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hi kat! hope you're having a great day ♥ could u pls make a gif from 'fire' mv with namjoon and hoseok doing the 'SO WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT' thing? i need a reaction gif so badly lol. thank u ♥

here you go lol

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phantom of the opera except instead of the overture it's george michael's careless whisperer when they arrive in the lair

I’m in tears. Even better if the phantom has somehow constructed a robotic sexy sax man to stand in the corner and gently play the saxophone tune 😂

@kyluxtrashcompactor said: I love you got heckled for your first order wear.  It’s like, the fandom arrived at Disney.


I’m going to give y’all a list of everything this hat got me- here we go!

- like 500 children stared at me with either fear or awe 

- random dude on the bus said he liked it, thanks random dude!

- cast member working outside Star Tours asked me where I bought it, I told him I made it, he seemed impressed

- cast member working inside Star Tours saluted me (I touched two fingers to my forehead back bc luke did that in return of the jedi and it seemed fitting (??))

- cast member working with the BB8 meet and greet told me I belonged in a trash compactor

- BB8 beep-yelled at me

- Star Tours cast members recognized me when I went back for Fastpass, we talked a bit more about Star Wars, etc

- stormtroopers that walk around the park stopped and saluted me, then said ‘that’s nice, that’s real nice.’

- cast member called out ‘hello, general!’ as I walked by (honestly a fav)

- met a girl wearing an Imperial command cap!  felt like a real connection between generations of star wars villains :’)

- chewbacca was taken aback at the sight of my hat, I BS’d a story of how I just got back from spying on the First Order for the Resistance (he bought it)

- kylo looked at me like :/ until I asked about hux to which he became >:/

- why kylo….why did you not tell me where general hux was…….

in conclusion: first order hat + disney’s hollywood studios = profit 

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So how tall is Jinyoung? bc apparently JB is 179 and Jinyoung doesn't look like someone who's 177, esp when they stand next to each other

^^ according to their profiles JB is 179 cm and Jinyoung is 178 cm.

:) I personally think Jinyoung looks his height! Do you think he looks taller??
I think Jinyoung’s proportions are well balanced, so it makes him look taller ^^ and he stands up straighter than the others usually :) also, he likes to tuck-in his shirt, which usually makes your legs look longer XD

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Imagine Erik stress eating and he hides all this food in his lair but he would NEVER, EVER let Christine found out because he needs to be mysterious

Now I’m imagining Christine sleepily walking into the kitchen late at night for some water and she catches Erik frozen in horror with a bunch of pizza rolls in his mouth

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hi! i love your gifs~ how do you make sure your gifs still stay hq with the gif limit? and is photoshop the only way to make hq gifs? thank-you!

  • The only way I know how to make good gifs is photoshop ^^ I think there are some programs that will make gifs for you, but those will never be as good quality as if you make them from scratch yourself in photoshop :)
  • Try to always use HQ videos! If you can, always use 1080p or above! Anything below 1080p will always have some graininess unfortunately :(
  • Using “smart sharpen” filter will help make your gifs look better too usually ^^ but you need to play around with this and figure out a good setting for each quality video :) usually HQ videos won’t need too much adjusting ^^
  • If you find yourself having to use a low quality video, try to play around with the contrast or coloring of the gifs ^^ sometimes that can help give the appearance of a better quality gif ^^
  • Match the Tumblr dimensions so your gifs don’t appear distorted on the dashboard ^^
  • For staying under the gif limit, I use “pattern” as my dither when I save my gif ^^ Some people don’t like that look, but it’s a style I like :) because I don’t like the patchy areas you get when you save using “diffusion”. And using “pattern” definitely reduces the gif size ^^
  • Reducing the number of frames you use will also help reduce size, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality of the image ^^ but just be careful, because you don’t want to go so few that your gif will get choppy :) that won’t look nice either~ just experiment what looks smooth but still under gif limit for you ^^

Number one thing is, just keep practicing and playing around ^^ you’ll get better with time :) here’s some nice tutorials! They know much better than me ^^

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White hair Juuzou or Black hair Juuzou?

Didn’t I just answer this ask a few days ago?? Short answer, ALL the Juuzous tbh. 

Although, to be completely honest, Juuzou’s role and development was so much better in TG, I think it has made me a little bit biased. :/ If I just look at pictures, I think they are both adorbs, but white haired Juuzou is the one I associate with both Shinohara and the better character development, so I guess if I was FORCED to choose I would choose white haired Juuzou. But only by a small bit, because all Juuzous are good Juuzous.