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An excitable and small, or low, mon was talking to Star.  It complimented her possible mothering temperament, then immediately asked an unrelated question.  Interesting.  A bit confusing.  But not unpleasant.

“Hmm. Thank you. I hope you are right.”

She took a moment to quickly finish her snack

“A… hobby? Ah. Hmmm, I do not have one.  I have never had time for one. But, I may now? … What do you do for a hobby?  Maybe that would suit me.”



“Brother gifted it to me to hold work things, and to help my pouch feel less empty.  I have been unable to find… a willing sire to create my own yet.“

Star slowly swiveled her ears as she thought about the question

“Hmm.  I think… I think I have heard mother mention some of our kind not requiring a mate?  I’m sorry I’m unsure.  It has been a long time since she taught me things.  Ever since I left her pouch and went to live in fathers herd.  I haven’t really been around my kind since…”

“But… But, it is something i’d like to know as well.  If I find out, I can find you to let you know? That is.. if you want… I don’t want to bother you.”



“Um… please don’t? Why would you even- I mean. I don’t even know you…”

No… no this wasn’t The Boss. Though they were the same species.  Maybe.  Something felt a bit off. Though she knew their kind could easily change anything about themselves.   

Star also knew her employers race was incredibly rare, and that the odds of meeting more were heavily against her. Yet here this one was.  

“Ah… And yes, I do.  Many actually.  MANY.  Mother has been around a very long time, and her pouch is never empty.  I have only met a few of them… But that’s supposed to change with my new job!  Whatever it is…”

“…What about you? Do you have any siblings?”