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The Signs’ Replies to “I LOVE YOU”


“But… what’s your name?”


“Okay, I definitely gotta call my ex.”


“Nice joke! I got another one: get out of my house.”


“Finally! It’s the first time someone says it before me!”


“Of course you do, I’m pretty awesome.”


“What does that mean?”


“Will you marry me?”


“I love you too, and the 26 people that joined us in bed yesterday.”


“Bye, gotta catch the plane.”


“Why would you even?”


“Let me think of a plan how you could prove that.”


“Just a moment, gotta get my guitar and write a song about it.”

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Hey! Well, all of the Persona 5 hype made me want to start playing the games too, lol. So what game do you suggest I play first? I was planning to play Persona 3 first, is that a good option?

hi!! im going to be terribly biased and say yes bc i started with p3p and it’s my fave game so far of the series (i havent gotten around to p5 yet even tho i have a copy bc i dont have a ps4 yet though)

for the most part though for the main games, either p3:FES/p3p or p4/g are good places to start bc of the way the series works and the difficulties

p1 and p2 follow each other (p1 > p2IS > p2EP > rest of series) and p2 has returning characters from p1 in your party and as part of the stories so for the older games p1 is a good place to start, or at least P2IS if it’s not a big deal to you (i started w IS for these, i havent played p1 yet :””D). since they are older, the games are structured differently from p3/4/5 – no SL or wildcard protag, has demon negotiations unlike p3/4, etc. – and tbh the interface n playstyle takes a while to get used to. upside, if you die your party members can revive you w/o game over, and you can mix up personas for all your party members

w p3 and p4… p4 makes references to p3, but p3p also makes references to p4, but its not rly important to the story like in p1/2… so the order when it comes to getting references doesnt really matter that much, but chronologically it’s p3 > p4 :”””D 

as for p3 itself… personally, I prefer p3p since you have both MC routes and more features + SLs, (it doesnt have The Answer though w it, which is like the epilogue for p3 in p3:FES w aigis as the protag) p3p is also more like a visual novelesque game where you can only run around in tartarus but not anywhere else unlike w p3/p3:FES/p4/p4g/p5 where you can walk around w the protag anywhere.

p4g is like p3:FES/p3p where they add extra stuff to the game like SLs, personas, characters, and events, etc

(also if u wanna play as a bi protag p2IS and p3p feMC route are your go tos èuébbbb)

ultimately though, the games are designed so you can start at any game so whichever you chose they’re all good games and I hope you have fun!!

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The zodiac signs and their capital sins, sign sin, maybe?

SIGNS SINS, maybe?

ARIES full of burning purpose, at times behaving selfishly and without remorse. Thinking being honest makes it ok, their sin is PRIDE.

TAURUS often sees it as unnecessary to change their ways, even when things aren’t working. Tends to let things fix themselves. Their sin is SLOTH.

GEMINI at times they use their words so excessively they lose their meaning, making it hard for either party to be satisfied with what they hear. Their sin is GLUTTONY.

CANCER sees things in others that they have or want, yet they often refuse to change or move off their current path. Their sin is ENVY.

LEO as a person of passion, Leo often wants just to want. With their eyes set on the horizon, they forget to look at their feet. Their sin is GREED.

VIRGO heavy with burden and thought, at times Virgo can turn against the innocent with their anger. Their sin is WRATH.

LIBRA wants to want, but more so, to be wanted. They do their best to be desireable and to attain their desires. Their sin is LUST.

SCORPIO feels things heavily and with intensity. Often unable to move past their emotions until action is taken, their sin is WRATH.

SAGITTARIUS the spirit of adventure can certainly lead to excess, as one moves on before finishing what they left off. Their sin is GLUTTONY.

CAPRICORN never satisfied, always desperately looking for something to fill the void. Spurns others, but needs to be needed. their sin is LUST.

AQUARIUS as their logic and steadfastness dictate, they often feel as if they have the moral and mindful highground, which they do not step down from. Their sin is PRIDE.

