shift uncomfortably in my heels and feel my hand sweating around the wine glass. I alternated it between my hands and wiped my palms against my dress.

“.. Tell me about him,” she says quietly and sips her wine. I can see a red lipstick stain around the rim.

Justin pops into my mind without me having to make an effort. I suppress a smile and find the floor to be quite interesting. “Well, his name is Justin and we met a few years ago at college. He’s somewhere around here, actually.”

“I’d love to meet him.” She’s glancing around the room, and it’s painfully obvious she’s searching for a new target to make her own. I stay quiet and wait to see how long it takes before she disappears.

Eventually, I see her catch sight of her husband at the bar. She waves me off with a forced smile before her heels are click-click-clicking across the floor and through the crowd.

Sighing, I look around the room. People are smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves, sipping wine and making conversation. I tap my nails against the glass and enjoy the sound.

My shoes are the next to click against the floor while I make my way over to the long length table backed up against the wall. All sorts of food has been spread across it and I can feel my stomach rumbling at the sight.

“‘Scuse me, kind woman,” someone says - with a distinctly fake-posh accent - from directly behind me. “Would you mind joining me in a delightful conversation about the ten different yachts I own, and how I went backpacking through Antarctica last year? And let’s not forget about how I own five houses in five different states in America.”

“You suck at accents,” I laugh and crane my neck to see Justin grinning down at me. “What even was that?”

“What? That? Oh, just my imitation of just about everyone in this room.” He rolls his eyes and takes a sip of his half-empty glass of wine. “I’m surprised to see muffins and cookies being served here. I thought it’d be all scones and fancy cakes.”

“Me too,” I say while taking a cookie from the silver platter. I break it in half and feel crumbs fall into the palms of my hand. “Want some?”

Feeling Justin’s closeness, I turn to look at him once more. His mouth is parted and it allows me to see his tongue laying low. His breath is hot against my face. I break the cookie into smaller segments and drop a piece into Justin’s awaiting mouth. Crunching noises ring through my ear, and a sweet kiss lands underneath my right ear after the sound comes to a halt.

“I don’t care how stuck up these people are, they make good cookies,” he mutters quietly and it causes a buzz through my neck that lingers for a few seconds.

While he’s busy crunching down on the remaining cookie, Justin is dragged away by a man I’ve never seen, but is apparently familiar to Justin because I see a small sigh leave his lips. Justin kisses my cheek and squeezes my hand before letting go and making his way through the crowd with reluctance.

I’m left alone once more, surrounded by bodies and feeling out of place. I stroll around the room and listen in to small segment of different people’s conversations; they range from cars to time shares to housing, to holidays in the Caribbean. I end up leaning against the wall in the far side of the room.

It takes another hour or so before I see Justin again, having been dragged into encounters of my own with people I barely know.

When Justin makes an appearance, he comes in close and grips my hand with his. I’m pleased to see him and I smile instantly.

“Let’s go,” he says and I frown in confusion.

“What? Whe-“

“Let’s leave right now, anywhere you wanna go. I can’t stand another five minutes with these people. This isn’t us. We’re not classy or fancy; we sit at home eating pizza and watching Netflix, we hit the stores at midnight looking for cookie dough, we sit on hotel balconies and feel each other up. I want all of that, not this.”

He didn’t have to say anything else to win me over; I’d been feeling the exact same all night.

“Are you in?” he asks and watches me hopefully. I waste no time and nod, and before I can comprehend, my hand is prisoner to Justin’s and we’re gliding in and out of the crowd. I manage to drop my wine glass on the buffet table without spilling anything as I glide passed the it.

Thankfully, we manage to make our way to the door without being noticed or stopped as I thought we would have. I can’t see either of our parents ready to stop us from fleeing either, and this causes a rush of hope to shoot through me that makes me grab the door handle and slide out before Justin does the same.

Almost in a flash, all of the commotion and noise I had to endure over the course of the night disappears. I wonder if I’ve momentarily gone deaf until Justin coughs gently and crushes my rising worry. The night is cold and I can see our warm breath escaping into the night. Justin’s hand keeps my own warm while the rest of my body shivers.

