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That gifset of Dean and Cas is so much better when you realize that's the first time Cas saw Dean's face

whoa hey friend i didn’t need these emotions today

cries bc of the headcanon this is the first time cas sees dean’s human face

and its just as beautiful and radiant as his soul


Some more of those expressions! I’ve been on a bit of a lineless kick lately so that’s been…happening…

I think this is the last of them, guys! If anyone didn’t see their ask, then either tumblr ate it or it was a repeat of one I already did ^_^ Thanks for everyone who sent some, they were good practice!

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Just a wondering by any chance you ship todobaku ? That last art of the cape was really cute I'll take it full heart seriously !!! Because it was too adorable to not do so ; 3 ;

No. Just no.

Now let’s be clear once and for all with this on my blog because I had a lot of messages and ask on a lot of different ships et I’m not even talking about the ridiculous amount of “tododeku” tags my posts got. ( ⚆ _ ⚆ );

Ships don’t bother me, people do what they want and so do I, thus I rather avoid any ship. Now some of my comics might be interpreted as a ship material (I understand) but please keep in mind everything is for comedy purpose and if some characters might appear more together (like Todoroki and Midoriya) it’s as simple as they are my fav’ characters!

Now don’t worry, it might sound a bit like I’m annoyed but I’m not (else I wouldn’t even reply in the first place). I just… haha… I want to make it clear please stop asking for weird couple/ship doodles or ask me if I have ships (I don’t) because my comics look weird! But you’re free to interprete it of course, off comments makes me laugh too sometime!

Thank you~
Have a nice day!

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I'm just imagining youngviktor with a cute custom poodle lunchbox/bento box full of Russia foods (Idk specifics on those I'm from an English rock)

Heck yeah, Viktor would have that! Viktor had that and the first lunchbox that came out with him on it. I don’t think he would’ve had a bento box (That’s mostly in Japan?? Yes??), but young!Viktor had all those other things :)

StillOldbutSlightlyYounger!Yakov had to take him shopping for them.

“This is what you want?” The shopkeeper asks, looking into the gruff face of the man across the tall counter. “Shopping for your grandchild?”

“Son,” Yakov takes to snapping back, because it’s easier to say that to complete strangers than “here is my prodigy skater, Viktor Nikiforov, he’s thirteen and has scraped together the money for this lunchbox from his piggy bank and his earnings from the last national skating competition, where he blew the competition away.” Much simpler. Much cleaner, to say my son.

Viktor always lingers by the chocolates on shopping trips, a few paces away. He doesn’t look like he’s paying any attention. Sometimes that’s painfully true. Other times, like now, Yakov realizes he’s straining to hear every word.

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I've been feeling depressed, do you recommend any happy and/or cute Destiel fics for a cheer up?

im sorry i couldnt answer this sooner anon! i’ve had a busy couple of days and i wanted to make sure i put in the time to give you some good recs :)

here are a couple cute ficlets i’ve read recently:

Under the Hood, 3k ~ Dean works on a car for Cas.

Two Boys, One Desk, 1.5k ~ Dean vs. Castiel, popular jock vs. aloof nerd, in a vicious battle over the only left-handed desk in the social theory classroom.

Dr. Sexy, M.D. 2k ~ Dean Winchester is a cop, shot in the line of duty. Enter Doctor Castiel Novak, Doctor Sexy, MD.

Invisible Faces, 5k ~ Following a fight with his brother and the sale of his family’s business, Dean rents a new house and befriends the man next door he’s never seen. (a little angsty but very sweet and heartfelt)

aaaaaand I can’t let this opportunity pass for a shameless self-plug:

Holy Trinity Series, 37k ~ A college au turned established relationship au with lots of fluff and friends and love :)

And of course, can’t go wrong with destiel fanfic’s fluff page

Happy reading! :D

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How's your week been?