PISCES their own sadness and want can lead them to coveting what others have, as well as smiling at their misfortunes. Their sin is ENVY.

The Signs’ Replies when Someone doesn’t Text Back

Aries: “Y u no text me back”
Taurus: “You must’ve fainted or something. Text me when you wake up”
Gemini: “My arm just got chopped off OK?”
Cancer: “I hope you’re writing me an essay”
Leo: “Cool. I’ll just wait then, not”
Virgo: “Noah wrote 365 letter to allie so I think you can text me back” 
Libra: “why do you text someone then throw your phone across the pacific ocean?”
Scorpio: “Slow down, I can’t keep up with all these messages”
Sagittarius:  “???”
Capricorn: *doesn’t reply*
Aquarius: “I’m touched that you’re so deep in your empathy that you can’t even pull it together enough to text me back”
Pisces: “Is my friendship annoying you???”

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I really love your art and the way you color so I'd just like to ask if you are still using the fire alpaca program like you before? i'm still quite new to it and I just wanted some advice on alternative art programs besides the usual sai/ps. Like how do you get the painterly type of feel ( I'm sorry for bombarding you with all these questions! ) that is in your art or how do u add patterns and textures (again if you don't feel comfortable answering these it's fine as well ) ! Thank you :D

Hi! No, not anymore; I switched over to MediBang Paint (cloudalpaca) a while ago, but they’re very similar since they’re made by the same people.

The main difference is the materials panel which is what lets me add patterns/textures/screentones and stuff like that:

the tiles are repeating, while the tones are single “sheets”. the program comes with a bunch of them (you get a lot more by making an account (free) which also has some other features) and you can upload your own into the program. transparent textures is a site I know has a lot of patterns and textures.

to add textures you just have to drag it onto the canvas, then you can move it around, rotate, zoom using the options it gives you, then push OK. if you only want to cover a certain area, just select w either the magic wand / lasso / select pen / etc, and drag inside there:

in terms of painterly feel.. um… i tend to merge things into single layers as I go along and work on top of those over and over so I dont have any past stuff I can use as examples but in terms of colouring, I dont generally do line art and use my sketches instead, and usually put more attention in the hair, then keep everything else kinda simple? (it’s a style derived from laziness…. ha… ;;;)

I like this sketch of minato’s head from earlier, so I’ll colour it as example:

sometimes they’re clean, sometimes they’re super messy, but in the end it doesnt make a huge difference (I consider this very clean)

i use square bitmap brushes to sketch/colour:

sometimes I might use the mapping pen to sketch on smaller canvases or for really exact details

(I use a lot of quick strokes, and for blending stuff like blushes a lot of quick tapping) (there are other types of brushes like watercolour though if that’s more your thing)

next, I colour in the base colours on a layer underneath. I try to keep inside the sketch, but i dont care if it’s messy inside nor is it a big deal if it bleeds the sketch. Some quick, blocky shading on the skin/clothes. if there are a lot of colours or I want to even it out a bit, I might add an overlay/screen/etc layer on top now, or wait until later to do so. 

after that, I make a new layer over the sketch and colour in the hair w the shade colour entirely, then I shade that with a darker colour. on a new layer, I colour with the base colour. then I merge these, the sketch, and the base and fix some of the shading and lines. I pick colours that show up when I added the base as lighter shading. Sometimes I add highlights, sometimes I dont. then I add some quick blocks of the base to hide the shading and make it, I guess, less shiny?

it looks like a lot of steps, but this is usually done pretty sketchily, with some attention really only being given in 4/5, maybe 6

everything else is just blending the shading with quick strokes, overlapping the base and shade, and cleaning up the sketch. usually done on one layer.

the sketchy/blocky -ness is probably what gives it a “painterly” feel? idk

I hope these answer your questions! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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Aries!Thomas and Capricorn!Alex live on the same mountain but opposite sides. They "butt heads" at least once a week over who has more of the mountain.

alex: /perches on top of the mountain and clears throat

alex: fUCK YOUUUUUU /echoes/

thomas: fuCK YOU TOO ASSHOLE  /echoes/

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(~ò.ó)~ tag, you're it now! share 10 random facts about yourself! and then send this to 10 of your followers!