“Where to?” I ask while he’s already busy pulling me down the drive of my parent’s house and across the street. It’s quite late, meaning there’s no one in sight. The street looks frighteningly lifeless.

“Anywhere, just somewhere we can be together,” he replies and his breath flies towards me but disappears before it can touch me.

We end up at a 24-hour store by Justin’s request, his argument being he was hungry, despite having just scoffed anything he could find on the buffet. I didn’t object because I knew I had just enough money in my bag for a drink; my throat was burning for something other than overpriced wine.

The store was the only source of light on the street, it was getting darker by the minute and the streetlights were either broken or not on a schedule and had been abandoned for the night. Either way, I had that familiar thankfulness you feel when you see artificial lights and life after all you’ve seen is darkness for a long period of time. It was comforting.

Behind the counter however, was a man who didn’t seem very happy he was working the night shift. He looked half-dead as we walked through the automatic doors and made no effort to adjust himself to appear friendly.

Justin’s hand had been holding my own all the way to the store, but as soon as we were walking down the aisle full of food, his fingers slid away from my own.

“God, I’m starving,” he mutters while grabbing anything in his sight from the shelves. It’s not long before he’s cradling his items in his arms and walking towards the counter.

Meanwhile, I grab a bottle of water from the chilled section while trailing Justin like a puppy. The packaging crinkles loudly as Justin drops his things and I place my bottle down quietly. The cashier doesn’t look impressed and sighs heavily before straightening up.

Once we’ve paid, and the cashier has received a long, hard stare from Justin after asking him if he’d like a bag, we’re back out in the cool air and strolling off into the darkness. The bag rustles and disturbs the quiet but Justin doesn’t seem to care.

“Where to now?” I ask.

“Wherever we want, babygirl. The world is ours. I just want to be with you,” Justin replies, my heart would have been beating a lot faster if he wasn’t busy rummaging through his bag for the packet of Oreos he’d just bought.

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I know it's almost the end of fear friday, but I'm gonna prompt anyways. Also, awesome blog!!! post-CW Tony and Peter are together, and he has joined the Guardians in space. They have become his 2nd family. But he's waiting for them to leave him eventually cause he thought the Avengers were his family and look what happened there.

Thank you so much ! :)


“Tony i need your help.” says Peter when the monster comes directly towards him.

“Kinda busy myself Starlord.” replies Tony and flies around the monster. It looks like a octopus but its green and really slushy. Tony hates it.

Monster in space are even weirder than on earth.

“Tony for real…” begins Peter but then the monster buries him under one of his…tentacles and Peter is gone. Tony screams at that and the next moment the monster gets him, too.

It takes every one of Tonys weapons to kill it and then Tony sinks to the ground.

“Petey?” he asks worried but there is now answer.

“What the fuck happened?” says Rocket who lands next to him. Tony shrugs. He can’t speak.

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah i know i saw it but i don’t believe it.” says Rocket to Groot and Tony leaves his suit. He runs around, looking for Peter.

“Guys! I got him. He is here.” says Gamora and Tony sees how Drax help her to get the tentacle away from Peter.

Peters eyes are closed and Tonys heart stops. Oh god. This is his fault!

“We need to take him to the ship.” says Gamora and Drax carries Peter. Tony feels numb. He follows them but doesn’t say anything.

“Do you feel his pulse?” asks Drax when Gamora check it and she nods. But she looks still so worried.

Nobody speaks to Tony when they go back to their ship.

Tony knows why. He fucked up. Again.


Half an hour later Tony is in his room on the milano and packs his things. He is going to leave. It was his fault and even if Peter is not dead he is only hurt because of him.

Tony wanted to face the monster and shot it down. That why he didn’t help Peter. But thats a ridiculous excuse.

There is a knock on his door and Tony looks up as Yondu comes in.

“Hey son.” he says and then sits down on Tonys bed. Yondu is kinda Peters father and he will definitely beat Tony up for that stunt.