My week’s been filled with people giving me their souls willingly blessings from plenty of people, among other nice things. I hope yours is being just as lovely <3

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Your JoJo art gives me a sort of chill feeling?? I don't know why but your art just looks so smooth and peaceful that I just really love it!!! I love all your art honestly, especially the GioMis ones! Do you have any GioMis headcanons?? Besides that, I hope you have a great day and that everything goes great for you !!! 💙💛💚💜

Ahhh!! Thank you so much!!! I’m glad you think so because that’s the kind of mood I try go for for most of my art;;;;;

And I love giomis so much thank you for asking omg;;; Um let’s see… here are some fun light-hearted headcanons:

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People use death of the author to talk about racial, consent and DLC issues in ASOIAF, but they also use the authorial intent to explain why the series is optimistic in spite of its darkness. How do you personally reconcile those two views?

Textual analysis. My starting and ending point always lies with the text and what it’s telling me. I never have a conscious method of reading when I start a book; I do not go in deciding that everything that the author says does not count, or, alternatively, seeing his interviews as something that trumps the actual text. It’s the text that has my attention and that forms my understanding of the author’s point. More often than not, when I say “GRRM makes a point” or “GRRM argues” it’s not a direct quote from Martin that I’m relying on but rather the themes and motifs he is depicting in his story, which is what I personally use to argue that yes, asoiaf is not grimdark but is actually a rather hopeful story. It’s not a matter of authorial intent as much as it is a matter of analyzing the text itself. I don’t know what Martin said about what kind of story asoiaf is (I’ve never finished So Spake Martin and I’m very bad at following his interviews or retaining much information when I do read them) I’m simply sitting here with the text, trying to pull threads together and connect them to bigger overarching themes. Understanding Martin’s writing patterns and what kind of writer he is certainly informs my understanding of the text, but it does not overpower it. Personally, I use Martin’s comments as a complementary addendum to the source material since he offers some additional info or puts some events into perspective. But if what the text is telling me does not match what he is telling me it was meant to convey, though, you bet everything I’m going with the text. The text is what matters.

Usually, when the writer is good, it would be rare to find points of incompatibility between what they meant to convey with their writing, and what they actually wrote. Martin is very, very good and thus there aren’t many instances of incompatibility, but they are a few. For example, he is not the best with dealing with consent issues, so when he doubles down on the claim that, unlike how it was portrayed on the show, Dany’s relationship with Drogo was not rape, I’m sure as hell not going to prioritize what he is saying over the text that, quite clearly, frames it as rape. Dany was 13, a child by even in-universe standards, sold into a marriage that she begged her brother not to go through with. She told Drogo no repeatedly and only acquiesced after he continued touching her despite her objections till she was aroused. That’s not consensual sex. Dany was not even capable of consenting to sex because she was 13. For someone who did such a good job with depicting how traumatizing Cersei’s rape of Lancel was and who framed it as very, very wrong, it is disappointing that he continues to dance around the fact that Dany was raped by Drogo. But no matter what he says, I’m going with the text.

That said, there are things in the books that garner criticism that actually can’t be attributed to an argument between death of the author vs authorial intent, such as the Dead Ladies Club. What even is Martin’s authorial intent here? What did he want to tell us, that these women did not matter? It’s not a question of the death of the author, it’s that Martin portrayed these women as mere vessels, as victims, as idolized versions of who they were, but never bothered to flesh them out or give them a voice or any interiority. Similarly, the racist writing frequently shown in Dany’s story, and to a lesser extent, in Dorne isn’t due to Martin trying to make a point and failing, but rather uncritical and casual usage of racist tropes prevalent in several genres. I find it difficult to talk about authorial intent here because while I believe Martin did not mean to impregnate his writing with these implications, I don’t see a point to what he actually wrote. Authorial intent isn’t a magical excuse to be used to argue that the author did not intend for X story to come across that bad or with these problematic implications, it’s about the author trying to convey a meaning or a point with his writing that we’re meant to pick up on. I fail to see what Martin meant to say when he wrote the Dothraki or the Ghiscari, or when his portrayal of the Dead Ladies club boiled down to “she died”.