Ughhgghhhahahgha ABI WHY!! I’m so boring.

  1. My mom just got a Star Wars collar for my dog and I cried on the phone with her when I opened it because I’m cheese.
  2. I’ve been vegan for six months! YEEEEEEE!!
  3. I’m a good cook and more than that, I enjoy cooking. But I don’t trust myself with knives.
  4. I miss getting lost in Paris with the loser who sent me this ask.
  6. Janelle Monáe once lowkey put her hand down my shirt to fix it because my bra was showing.
  7. ^ I’ve seen Janelle Monáe perform 19 times. :’)
  8. ^^ In 3 different states.
  9. ^^^ I met Solange backstage after her performance at AfroPunk in NYC and broke down afterward.
  10. ^^^^ During her Eephus tour in San Francisco, she was singing Tightrope and saw my mom and I in the audience and stopped singing and said, “I see you, ladies!” and we geeked TF out.

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u participating in the new persona yuri week? You made some good shit last time

aahhhh thank you! actually, I didn’t even realize it was on again. unfortunately I have a lot going on right now and can’t, but if you’re participating I hope you have fun~

The signs as how I perceive them based off of people I know.

Aries: (Joel, Ashley, Jesse, Joseph, Amanda) Pretty. Pretty in an odd, dainty way, that doesn’t strike you until you’re long past expecting it. Not to say they aren’t aesthetically pretty at first glance, more like a tulip than a rose, in that sense. Pretty on the outside, with a shock of color on the outside. Eyebrow furrowing, and mind entrancing. Warmth. Soul pulling. Nice eyebrows, and genuine conversations. Late night texting with no heaviness, but soft conversations meant for tears. Soft hair? Theatre-suitable. Clear lipgloss, with bright sparkles that only show off when the light hits them properly. Tears that shine (versus dull ones) and carefully rounded lips. Soft pink parasols, teal boots, and properly shaped fingernails.

Taurus: (Maira, Amit) Limp wrists, and an affinity for good music. Plump lips, and a styles that’s pinched by your own creativity. Adidas shoes, and alien-centered baseball caps. Mirror photos with feet up on the counter, paired with a surprisingly vulgar mouth. Tea drinking souls, with soft alternative in the background. Puzzle piece personalities (either it snaps together, or it doesn’t). Window sill plants, and vintage watering pots to be used with them every day. London flats, and stormy weather. Poems read in the dead of night, and easy conversations spoken about. Loud words coupled with soft topics, and endless words meant be spoken. Cashmere sweaters, cuffed jeans, and fingers constantly in motion.

Gemini: (Olivia, Ashley, Luca) Loving the sound of wind whooshing through a forest even if it chokes you. Rough, sharp, strong (in a soft, soothing sort of way). Painful. Gorgeous constellations in the sky, and chopping waves of the sea. The sharp part of the rose, but the water within a cactus. A breathe of fresh air after years of polluted oxygen. Cute noses, nice lips, unique laughs. So strong and so fluid that you can’t leave without a mark. Soul warping, and body consuming. Style. Passion. Vibrant memories. Earth-shattering. Attracted to Aquarius’. Bright eyes, and laughter dancing upon lips. A corset around the chest, tight like a vice, but beautifying. Fluffy scarves, soft hair, small hands, and knees bouncing with excitement.

