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hey could you explain the Bell & Clarke blue/tan shirt thing?

Hey anon! Sorry I’m replying to this so late, I just wanted to make sure I was able to think of a good answer for you.

I think a lot of it has to do with them being two sides of the same coin. And their shirts swapping colors runs throughout the entire series, not just s1 and s4. Like really. I was looking through old stills and they both literally only wear tan or blue with rare color changes in between

For reference, here’s a pic from Clarke in s1:

Tan shirt. and s2:

Blue shirt. And bellamy also wears a blue shirt in s2 (and s1 but we all already know that):

And he wears tan in s3:

I also found one more thing that I thought was interesting. The only times they wore anything but their colors (blue and tan), was when bellamy wore the mt. weather guard’s uniform (white)

And when Clarke started wearing black at the end of s2

and throughout s3

But then she’s right back to blue in s4

Look for yourself in other pictures even. Besides maybe a few times, they are always wearing these same colors and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The fact that they swap them could also mean that they’ve really gone through everything together. They share most of the same burdens and completely understand and empathize with each other. It’s almost as if it’s an unspoken “i know you”

But really, you shouldn’t take my word for it. I honestly have no experience in costume or makeup in a field like this so please, if anyone else feels like they want to add something, feel free to do so. 

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i wish you would write a fic where elmyra and/or aerith run(s) into zangan as he brings tifa to midgar for treatment following the nibelheim incident. i know elmyra wouldn't be super trusting or anything but in this theoretical world aerith and tifa get to bond and be happy together lmao. or more generally i think it would be cool to get your view of what happened with Tifa right after nibelheim - Zangan, arrival in midgar, recovery (?? how. where. with what $), Barret, the bar, AVALANCHE, etc.

that’s some +A premise right here! i wrote what i think about tifa’s arrival to midgar in this fic. it’s not the best thing, but it’s start, i guess???

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Is it bad to unfollow someone just because you find them irritating? (it's not you just to put your anxiety at rest) I just think you give good advice :)

not at all, mostly cause i’ve done this myself in the past!!! if there’s someone on your dash that’s putting you on edge or just constantly making you react in a negative way, please do unfollow them cause that can become far too toxic for you in the long run! like they may only be irritating now but that can escalate into something more if you let it fester, so just think: if there was someone in your life that was constantly being irritating, would you just let them carry on or would you tell them to stop and maybe walk away? plus it’s entirely your blog so you should be able to do whatever you want with it and follow anyone and everyone you want!! honestly even if i was the one irritating you, i’d tell you the same thing (so if i am irritating you, please unfollow me, cause you shouldn’t have to put up with that!) so honestly, just do whatever you want and whatever you think is best for you cause that’s the most important thing! i hope you’re having a great day otherwise!! ♡

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what does "oppa" & "kya" mean?

Hi, I’m very sorry for the super late reply! 

I try to keep the Korean phrases that have no easy English equivalents in my translations, because I think it helps in understanding the characters’ relationships more fully. In Korean, the following terms are common to refer to others:

hyung (형) = how a male calls an older male
noona (누나) = how a male calls an older female
oppa (오빠) = how a female calls an older male
unnie (언니) = how a female calls an older female

Typically, it’s respectful for a younger person to use these words to refer to someone at least a year older than them with whom they’re friendly. So since Bum is older than Sangwoo, in public he would be expected to refer to Bum as “Bum-hyung.” 

I find it funny because obviously their relationship isn’t like that at all – in private, Bum is the one who refers to Sangwoo with respectful language. He calls him “Sangwoo-ssi,” where “ssi (씨)” is the equivalent of “Mr.” or “Ms.”

And “kya” is just the Korean transliteration of a feminine scream.

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So according to the production notes Ignis doesn't like actually cooking and mostly does it because it's his job and he's good at it, but in the actual game he says he actually does like it. Which one of these should I believe more?

Really? I haven’t seen that…honestly I doubt Ignis likes doing most of the Prince sitting that he does for Noctis, but he does it because it’s his duty and Regis personally requested Ignis to do it. He’s also very loyal as part of his m.o.

Believe what you want to believe, if you want to believe he loves cooking then go for it. If you believe he doesn’t like it then go for it.

