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How to Flirt


this child is me

alright, so odin’s stutter disappears when he’s lying

he was lying about olai calling him, liking maggie, and planning to move to his home planet

i really think pedri was the one who told odin about maggie. pedri should know about the plan too, since he made the plan with wrathia. so when pedri found out where tuls was, he told odin to get him off of the planet before the silent scavengers would come. which would explain why he called it a mission(it seems as if he called it a mission to disguise that what he was actually doing was kidnapping a girl because he has a demon who wont leave him alone), and why it seemed so dire to him.

and then, this seems to be when pedri finds out about wrathia

and then he does this to try and tell odin that thats his fucking wife turn around u shit

this explains why the dragonflies go to her hair like ornaments. especially since it was her hair that reminded pedri he might be trying to bring attention to her hair.


The OFFICIAL Trailer for Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker

I am seriously crying! It’s so beautiful, and I can’t wait to watch the full film! I am so proud of Tom, and I want to thank him for making his ideas come to life!


(the first one can be found here and here)

LETs take a trip down memory lane to where Ava wanders into Maggie’s mind while they are on the ship. Maggie has Tuls make her another magic flower, and when she pulls out Gil’s book from her chest–

We see this photo on the door, obviously from when they were still friends.

Later on as Maggie is leaving, Ava discovers Maggie’s mind and wanders in.

Maggie thinks that Ava is just another figment of her and Tuls’s shared mind, and goes to get rid of this ‘fake’ Ava.Our poor and very real Ava tries to convince Maggie that shes real, much to the other girl’s anger.


Suddenly, both Ava and Maggie are wearing different clothes, and Ava has a bandage on her face– the same as the photo of the girls when they were friends.

My theory is that the picture was taken was the day that they stopped being friends– and that what is happening in panels 965-7 is similar to what happened when that day occurred.