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hance, trading family recipes/cooking for each other?

“Nope,” Lance sing-songed, pointing the wooden spoon at Hunk with an air of threat, “sit your butt back down.”

Hunk drooped dramatically onto the table, watching Lance move competently around the kitchen.  Technically he wasn’t doing anything wrong, but Hunk could still do it faster.  “If you just let me-”

“Hunk.”  Lance turned, arms crossed.  “You cook for us all the time, on top of everything else you do.  Today, I’m cooking for you.  You will sit down, and you will relax, and you will let me do this for my boyfriend.”

Pausing, Hunk stared, then finally gave a slow nod.  “Okay,” he replied, lips curling up.  “I can do that.”

But a few seconds later- “Okay, but can I at least give you some tips on how to cut those fruits, because-”


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Opinion: mayonnaise can die a slow painful death and then get off my planet. 🎤⬇️

i completely agree with this opinion, bon. mayonnaise could disappear completely from planet earth and i wouldn’t bat an eye.

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send me your opinions!!

PSA. Late replies

( It’s something that I never quite thought of as a problem because I myself do not mind waiting for my partners to get to our threads or taking their time with them — however, I’m realizing that not all people may feel the same.

So it has been brought to my attention through several posts, that some people are quite uncomfortable with slow replies or having to wait and I understand that, but roleplayers are not machines that are meant to just whip up responses for you at the speed of light. That’s just not how it works and I, personally, am someone whose motivation is very sporadic.

I don’t intend to go into details about what goes on with me because I’m sure we all do have our own lives and issues but to put it simply, behind every computer is a human being with feelings and personal matters that, for lack of putting it into nicer words, is honestly none of your business. 

I won’t explain myself or give excuses but I will say this, I am quite sorry I take some time with replies. I am sorry I can’t put in the amount of dedication to this as some people do but I don’t know if this will ever change and I can’t promise that it will. 

If we do write together, please never expect me to respond instantly or even over night. 

If you are willing to be understanding and wait, then I love you and I immensely appreciate that but if you do not want to, then, please let me know right now. I will honestly be 100% understanding and respectful of your decision and you won’t have to follow me or write with me ever again. )

May start just using Kida as my new faceclaim >.> 

Ah but that isn’t the point of this post. I am no longer going on a long hiatus, as I am still stressed about money and what not I think I’m just not doing well mentally because of I haven’t been on my meds. I just went to a new doctor today and got my pills all refilled so I’ll be back on my mood stabilizers and anti-depressants. I’m just gonna be slow with replies and a bit picky with who I reply to for right now. 

This has NOTHING to do with me not having interest in our threads or whatnot. I’m just choosing which ones I reply to right now if I the reply comes easy to me and I don’t have to think too much on it. Aaah that still sounds bad huh?? I love all my thread just some come easier than other with my muses. I’ll probably just be replying to things that are smaller in length for now until my meds kick in and I feel better emotionally. 

And here’s just a soft rant - day at the doctors I need to get off my chest cause it has stuff to do with my albinism. 

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Hello! I finally got over my jet lag (i think)!
I had a great time back in my hometown, Manila! ^o^ ♥

I had lots of fun and also lots of rest and I feel so refreshed (and also kind of sad because I miss my relatives and my dog…and the food) – Now that I think about it – being back here in New York in winter feels so much sadder because of the gloomy surroundings ((compared to the colorful and lively neighborhood back home – it’s been 2 years since I was able to visit Manila aahh)) ///// anyway, here are some photos from our flight stopover in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport!

Thank you so much for your well wishes everyone, I really appreciate it!
I hope to upload lots of new art starting next week (and will resume working on that MM art book♥)

I couldn’t do 707 Route while I was there, I had no mobile internet and the WiFi everywhere was super slow ;;v;; Now that I’m back, I still can’t do the route because the app won’t let me change my time zone (it still doesn’t recognize Daylight Savings Time)!!! //cries because now I won’t be able to play the new update hhHHHNNN

Also – my fave photo of all (it’s me beside a mirror) vvvvvvvvvvvvv

me: *sifting through asks && compiling*
me: oh! ____ changed their icon. so cute!

***yes i remember most people who are regulars in my ask box :D i also pay attention to the usernames and icons because wow some can be really cute and witty and idk all of you just make my entire week every time ok ;;o;; ♥ ♥ ♥

lots of love!!! ♥


Jared: I’m pretty sure I knew I was gay ever since like, elementary school. Evan was actually the first kid I ever had a crush on, believe it or not.

Connor: Same here –not the crush thing, though– I never really put too much thought into it. Wasn’t denying it or anything, I was just kind of like, “yeah, that seems about right”.

Evan: I, um.. I only just recently figured out that I was bi. It.. it took a lot for me to come out. But everybody’s been really supportive so far! And I’m.. really grateful for that.

the first time i drew my actual daughter gylwen lavellan 2 years ago (holy crap), I said stuff about elves and backlight going hand in hand. I have realized that this is still very true

All My Love


A/N: I’m not happy with this, so I’m probably taking it down again but here goes a try. 

Word Count: 3,013

”Shawn? Shawn? Are you even listening to me at all?” I muttered, glancing over at Shawn in the passenger seat. 

I turned down John Mayer’s calming voice singing to us through the stereo in the jeep. My eyes fell on Shawn late enough for him to jerk up his head and quickly pop his eyes open. Confused and sleepy. For short moment probably wondering where on earth he was. 

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