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I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  

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"I bet if I let my doves go, they'd immediately try to nest in your hair."

“…did you just seriously break into my room to tell me this?” Not that he minded the other’s presence but why?? He’s had Reborn sit on his head plenty of times. A few birds here and there did like his hair too much but- “Please tell me you’re not actually going to let your birds free to see if they do or not.”

I don’t even remember which one that was I just know I tolerated them up until they started naming them after the characters even if they were like….super formulaic and repetitive

I’m watching it right now also unfortunately Fang is not that attractive

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Drake whistled as he walked into the bathroom, unknowing to him, Nami was already in there. Already with his shirt off, Drake pulled the shower curtain as his life flashed before his eyes.

As soon as Nami realized that someone was peeping on her… again, her first instinct was to summon a thundercloud like she had with Brook and Sanji-kun.  When she saw it was the dragon boy, she saw a financial opportunity.  “Dra~ke,” the navigator singsonged before turning dead serious.  “That’ll be 100,000 beli.” 

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after reading the novelization and the part where bodhi obviously lies to cassian about how he met galen, how do think is the REAL way they met?

I’m torn tbh. Like, on one hand, I could believe a more or less casual, more or less professional encounter that’s just less cheerful than what Bodhi’s telling Cassian - like maybe Bodhi heard something he shouldn’t have about the weapons development, or he happened upon a moment of “you’re still a hostage here” style humiliation for Galen, or maybe he just kind of had a crush and kept staring at Galen whenever he was in the vicinity??? (The last is what I went with in my fic.) BUT, part of me wants something really ridiculously iddy, like Galen catches Bodhi crying because he knows what they’re doing is wrong but has no one to talk to/figure stuff out with.

Either way, I know exactly how I think it continued, which is with Galen seducing Bodhi to the Rebellion, emotionally and physically. That whole “all you have to do is ask, Bodhi Rook” part is A M A Z I N G and I think about it constantly. How early did Galen let Bodhi in re: the terribleness of the weapon??? Because Bodhi obviously never got the ultimate secret of the weakness, but the existence of the Death Star at ALL is incredibly highly classified, and Galen’s been practicing this slow, careful sabotage for years. So I like to think that when he finally told Bodhi what was really going on, it was this horribly fraught thing for both of them. AND THEN THEY BANG.


Yesterday, I posted asking you guys what you suggested using for digital notes: Evernote or OneNote. 

First of all, thank you to vestigial vicissitude​, livebodybeautiful, navigating notes​,  happy-little-rose, tiptoe dreams​ & samirah93 for replying.

After reading your responses and playing around with both apps for a while, I decided OneNote would probably work best for me. I like the hierarchy, modification options and all around aesthetic and functionality of OneNote more.

So, I decided for the next semester, I will use OneNote for my finalised digital lecture & textbook notes. So, I set up a notebook titled “Classes’ and created sections for each class I’m taking this semester. Once the semester begins, each lecture and corresponding chapter(s) will be one page. I feel like this is way more organised than keeping endless folders of word files, so I’m excited to see how it works out. Pictured above are screenshots of how OneNote looks on my 3 primary devices: my laptop, iPad and phone. 

All in all, I haven’t actually used OneNote for my notes yet, but from what I’ve seen so far I think it’s definitely worth looking into for anyone who likes to type up their notes. 


PLEASE REPLY ONLY after reading to show preference and support, this is VERY IMPORTANT  because otherwise I can’t see how many people agree :’D

Feel free to still like tho :’D

Thank you all so much for the support shown for the metal badge designs! I’ve encountered some problems but I still wish to make the badges, so please read the below closely on details on all the designs, and IF I CAN RECEIVE ENOUGH REPLIES I will open a PREORDER for the badges!

There will be a LOT of reading, but I want to make sure ppl who want to buy know what they’re In for :D

(also me a my horrible photoshopping for the sake of examples X’D, but the photos are from the manufacturers :D)


For those unfamiliar with how metal badges are made, depending on the design, it differs. For the PERSONA 5 MASK badges and the BERSERK ARMOUR badges, they require a 3D mould to be made, then it’s filled with metal to make the badge and polish etc for the finished product. The problem is, the mould is QUITE expensive :’D

For the PERSONA SCHOOL EMBLEM badges, the problems is in the detail of the design. It will be quite difficult to show all the different details and colour differences in the designs.

DETAILS on how i’m going to go about it below! Thank you of your support!


Before I was hoping to make all these badges semi-3D, represented in the way I shaded the designs, However due to there being 9 different mask designs, I will need to make the design flat instead (eye cut hole maybe be possible but not definite). However I’m still planning on keeping antique gold. Here is an example:

Maybe later when I have more experience I might do a remake of them being semi 3D, but this is as much as I can afford so far. Due to the process being  quite expensive, a single badge will be around $20, tho there may be bundle prices please understand that I’ve really lowered it as much as I could >x<

Will people still be interested in this? please REPLY to the post :D (if not, I may have to postpone this design, tho I do plan on making it sometime)


Similar to the Persona 5 Masks, I wish it to be semi 3D. And since it only a 2 badge series, I DO plan on making these 2 semi 3D. HOWEVER, due to these ones being slightly bigger as well as being 3d, the Mould for it will be a LOT more expensive than the Persona 5 ones. a single badge will be around $25-30 and there will be bundle prices but really please understand the Berserk badges will be the most expensive to make out of the three, and I wish to make it good quality, therefore the prices.

Below is at example of the material I want to use, as well a an example of the kind of semi 3D:

Like with P5, will people still be interested in this? please REPLY to the post :D (if not, I may have to postpone this design, tho I do plan on making it sometime)


As mentioned, the design for this is very colourful, so the detail and colour accuracy may not show on the metal badge version.  I’m still currently looking for a place that can go through with the detail. I was planning on making it like the example below:

Where the badge is completely flat showing a clean metal image with the gold or silver rims depending on the design.

HOWEVER, if it isn’t possible I may go with a few different options:

  • SIMPLIFY THE DESIGN (which I’d rather not tbh :’D) around $20
  • MAKE AS ACRYLIC CHARM (which i may do first and release the metal versions later) cheaper so around $8-12
  • PRINTED METAL BADGE (chances of this is high, as it can still show the details, but doesn’t have the same sheen as metal, an example below) around $20

(my sakuma keychain :’D)

PLEASE REPLY ONLY to show pick an option, otherwise I don’t know what people prefer!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE > < I know it’s very bothersome to have to read through all this and even reply, but please understand this is my first time doing this and I really want to make sure a good final product can come out of this ^_^


I got a surprise letter from two Polish readers called Dana and Julia today, and they sent me these adorable “Do Not Kill Nick Nygård” and “Do Not Kill Warden” posters! Ladies, thank you so much for your lovely letter – it made my day. I wish you all the best with your writing.

(I’m not making any promises about anyone’s fate, because I am a Heartless Author, but I’ll still be putting these up in my office.)

To anyone else who has written to me in the last few months: I’m sorry for not getting back to you – I’ve been so busy with working on my high fantasy manuscript and The Bone Season that I haven’t even opened them yet, as I prefer to reply straight after reading. Hopefully I’ll have some time to sit down and start opening them soon.