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what's your favorite super junior gif?

LMFAO THIS NEVER GETS OLD! Yesung’s face when he blows out the candles before the other members. And their faces when they look at him. Hyukkie don’t cry. LOL And Kangin is just too amused. But Yesung’s face is like oh shit please don’t kick my ass.

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I'm kinda curious to see what Roger and Jovan would look like as skinny little twinks

NOOO why have you subjected me to this D:

They look like malnourished children

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While I do ship eren and Levi, I'm really happy about their current platonic relationship developments and really hope we get something like Levi ruffling Eren's hair later on in the manga

Platonic ereri is super important. I would die for some hair ruffling! haha

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is it because I am aware of the dean!girl sam!girl thing that I just notice all your dean posts more??? you are going to have to organise a Sam day where all your Dean!girl friends can only post about Sam!!! Because lets face it we have all have a soft spot for moose!! x

LOL Maybe! I like to think it’s because while I am a Sam!Girl, when Dean does pop up on my blog he’s so beautiful you can’t help but notice. I’m a little picky when it comes to Dean.

Also, I fully support this Sam Day.

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I remember enjoying SS as a ship, now I'm numb, I can't Kishi killed it. He will make some shit up and fix it, I mean Naruto called Obito "the coolest" Sasuke forgave Itachi for killing his folks :/. Yeah Sasuke will be forgiven Kishi won't take 12 years back will just have to suck it up. I'm done, I love my ship, but making Sakura suffer like this whatever reason he has I know he won't take it back the 12 years he won't do it. This was predictable, I don't care for Karin is just 12 years.

What mission takes up 12 years ? This doesn’t make sense if he wanted to protect his child wouldn’t he do it in the village ? Kishimoto thinks he can get away from anything like he did with Obito and Itachi. ;( That fucking A thinks I’m going to stay here and not cry and vent. Kishi got comfortable with his own lack of creativity making a subplot so Sarada x Boruto have the same “friendship as NaruSasuNaru” lol. Sakura replacing her picture with Karins DX fuck!

I see several theories going around and posts saying “have faith!” and “do you really think Sasuke would leave if it weren’t really important?” and I don’t know if these people really don’t understand why we’re angry or if they ’re really willing to settle for any explanation as long as there is a happy ending.

The “have faith” posts piss me off the most because we’re very obviously going to get a “happy” resolution to this ridiculous plot device. You don’t need faith to know that.

I didn’t stop shipping SS, I’m not giving up on anything, but I am NOT willing to accept that there is any situation that Sasuke would leave his family for. No, not even Sarada’s eyes. I would be willing to tolerate a year or two, but a twelve year absence is asking far too much of us to swallow.

I’m told to be patient, to wait and see, and I’m getting tired of saying that there is no reason good enough, no band-aid big enough to fix Sasuke missing TWELVE YEARS of his daughter’s life. None.

I’m not bashing Kishimoto or Sasuke. I am not suddenly anti-SS or anti-Naruto. I’m not letting go of my ship or the 699 chapters of development that they had. But neither will I accept drama for the sake of drama, and Sasuke leaving for a third time for any reason, especially when he has a new family, is just so dumb that I’m pretty sure something in my brain died.

I don’t even take the Karin stuff seriously, it’s as obvious a red herring as the Kushina/Sakura parallel.

I’m reserving my judgement on Sarada and Boruto until I see more.

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Who would be the big spoon?
Dean would try to be, since he’s the ‘manly-man’, but Cas has a way of winding around him so he actually ends up the big spoon more often than not.

Who would wake up first?
Probably Cas, since he isn’t used to sleeping, being an angel and all.

Do they have nicknames for each other?
‘The Righteous Man’ and ‘Cas’ sounds good to me.

What happened when they met each other’s parents?
Cas’s dad ships it, so….

How do they apologize after an argument?
It usually involves one or the other being in danger for them to finally get their heads out of their asses long enough to see they’re being idiots, so their arguments often end with them making up in the middle of a battlefield of dead monsters.

What would they be like as parents?
Dean spoils the kid, like, nonstop. Cas tries to be the more responsible parent, but Dean just spoils the kid rotten, because he wants to be the exact opposite of his own father.

Who is more romantic?
They’re about equal, but Cas goes out of his way to try and be more affectionate since he lived without actual emotion for so long, and even after all this time he’s still learning to be more human, so he tries to pull cliche date ideas off the internet and surprise Dean, and Dean just goes with it, even when it’s really fucking cheesy.

What sort of gifts do they get for each other?
They usually give each other little bits they picked up on a hunt, a necklace made of vampire fangs, a nice angel blade fragment, etc. Sam is just so done with them taking his research samples, like ‘wtf guys I needed that.’

Who gets jealous easiest?
Dean. Definitely Dean, because Cas doesn’t seem to comprehend other people flirting with Dean (unless it’s dangerously close) but Dean definitely fucking notices when someone comes too close to his angel.

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?
They both just sort of chill, but Cas tries to outdo himself everytime Dean’s B-day comes around, since, as an angel, he doesn’t really have one.

Who is the most adventurous?
Dean. He’s a reckless idiot.

Who is the most protective?
I’d have to say Cas, since he’s gone against the army of God for his Righteous Man before.

What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?
Oh Lord, uh… well, I don’t think they’d change too much, aside from Cas being probably even weirder than normal with a teenage vessel undergoing puberty. I mean, can you imagine it? omg…


*BONUS: Song to sum them up?*
‘Take Me to Church’ by Hozier for them overall.
‘Angel With a Shotgun’ by the Cab for Cas throughout the series post season 4
‘Dark Paradise’ by Lana Del Ray for Dean after he escapes Purgatory and before Cas’s return in season 8.


Do I ship it?


the–kel–smith replied to your post: Things I Learned At School Today

Did you discuss alternative plans or options for her if recess bothers her that much?

Not alternative plans, per se, but her teacher gave her some “goals” today at recess (find a quiet spot she liked, find a less crowded area that was good for her and one or two friends, etc.) and that seemed to help.  

I think unstructured social interaction, activity and fresh air are all important, so I’m not fighting the idea of recess. Her teacher’s given her some good tools for making her more comfortable within the construct of recess, rather than changing the construct to make her comfortable, which I prefer. I’d rather see D find a way to adapt to the situation she’s in than have the situation changed to suit her. 

We’ll see how this all plays out… :)

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Hé Luca, do you know Francis? He's like a gardener guy? He speaks French.

I know Francis! He’s a cook, he brings me dinner when I skip it. Pelutze has taken quite a liking to him, I’m really glad. He’s really nice, I like him at least.