“Hi.” mumbles Tony back. Sometimes (only when he is alone and had a bad nightmare) Tony images that Yondu is like father for him, too. Well technically he is his father-in-law.

He is not sure how old Yondu is exactly but he always treats Tony really well. That is going to change now.

“So you wanna leave?” asks Yondu and points at Tonys suitcase.

Tony nods at that and Yondu sighs.

“Why?” asks Yondu and Tony can’t help but sniff at that. He doesn’t want to cry in front of Yondu.

“Look son. I know you feel bad about what happened to Peter. And believe me when i say that he will be okay. He is sleeping but you can go see him if you want.” says Yondu and Tony looks still at his suitcase.

“I…hurt him.” whispers Tony when the first tear falls on one of his shirts.

“No you didn’t. The monster did.” says Yondu and he sounds really carefully. Its almost strange.

“Why don’t you hate me?” says Tony then and Yondu laughs.

“Because your are my family.” says Yondu and shrugs.

Tony snorts.

“We are all family here. And sometimes bad things happen in a family, but that only makes us stronger you know? I know that Peter can’t talk about his feelings very well. He gets that from me. But i know that he isn’t angry at you. And he wouldn’t want you to leave.” says Yondu and Tony looks at him.

He is still crying and Yondu smiles sadly at him.

“I had a family once.” whispers Tony then. He is not talking about his parents, because that wasn’t a real family.

But the avengers. And he fucked that up. They left because of him.

“They didn’t deserve you. But Peter is much happier with you and i know that you are happy here, too. So don’t run away because of one mistake. God knows how many i made and Peter is still saving my ass on a daily basis.” laughs Yondu and he holds his arms out.

Its rare that Yondu does that. But Tony loves his hugs. He cuddles into him and breathes.

“Thank you.” he says and Yondu just laughs.

“Peter also gave me that for you.” says Yondu and holds up a paper. It just says ‘Yes i still love you, asshole’ with a smiley face. Tony laughs.

When they had their first fight as a couple Tony had said that he would only believe Peter if he wrote his ‘i love you’ down as proof. It was a silly thought but since then Peter does it every time.

“He still loves me.” says Tony and he pets the paper carefully. Then he puts it on his wall. Yondu laughs.

“I can’t believe i’m saying this but we all love you, you damn human idiot.” grins Yondu and Tony sticks his tongue out at him.

“And now get your ass over to Peter!” says Yondu and Tony runs out of his room.

Yondu shakes his head at the boy and starts packing his things back in the cupboard. What a mess.

Space Jam (Peter QuillxReader)

Florescent lights flickered above while a fan buzzed on the edge of the counter. Too bad the fan wasn’t loud enough to drown out the music playing over the loud speakers. You sat behind the register, feet propped up and flipping through the latest Rolling Stone magazine. The manager walked out of her tiny office purse in hand ready to leave, much to your relief. She was only two years older than you but she liked to talk to you as if you were a child. She had air of smugness about her and it all came from that plastic rectangle on her shirt that read “manager”. Eyeing your boots resting on the counter she quickly rushed over to you.

“(y/n) what have I told you about putting your feet on the counter?” she gasped. “It’s completely unsanitary and looks totally unprofessional! What if someone came in and saw you like this?”

As if on cue, a man wearing a maroon leather jacket and orange headphones walked in. Your manager’s eyes went wide with horror as she witnessed the customer coming in. He, however, paid no attention to her and instead turned his attention to you. He gave you a wide smile, which you returned, and made his way to the classic rock section.

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Could you possibly do numbers 130 and 70 with Jaime please?

Sure (ps. I would love some more Jaime requests ^.^ )

Originally posted by dcvertigodaily

You carried your last box towards your room on the 5th floor. As you made the trek, you could hear buzzing come up behind you. “I’m fine Jaime, you said without even turning around. “How’d you know it was me?”, he asked catching up with you. “Well Gar’s downstairs and you’re the only other person who ‘buzzes’ when he flies”, you replied. The two of you rounded the corner and you almost dropped your box. Jaime took it from you and lifted it onto his shoulder.

I’ll carry it”, he reassured you.

