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It's sad to see you go but you should do what makes you happy just know u were one of the reasons I made a simblr Bc I use creep the tags on my personal and always loved your post since Luca solo days but I can't wait to read your writing or whatever future things you do <33

helloo and omg i love this message and i’m so happy you made a simblr ;-; ♡ i was gonna do a mass reply to all the sweet anons but imma just kinda reply to them here; i’m so so grateful for all the support and kindness in my inbox, you make me wish i could give something back like some goodbye-cc or something but i’m only with my tired, old laptop atm ;-; ily and thank you ♡

luca solo daayyyss nuu i miss that time when everything was new and we all used the same 3 pieces of cc that were available. i hope i’ll get back to my little giraffe someday. 

first ts4 sim i ever made and posted, so it’s only fitting she would have the last appearance too ♡

11:44 pm. | hyungwon

Member: Chae Hyungwon / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 3,300+
Genre/Warning(s): Fluff, Angst, Slice of Life, Suggestive Themes, and Mild Language.
A/N: First story on Tumblr, let alone for such a precious man. So, I hope you enjoy it, really. P.S. if you remember me from elsewhere (which I highly doubt), hi again!

Originally posted by jisua

11:44 PM

A soft whirring of the air-conditioner fills the bedroom, throwing wafts of cool air toward the bed you’ve been occupying for the past hour or so. Or, at least you think it’s been an hour, given that the man that’s slumped over your body has fallen fast asleep. Not that it takes him very long to drift off anyway. There’s no television to give any sort of visual pastime, yet it doesn’t quite bother you. In fact, you delight in the silence and quietude and make use of it for gathering your thoughts and spending time doing normal things to pass the time instead.

Yawning, you extend out an arm as best you can to turn off the lamp at your bedside table. The mattress creaks a little with your movement, and yet, Hyungwon doesn’t stir, not that you were expecting him to in the first place. His cheek is still pressed comfortably against your bosom, warmly shampoo-scented hair tickling your chin, lanky arms hugging your waist, and long legs entwined with yours. Truth be told, you feel rather guarded and content in the simplest way.

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Zine preorders closed+order updates+my sincerest thanks!

Hello friends!! Zine pre-orders have just closed! 🎉🎉🎉 It feels like I just opened them yesterday, it’s crazy how quickly time flew by. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m so genuinely thankful from the bottom of my heart for the support that everyone’s showed. I absolutely couldn’t believe it :’-( you guys are the best companions I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing my art with and I’m truly not exaggerating. Y'all make me senti 25/8 365 days of the year. Thank you thank you thank you!!! 💖💗💘💘💗😭

So as for the orders, please allow me 1 and a half to 2 weeks for the zine to arrive since production is going to take roughly about a week. Then it’s gotta get to me too before I can send it out to you guys. So just a little more patience!

For the zine PDF, I’ll be sending that in the next couple of days to everyone who ordered the physical zine!! I have to gather all your email addresses first so rip me. If you’ve changed your email, lmk so I can send that to you that way. I’ll be putting up the $5 online zine orders shortly after that.

As for the people who didn’t order the zine but ordered other merch in this round, I’ll be shipping out your stuff throughout this week!

And for the charm people, I’m so extremely sorry for the wait. Because of con season all manufacturers have been having trouble keeping up and so stuff keeps getting delayed. But to compensate, I’ll include surprise prints for you guys to enjoy!

Last of all, I’m sorry I haven’t updated or replied to all of your asks! This week is going to be so crazy but I’ll really try my best to keep up! ILY GUYS FOREVER AND YALL BEST BE RESTING AND TAKIN CARE!!! IM GOING FULL HAM WHEN I COME BACK

Tell her. (deanXreader)

words: 1504
warnings: fluff, angst, smut, masturbation

summary: Dean and Reader have always had an unspoken bond and Sam tries to push it out of Dean, by having Reader and him go to the market together. When Reader is hit on he gets really frustrated, but is surprised when Reader backs Dean up. They go home and Reader gets a late night snack when she hears her name being moaned from Dean’s door. She investigates and smut takes place ;)

A/N: I combined two requests because I thought it would go well together :) ily! leave requests!!