Cancer: (Mads, Ryan) Strong. In the mind, especially. Furrowed eyebrows and heart-shaped piercings. Impressive in surprising ways, that blindside you when they’re discovered but ultimately don’t surprise you. Dimples. Dimples???? Dimples. Not necessarily even having dimples, just the personality of dimples. Late nights, fat blunts, wine-drunk. Star gazing, and feelings okay (even if you aren’t, necessarily). Bangs. Sweet accents, and pursed lips. Crazy photogenic in nearly jealous-making ways, and sparkle emojis that seem to float around their head without attracting too much attention. Attract the kind of sadness that everything within your body wants to help avoid. Capital letters, and light brushes of the finger tips, meant for the privacy of under a table cloth. Secrets made simply for the ease of the holder. Lily-pads floating on ponds, distorted reflections of a carnival fun house, and inner cheeks bitten raw.

Leo: (Lime, Sophia, Lauren) The bubble scene in Cinderella. Softly sang voices, and jumping footsteps. Self care, and hydration. Color coding enthusiast, and hair styles meant to cradle bows. Cold flushed cheeks, and
white teeth flashing against a starless night. The ultimate need to be cuddled, and perpetually soft skin. Flowing conversation and flower crowns.  Fruit juice cleanses, and the ability to pick up exactly where one’s left off. Popular Tumblr accounts, and the ultimate pun-maker. Sweet laughs, and the ability to share a giggle and a cuppa over anything. Rocking sunglasses, flannels, and crimped hair.

Virgo: (Sam) Nails half painted, and leather coats hiding streaks of paint, unwiped from the night before. Unconventional wiring, that works seamlessly with no proper explanation. Music you want to throw your body into, and sunglasses that have you smirking into the reflection. Colored hair, and an aloofness you want to be curled into. Tight tummies, curls lips, and an unmistakeable beauty. Ultimate cuddle-r, and extreme worrier. Overbearing, but pardonable (in an unexplainable way). Tight braces, hair meant for long fingers to run through, and skin that begs to be touched. Soft with animals that isn’t earned by, deserved by, or given to Other People. Pizza without the cheese atop it. Willing. Nerve sizzling, but pulse soothing. Feet that have stepped across the world. Fingers meant to grip a paintbrush with a heart-stopping grip. Shoulders built to hold tears, and collarbones shaped for lips to press against. Steel rings, vibrant tattoos, and swipes of black mascara across long eyelashes.

Libra: (Harper, Amanda, Sequoia, Hannah, Amulya) The defined edges of a blurry photo. Witty. Informed. The backbone of a supporting role that keeps the entire boat afloat. Soft voices singing in the wind. The little mermaid, with her hair curled around her face. A tendency to love alcohol, and desperate for cuddles. Informed. Updated. Smart. Sharp. Colored hair and bright lips. Big eyes and soft skin and big thoughts with little details. Unnecessary proper nouns that seem to Fit. Giggling voices, and radiant words.  A comfort that can’t be articulated to someone who hasn’t been held by it, and a gentleness not meant to be told, but to be experienced. Soft skirts and pointed lips. Strong minded, and with the voice to support it. Relentless, but in the endearing, important kind of way. Silver spoons, largely framed glasses, and soft thighs meant for lovebites.

Scorpio: (Ashlyn, Ashley) Personalities meant to be screamed, not whispered. Paint streaks that begin with smears, and end in beauty. Laughter from the gut, and eyes that have a constant twinkle. Pink, kissable lips, and sharp eyeliner. Bronze eyeshadow, and lips dragging along the center of your chest. The stars within your tummy, and a fierce determination that scares some, and entices others. Fierce fire behind the irises. Good grades and small giggles. Peach skin, with flowing dresses to match. Earbuds tucked in snuggly to play soft music that has no intention of being shared. Underlying intelligence within every word, and a kindness that seems to be rare within people of this day and age. Freshly bruised peaches, glittery nail polish, and soft tummies with light nail marks across them (pressed into the skin with love and purpose).