You let him carry the box as you two got to the end of the hall which was where your room was located. “If something happens to my box Reyes, I will drop kick you into next week”, you threatened as you opened the door. You were still in the process of moving in so everything was bit chaotic. “What could possibly happen?”, he laughed. He immediately ate his words as he tripped over a stray hanger and dropped the box. Whatever was in it sounded like it shattered and you smacked your forehead in frustration. “Oh (Y/N), I am so sorry”, he said frantically. His face was completely red with embarrassment. “Good, I hope you feel bad”, you said waving a finger at him. You opened up the box and the damage wasn’t as bad as you thought. The handle of your favorite mug had fallen off but that was an easy fix. “You’re in luck. Nothing seems to be irreversibly damaged”, you said picking up the box. He let out a breath and seemed to pull himself together.

“You’re lucky because I had every intention to blast to you into next year.”

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I did not see you going for a Daniel break at all, but I can see you need it. That's all you mostly gif and like you say as much as you love him must be tiring.

Giffing Daniel is still a joy and as you can see, I like doing it when the content is new and fresh like the Innisfree Christmas CF, but doing the countdown is tiring because of all the scrounging and compiling that needs to be done for each set. 

I’ve been lucky that I have a lot of gifs I can use from previous sets but these are all the new gifs I’ve made just for the countdown up to L:

It’s been hard thinking of words that a) represent Daniel, b) start with the specific letter I need, and c) has enough content related to it to make an 8-10 set with. I think I sometimes forget that Daniel’s only really been in the spotlight for 7 months and the amount of content there is of him isn’t that much. (TBH, I’m amazed there’s enough content of him in really only 4 months for me to make ~234 gifs of him. Damn, now that I put an actual number to it, that’s a shitton of gifs orz)

But I will say that this experience is good for me as a content creator and as a fan. And although I love Jaebum as much, if not more than Daniel, I don’t think I’ll be ready for another countdown like this for a while ;-;

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h-hey there -shyly peeks around corner- do you have any plans on continuing your superman au comic that was left in the frame with oikawa and iwa laying on the ground? i'm so anxious if oikawa is okay there. also ;; your d. gray-man comic is really nice~ Tamashi is a cutie <3

THANK YOU SO MUCH…:!!!  Tamashi is a cute potatoe (●´□`)♡

Everything so far from the superman au will be pulled together in a doujinshi in which the rest of the plot will be continued until the second part is finished!!!     (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ As it is, I left the superman au at the end of the first part (I myself can’t believe I made it so far lmao)… so the comic/artbook will contain first + second part (not drawn yet) + character sheets + environment + concept art! 

Thank you so much!! (/∇\//) I don’t know about the price yet but i’ll be less than 30 usd hopefully!! A4 size!! As for the pages i have yet to decide how I want to format it…..!!! THANK /YOU/ FOR BEING AWESOME!!!

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Why aren't we talking about the fact that Sherlock has heard John sing, and that he liked it?


SHERLOCK (pointing towards [JOHN] as he heads back along the room): And John’s great, too! Haven’t said that enough. Barely scratched the surface. I could go on all night about the depth and complexity of his … jumpers …
(John closes his eyes in disbelief. Out on the floor Sherlock is pacing and turning back and forth, peering at each of the male guests and their imaginary tags.)
SHERLOCK: … and he can cook. Does … a … thing … thing with peas …
SHERLOCK: … once. Might not be peas. Might not be him. But he’s got a great singing voice … or somebody does.


The fact that he brought it up in his best man speech (albeit unintentionally) is so telling! The portion that it is in was literal verbal diarrhea Sherlock was spewing… I honestly don’t think he realized he was doing it; Sherlock was an emotional mess on John’s wedding day, and then he’s suddenly forced to solve a case while also discovering he’s in love with John… it’s a bit much for poor Sherlock to deal with.

Here’s what we can infer: Sherlock actually likes John’s jumpers, so much so that he has CATEGORIZED them in his mind palace. He likes John’s cooking, especially either the “thing with peas” OR the thing John does with his peas (which, if you follow the link, is so ridiculously adorable that Sherlock likes that about John I can’t EVEN with them right now). And he’s heard and loved John’s singing voice.