Have the confidence to trust your own judgment you make :)

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I just need to gush like OMG, that moment in the last SH episode where Alec gave Magnus a gift and Magnus's reaction! His REACTION. LIke he was just SO completely stunned that it was for HIM. His little "" moment and his expression, the way HSJ delivered it broke my heart. You could tell in that specific moment exactly how few gifts Magnus had ever been given long before the scene with Maia where he remarks about being demanded of. Like I'd kill for Alec to talk about it with him :')


Okay but listen this scene was so beautiful. Not just because of the fact that Alec somehow, during their date-traveling, managed to slip away to buy Magnus this little gift:

Side note: Imagine how that went, they’re walking somewhere and Alec just suddenly goes: “Oh, hold on a minute. I just need to… ehm… go in here real quick… to… ehm… use the bathroom! Yes. I need the bathroom. Okay be right back bye!” and he walks into this little shop and he finds the perfect present that has just the right “power” that he was looking for - though it doesn’t actually have any magic, it’s the thought that counts -, the power to protect and give Magnus good luck. And imagine how long that must have taken bc you can not tell me Alec isn’t a perfectionist when it comes to this (I might be projecting my own love for giving perfect gifts, I don’t care!), giving Magnus - his BOYFRIEND - the perfect gift is really damn important okay!? Imagine how Alec went right up to the shop-owner and asked all of these questions about the different little talismans and what they all meant, what they were used for and so on and so forth until he found the perfect little talisman to give to Magnus. Then he had them wrap it up and SOMEHOW he managed to hide this from Magnus for the rest of their trip. I mean!!!! Magnus’ happiness is just so perfect for Alec and that is the best okay!?

Continuing: but also because of how damn happy this gesture so obviously meant to Magnus. I mean, I know that he reasonably has friends who cares about and loves him and I don’t think he’s lonely in any way. But when you give and give and give the way Magnus does (and with how powerful he is, I’m thinking most people never bother to give him anything just bc he could just magic it up if he wanted it, you know?) a small and obviously well thought-through gift like this just… it says so much more than any words ever could. This gift tells him that Alec actually went out of his way to think about a gift - albeit small - that was more than just materialistic. That was personal. The “power” of this talisman proves to him that he means something to Alec, that he’s worth protecting (despite being one of the most powerful warlocks in the world, Alec wants to protect him and like… it makes me giddy to think about how much that must mean to Magnus!). So when he says “Thank you, Alexander” it’s not just for the gift. It’s for the meaning behind the gift too, for caring for him, basically. And it just… it makes my heart break and like mends it back together! 

I just want more of these “I care about you” or “I thought about you”-gestures please. I’m all for these subtle “I care about you”-things without having to actually say it. Seriously, I just need more Magnus-loving please (It’s actually part why I loved the newest episode, I know a lot of you were disappointed with the lack of Malec-scenes but the amount of times Alec made it clear that Magnus is a part of his life that he isn’t giving up for anything - and that people need to just accept that - was quite frankly freaking fantastic)!

Thank you for this gushing ask, Anon! Please keep them coming, I love gushing over this show with you guys! <3

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Light asks, part 2: Having established the mysterious ways the light works, would inability to use the light prevent one from fully becoming a servant of it? Say for instance you have oh, I dunno, an Orc who takes up the cause, but no affinity to the Light does this prevent them from becoming a Priest/Paladin/Anchorite/etc...? And moreover, what kind of social and societal barriers might there be? Thank you again for shedding some light on the Light for me.

Sorry for the late reply, saw this before bed last night and forgot.

Question one: Not at all! The Light is a core religion in a few cultures (particularly humans, Dwarves, High Elves, and Draenei) and certainly not every member of those races is capable of calling on it (with the exception of Draenei, I suppose, who are blessed by the Naaru and can at least call on it for assistance if they can’t outright wield it). They remain faithful and abide by the tenets regardless of their place in the clergy.

If you for some reason just absolutely can’t call on the Light no matter how hard you try, you can’t be a priest or paladin in the definitive class sense. You could still be a warrior who serves the Light, or a member of the clergy, or associate with Light-affiliated organizations (like the orcish Argents). Despite what the Scarlets do, its tenets are respect, tenacity, and compassion– they’re not going to turn away someone wanting to do the Light’s work just because they can’t call on it.

There may still be some societal barriers. Respect and compassion or not, there are still the wounds of war and humans/etc. of neutral organizations could possibly still harbor bitterness and racism toward orcs. And likewise, “Old Horde” Orc society might shun somebody who has chosen to serve the Light instead of the elements. They might find a few closed doors in their face from both sides, but… that’s why one of the tenets is Tenacity.

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Hey abi! I am having trouble making a farmhouse for one of my side characters, do you have any tips to decorate and stuffs?

hi sorry this reply is late i was on my phone when i got it n i hate typing on my phone! what i suggest you do is make an account on this website (if you don’t know what it is its like a wishlist website, except its all the animal crossing items) go through all the furniture, wall papers and floors and just put all the ones that are remotely farm like on a list. i then have a guide on how to interior decorate here! hope this helps :^ )

The Love Square

So you’re asking for Miraculous, eh? For those who don’t know, The Love Square is the strange ship in ML fandom that has four different faces. This romantic spice is what really adds flair to the show known as Miraculous Ladybug because you can have it in different flavors (and all in canon!)! 