Sagittarius: (Alexis, Evan, Elana) Three words to describe them: Louis, loud, and loud. Boisterous. Soft in the kind of way that makes you want to layer their skin with your lips, despite rough edges you may split your lips on. The loud bird chirp that wakes you up every morning, but you forgive nearly instant, just because of how soothing you always seem to find it. Cheeks meant to round up into a smile, and hands meant for frantic fluttering. Trustworthy, but only with information that you make clear isn’t meant to be shared. Hair with an inevitable curl at the end, sometimes inwards, sometimes all around. Dramatics of all sorts. Sometimes good, sometimes not. Beautifully passionate, with eyes that exude excitement. Pink sweaters, marvel comics, and a swagger in every step.

Capricorn: (Jasmine, Madie, Louis, Tara, Amit) Beautiful innocents with shocks of red. An odd naivety that is easily breached by foul language and dirty jokes. Passionate friends, but also not confrontational without reason. More likely to watch people gossip about their friends and hate them later than to say something. Always full of sweet things to say, and ego-fluffing comments. Bursts of happiness, and unavoidably contagious laughter. Huge smiles, that start tiny and take over the whole face in a matter of seconds. Passionate as anything, and dedicated to who and what they love. Always open to new ideas and willing to learn. Never afraid to ask questions. Pastel, spinning fans, and tongues flicking over lips with anxiety.

Aquarius: (Lucy, Morgan, Harry) The summertime, and butterflies. A music taste that represents them in any way they can make it. Confident with a smile, but quietly always self conscious. Gorgeous, but rarely prepared to admit it. Pretty eyes. Lovely lips. Stunning laugh. Not very touchy, and act like dicks, but show their love for you with small, special actions that are only understood by the people they’re meant to be understood by. Space buns, and toothy grins. Beauty behind the madness. Quick to fall into any emotions, but slow to show it. Guarded, but once you’re let in, you’re set for life. Soft colors, healthy plants, and crinkles by the corners of their eyes.

Pisces: (Ashley) Minibars, expensive cars, hotel rooms, and new tattoos, good champagne, and private planes. Long hair, and smiling lips. The apples of cheeks. Stories. Stories. Stories. Guarded, and craving information. Sex enthusiast (and with the every day stories to prove it). Fizzy cider. Car selfies, and sparkling diamonds. Absolutely sure of their royalty, whether their home is a corner of an abandoned building, or in bed with the prince. Well-used passports, and heart-pumping music. Fragility in the bones, but not in the heart. Intrigued by the mind, and secure within their thoughts. The kind of person you expect to teach you how to wear a tiara (with a visual demonstration, and perhaps a travel sized tiara). Bilingual tongues, and bitten lips. Foil in the shape of a heart, well-creased pages of a book, cheekbones meant to be photographed.

@midnightsuite: It’s so hard to find stuff that’s actually spicy

It issss and I have a very very high spice tolerance and that just made it harder. Wingstop has good spicy wings (not as hot as Buffalo Wild Wings tho but that was way too far away and more expensive), so now I’m satisfied but not fully satiated

Oblivious (Ari/Dante)

Summary: Dante has no idea what his gentle signs of affection do to Ari. (My friend borrowed my copy of this book and hasn’t given it back and I’m going crazy. Thanks for the prompt, @nhasablog & I hope y’all enjoy!)

It took a long time for Ari to get used to intimacy, but Dante was patient. They took it slow, and brushing shoulders and knees eventually turned to arms wrapping around shoulders and hands resting on knees. Kisses travelled from simply lips to cheeks and foreheads and necks and hands. Fingers laced together and traced patterns over skin. And they could talk for hours about anything and everything, each topic baring more and more of their souls to each other, slowly and subtly, but surely.

The craziest thing about it all was, Ari wasn’t scared. He’d gotten past shame a long time ago; that wasn’t the issue. But he had been spent so long building strong walls around him, and it was hard to watch them be demolished every time Dante touched him. But he liked it. He liked letting loose and feeling truly…happy for the first time in forever. It was cheesy, sure, but Ari didn’t care.

But Dante was still struggling with reading Ari, something Ari had made sure of in the past and was finding hard to drop. All he wanted was for Dante to see what was right in front of him.

Keep reading