“Family sticks together, no matter what!”

((Featuring: all at once, three excellent big mac blogs: http://askbigredmacintosh.tumblr.com  and - who is still stuck in the phantom zone I believe. It’s been an interesting month, I tell you!)) 

Happy Nightmare Night!

I am a huge fan of the Castlevania series (pre-Symphony of the Night mostly), and Castlevania 3 was a huge project to complete but I managed to do so a while ago. Here’s a celebratory crossover picture, perfect for the occasion.

Also features FluttershyAnswers in the role of Shypha Belnades.

Sorry guys

After much thinking I’ve come to the conclusion that an Ask blog of this caliber isn’t for me. I don’t have the commitment that takes to fit my image of what this blog should be.

I have two other “projects” that I do outside of pony, alot of personal art and such, and I feel juggling those two and a Blog doesn’t let me commit enough time that either thing deserves, and unfortunately this one was decided to go.

When I started this one out I told myself I’d only do short brief answers, as Big Macintosh is a short, brief Pony, but I think he deserves much more attention than that, which is something I currently cannot give him.

SO, I leave my interpretation of Big Macintosh in the hooveshands of, aswell as Special Thanks to:

AppleJackAnswers - My dear, talented sister (not for real). I am proud of how far you’ve come with your blog and I hope you’ll keep it up! Do put in mac as much as you want, it’d be great !! We talked about doing collaboration answers of some kind so I’m sorry we cannot do that anymore.

FluttershyAnswers - My beloved girlfriend and her amazing Fluttershy blog! Say what you want about Fluttermac, but we are an item outside of our blogs, and we had planned to keep teasing you all about that ship. I’ll let her use Big Macintosh for whatever plans she wishes to do without me. Your blog is fantastic and it’s just gonna keep getting better! love u baby

And I want to extend a Thank You to everyone who followed me, even the blogs that came before this one! Thank ya’ll very much! We’ll see if I return to the Pony Ask Blog scene in the future. But, if so, it’ll be another pony.

So this is Big Macintosh, signing out! Stay Apples, forever. Apples together. We’re family but so much more!

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