And without further ado, introducing the Four Ships!


LadyNoir The Super Ship

From awkward partners…

To a team … 

This ship would hardly (actually, never) be absent in any of the episodes because they are the Super Team pair that fights akuma that appears in, like, every episode. So it’s hardly surprising that this ship gets the most screen time and shipping moments to enjoy. A relationship between two people hiding behind a mask, never letting one or the other know the identity of they are hiding, really leaves a lot for development opportunities. It’s easier to write about too, because you can develop their relationship with lots of romantic moments but not make them any closer to being a real couple. Ah, how romantic it is to fall in-love with a masked-person? It’s one of those romantic tropes that will never get old. It has all the suspense!

What fuels this ship is mostly our adorable cinnamon roll (trying to act like a “sinnamon roll”) working hard to “get” the girl. 

This first meeting is not a “love at first sight”. Actually, far from it. Their first meeting was only awkward and only alleviated a bit by Chat’s humor and niceness. 

In fact, he is actually more upbeat and much more aggressive than Ladybug (probably due to excitement of exploring a bigger world and a new adventure). 

Then they fought together.

And he has fallen for her.

And now he tries his best to woo her, protect her, and be by her side against all adversity.

Too bad, she like the “other” him and cannot take him seriously. She trusts him as her partner anyway, and had good deal of faith in him as demonstrated in “Copy Cat” episode where she knew he was framed up immediately. And she also admitted in one of the webisodes that she would have fallen for him if she did not love “Adrien”. 

The only thing I find negative in this ship is the fact that Chat Noir’s potential is being suppressed because of this “love”. There are complaints of Chat Noir was toned down into a sidekick/side role just to get LB in the spotlight. Others think this is poor/lazy writing to move up the heroine but the thing is, this is intentional. 

Aside from his role in this story, Chat Noir is more prone to messing up and becomes more submissive (Yin trait) because of the fact that his “infatuation” is getting in his head. Chat Noir becoming “conceited” and constant bragging is proof of this. He is trying to boost his ego up because he lacks confidence. And this is why when others say we show out true selves behind the mask, I say this is not the case with CN. The wild and whimsy side of him is just a different side he doesn’t get much opportunity to show off due to circumstances. If anything, this cinnamon roll’s strengths is actually being suppressed as CN because of the said “love”. But since this is an intentional part of the writer, it’s safe to assume that they are going to make him overcome this (as shown in Reflekta episode).

 I guess this is Marinette’s counterpart when it comes to love (see Adrienette). However, Marinette’s handling it better than him as you’ll see below.

AdrienetteThe “Normal” Ship

You know that typical shoujo trope where a “normal” girl is in-love with Mr. Popular? Well, the difference here is that Adrien is not the “typical” Mr. Popular. Typical ones in this trope are those who are like first concept of Chat Noir/Felix, and I’m glad to see Adrien take the role instead of him. He’s as normal as any other boy, if not sweeter and better. Okay, well, he’s not that normal either (and I’m not talking about him being an “Agreste” and rich kid!). I mean it’s rare to find a kid as good natured as he is! The point is, he’s as “normal” as our little heroine could get. 

What I like about this ships are the parallels. They look different, but they are pretty much the same when it comes down to it. And I guess, this is the reason why they are such a perfect match. :)

Both are cinnamon rolls who are experiencing the tribulations of life and stumble upon the item that’ll change their fates. Both became superheroes, fell in love with the person who loves their other side. Both kept chasing each other turning the wheels of  fortune (or Yin-Yang if you will) creating a nice balance that suit your pallet. 

The only problem is that everyone else holds Adrien in a pedestal which makes him look pretty distant from the others (okay, he isn’t), in the same way LB is on the pedestal in the LN ship (the Heroine is out of his league, not). 

When it comes to development, this ship is on par with Ladynoir (if not better). This is why I said, Marinette fairs better than Chat Noir. At least she can make Adrien appreciate and look at her (not that Ladybug doesn’t appreciate Chat but we all know she’s constantly ignoring his advances sharply). They shared a lot of moments (which I’m not gonna elaborate anymore since it’s too much time) which are both cute, fluffy, and progressive (just look at The Gamer episode for example). It’s to the point I actually suspect that Adrien may unknowingly falling in-love with Marinette base on how he acts differently in front of her (in the same way he treats LB)! Then the Christmas episode, where he unhesitatingly gave away the present she sent him! Like, you don’t do that to a present from your “special someone”. :( 

This ship is the parallel of Ladynoir where it’s a normal and peaceful sailing ship compared to the battle-oriented and supernatural flair LN had.

What I like about this ship is Marinette’s constant effort to being closer with Adrien, and Adrien’s open-mindedness when it comes to dealing with her. I mean, her nervous attitude would have make anyone think she’s being a weirdo (especially if that’s the side you always see) but he only tilts his head every time like a curious cat! This is a really cute and fluffy ship if you ask me. And a dose of it is a nice break after the action-packed adventure with the LadyNoir tandem.