Masterlist ;)

“Sam shut up!” Dean whispers yelled.
“Dude, you need to tell her,” Sam replied.
“We barely even talk now and I’m what? Supposed to tell her ‘hey I think I’m in love with you’ seriously that will never work,” Dean said, scratching his neck.
“Come on Dean just talk to her.”

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hiatus update

i’m leaving to go back to hospital in 30 minutes, so just letting people know

  • i’m not sure when i’ll be out tbh… hopefully in a week
  • i won’t be able to respond/reply/chat at all until i get out of hospital
  • i haven’t dropped anything! but if you wish to drop something let me know!
  • i will try to get back to everyone whenever I can!!!
  • sometimes i will have my phone - sometimes i wont. i’ll be sporadic wwww
  • but no laptop. so rip me

i hope i can get out soon enough.. <3 ily all

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i'll talk to you about jikook <3 what's your favorite thing about jikook? mine is how jungkook so sweetly and fondly teases jimin and how jimin can never say no to jungkook and how sweet and cute they are with each other ♥ also i hope you feel better!!

omg bb thank you ;_;

there’s so many things ok liSTEN SO MANY HOW AM I TO PICK A FAVOURITE

  • Jungkook always trying to make Jimin laugh literally all the time as if that’s his main purpose on earth and tbh it probably is
  • Jimin laughing at the tiniest things Jungkook does no matter if they’re actually funny or not
  • that Jimin loves Jungkook so much and doesn’t hide it (Q: “what’s your weakness?” Jimin: “Jungkookie ♥” // Q: “what do you want for your birthday?” Jimin: “Jungkookie ♥” // Q: “what do you want to do if you get a day off?” Jimin: “go out on a date with Jungkookie and hold hands” like aigHT I GET IT OK)
  • backhugs WHO allowed them
  • subtle touches in general /cough/ “subtle” /cough/
  • but especially hanD TOUCHING OK HAND TOUCHING (I made a new jikook tag for hand touching that’s how much of a slut I am for that truly inspirational)
  • AND how Jungkook gets so jealous and needy when Jimin’s attention isn’t directed at him especially because Jungkook’s so spoiled with it used to Jimin giving him a lot of attention always picking him for things and leaning on him that when it’s not him Jungkook legit gets so irritated and tries to get Jimin’s attention back like Jungkook is such a love-struck loser I can’t I honestly find it so hilarious

THERE SO MANY THINGS but these are my faves especially the last two make me go all !!! wow I love jikook

yeah I’m sick and not feeling so good but thank you so much your message it definitely made me feel better <3


hi taylor,
you probably get these all the time but I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me and if you ever get the chance to reply, that would make my entire world. I fell in love with you back in 2007. I was really really young at the time and I was at my swim practice when “tear drops on my guitar” came on I instantly was starstruck by you and have been ever since. I hated going to swim, but im pretty grateful I did because that day really did change my life ((as horribly tacky as it sounds, it’s true and I really couldn’t find a way to re-phrase it and make it sound less like a chick flick but ily)) however, you really did change my life and you and your music has helped me get through so much. going to the speak now and red tours were absolutely amazing (even though the entire time I was collapsed on the floor crying with joy);; they were some of my greatest memories and best experiences of my life and i really hope I can manage to buy a ticket for the 1989!tour at the staples center. You mean so much to me and more and all I really want is the chance to be able to tell you how much I love you. Everything about you leaves me wonderstruck (see what I did there haha) and i love you so much. Even when I’m at my lowest point I always feel like everything is going to be okay because of you and im eternally grateful. thank you so much for everything. I love you.

If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends so thank you
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