Poor Sherlock… He has so many thought about John on any given day, that on the one day he’s allowed to vocalize it without seeming suspicious… he still ends up talking about things he always hides. 

He’s got it bad for John. I love and hate Sherlock so much. I just want them happy.

3x23 missing scene fic - Rebound dress

Summary: Felicity doesn’t know what to pack for the roadtrip with Oliver. He ends up helping her, and in result he finds the black dress she wore to a double date with Barry.

Tagging: olicitykisses sentence-fragments redpendreaming snowssmoak diggo26 alsaheemsmoak thebelovedsaralance (special thanks to Anna for letting me use the ‘rebound dress’ phrase) (anyone else wants to read my lousy attempts at fic writing?)

She was standing in front of her wardrobe with a crease between her eyebrows. It was a crease created by concentration and frustration. She had a huge dilemma. The dilemma was a courtesy of no other than Oliver Queen. “Damn him and his secrets.” Felicity cursed under her breath her new boyfriend.

As if on cue, someone knocked on the door and she got yanked from her thoughts. “Coming!” she yelled as she walked to open the door. “Oh, you will be.” a low growl and a cheeky smirk welcomed her when she finally opened. She actually froze with her mouth hanging and she couldn’t gather herself to reply. Oliver Queen. Dropping sexual innuendos.

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Notes - Wolfstar One Shot

Whether it be muggle school or wizarding school, middle school or seventh year, kids will always pass notes.

Remus’ hand is nudged by a piece of parchment. He glances sideways at James, whom stares at the blackboard ahead. Remus takes the note from him and reads it.

When are you and Padfoot going to fuck already?

Remus feels his face heat up as he scribbles a quick response.

What are you on about?

James raises his eyebrows as he reads.

Don’t play dumb. Even Peter has noticed the tension between you two. <3 it’s okay to be gay <3

Remus let’s out a laugh, but quickly covers it with a cough. James laughs when Remus does because James thinks he’s so damn funny.

There’s nothing going on with us

Yeah, well, there should be. P.S. You didn’t say I was wrong.

I know, but Sirius just… Isn’t gay. He’s all the time with girls.

When Remus passes this note, one is thrown on his desk. He pulls open the crumpled up ball of paper to read it.

Has James asked if you were gay yet? If not, are you gay for Sirius? - Peter

“Unbelievable,” Remus mutters embarrassed.


Remus spins around and nails Peter on his forehead with the note.

When he looks back at his desk there are three more notes.

So you like Sirius? - Lily

What’s so funny? Did James ask if you’re gay for Sirius? - Marlene

Remus groans and write a quick response to those before reading the one from James.

Maybe he’s with so many girls to distract himself.

Maybe he’s straight.

Maybe you’re just a weenie.

Before Remus can write a response, Peter’s note comes flying back.

HA. BUT YOU ARE. YOU’RE A WEENIE WHO LIKES WEENIE! (But seriously, just ask him out)

Remus doesn’t have time to respond because Lily’s, Alice’s, and one from Frank fall on top of that one.

Annoyed and embarrassed, Remus crumbles them all up and throws them in the bin. When he’s walking back to his desk from the bin, Sirius slips a note into his pocket.

When Remus returns to his seat, he reads it under the desk.

Everyone’s right. You should stop being a weenie and ask me out already.

Remus turns scarlet and falls forward so his head lands on the table with a loud thud. In an instant, there are little notes burry him. When Remus sits up, the papers slide of of him, and Remus turns to look at Sirius.

Sirius, who’s attention was on the board, turns, gives Remus and wink, and goes back to the board.

More notes come flying, but Remus only replies to Sirius.

Word flies quick.

No, this was just my elaborate way of getting you to ask me out. I’ve been waiting for a while, but turns out you’re too weenie.

Why don’t you ask me out?

Because I want you to. P.S. I’m actually pretty fucking gay.

“Fine,” Remus says loudly turning to face Sirius, “Will you go out with me?”