MariChatThe Pure Ship

Haha, the irony!

Everyone’s aware that Marichat is actually regarded as the most sinful in the fandom. Though in reality, this ship is actually farthest from sinning. Why? For obvious reasons, they do not like each other! Of course, in fanfiction, it’s different.

In FF, we got the sensible Marinette  suddenly having a night visit from the casanova who is in need of “care” and Chat Noir dropping on her rooftop for one reason or the other (probably drama from his father/heartbroken by LB). Marinette comforts him and the two falling in-love which also leads to “sin”. Well, that’s pretty much what I saw from fanarts though I’m not sure about those written ones.

Meanwhile, in canon, their interactions are pretty much …

Marinette (still being spunky) act “normal” and pretends to “fan girl” over him but laughs behind his back

And …

Chat Noir unknowingly saving the “love of his life” 

… Also, unwittingly leaving the wrong impression to her too.

Of course, both are none the wiser from knowing that they are talking to their significant other, which is funny and ironic at the same time.

I think the reason why this ship is the most “sinful” in fandom despite their not-so-honest and pure interactions is that Adrien is a cinnamon roll as Adrien but sexy as Chat Noir, meanwhile, Marinette is more endearing as Marinette and less spunky compared to Ladybug. And what do we need when it comes to sins? Of course, a “sexy” evildoer and an “endearing” heroine!

LadrienThe Underestimated

Why “The Underestimated”? Well, when it comes to fans and the show, they unarguably get the least amount of work or screen time. The reason being, well, they are pretty much in-love with each other and leaves less room for development and interesting scenarios compared to the other three ships. Not to mention, their interactions were usually filled with awkwardness and holding back (but that’s pretty much normal if you are talking in front of your crush ne?). Though I must say, they actually have pretty powerful moments. Though I think the reason they are not as much touched upon by fans compared to other ships is also because of their lack of screen time.

The show creators have much more justifiable reason which is that they cannot make these two interact too much without making them realize that the other actually likes them back (these two dorks just doesn’t know how to hide their feelings for too long, ya know?), and they cannot become a couple without knowing each other’s identity. It will be too hard for Marinette to think that Adrien is only in-love with her because she’s “Ladybug” and not see her for her “real” self. This is especially highlighted in the Christmas episode.

Which is why, the other three ships need to be developed first before this one. If these two became a couple immediately, Marinette will have her personality suppressed as LB while Adrien will constantly frustrate over LB’s real identity. It won’t feel cleanly cut or finished (It’s like you cheated into it or something).

Anyways, this ship, despite little screen time, actually has wonderful moments.

Such as the “love struck” look when they accidentally met in the street … when Ladybug showed ready to give up her powers for Adrien …

Or this moment when he casually pushed his bestfriend aside to greet Ladybug.

But my favorite moment of all is this

When Adrien talked about his mom with her …

Aren’t they such a sweet couple? The fact that he talked about his mother with her is already a pretty powerful and tender moment. Also, Adrien writing a love letter for her also counts as their “Ladrien” moment more than an “Adrienette” one. Plus, the classic “Jealousy” trope in the Volpina and The Bubbler episode. 

Oh, there’s also the “Shower Scene” you won’t get with the other ships xD

In Ladrien’s moments, Ladybug tries to act hard and becomes more stiff at trying to act as “the Hero”. I think it comes from pressure that she must separate her feelings from duty too (and she’s obviously having a hard time, if not failing at that). It’s already impressive enough that she’s not  using LB to woo Adrien, though. But I think that’s also because she fears he won’t fall for the “real” her if she did (in which case, wise decision). Although I’m pretty positive Adrien would fall for her as Marinette.

On the other hand though, Adrien acts better in this ship. He’s more mature and less comical which really accentuates him from his CN self. And although LB still tries to dominate, it’s not as bad as when he’s CN (probably due to LB having major infatuation for him too).

Conclusion? Despite them being the closest to “canon” because of “mutual love” (complete opposite of MariChat), they are also the farthest from it to not hinder the progress of the other ships.


Four Ships in Summary:

LadyNoir – Angst, Comedy, Action

Adrienette – Fluff, Fluff, FLUFF!

MariChat – Comedy, (For fandoms: Sin?), PLATONIC

Ladrien – Closest and furthest of Canon (yeah, the irony), few yet significant


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Hello! I found your blog today an I'm already in love with your art <3 So... We got Akutagawa, dazai and chuuya with cat ears. Can you please draw atsushi with cat ears? (If you have not already) I will love you forever o(^▽^)o

yes!!! of course!!! it’s not complete without the cat son himself!