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hes a video producers. he did the video for “come over” by dean, and “eung freestyle”. people are saying he looks like an older jungkook.

okay i decided to look him up just bc i wanted to see, and holy fuck this guy is hot lol. i get where people can see jungkook in SOME pictures, but they really don’t look that much alike in most of them. but in this one he totally looks like a tatted jk and i’m salivating shamelessly (also really hope this is him, google images pls don’t fail me lmao)

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What does Joah mean? Jimin named his spotify playlist that.

hello anon~ I think joah is from the korean word 좋아 (joh-a) which means like/I like it or good/this is good. Something like that. So the title of the playlist “Joah? joah!” can be “Like it? I like it!” or “Like it? Good!” something like that I think.

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so i'm working on the prompt thing and it's like half done, but i'm having a little (a lot) of trouble with the characterization, especially with Padme (I haven't had the occasion to watch any of the movies in a long time and she seems very much like a cardboard cutout to me when i try to write her), is there any way you would help out a fellow writer by sharing some headcanons? just like, basic padme headcanons, bc i have like...zero to work off of right now and it would be v helpful

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited that you’re writing the thing! I can’t even tell you. (No pressure, though. Lord knows I’ve been talking about my unfinished fic for like two years, so take as long as you want/need.)

Concerning Padme, @flaminganakin just put up a really great analysis of her character here, so I recommend checking that out.

And here’s a few random headcanons of mine:

  • Padme is quite close with her sister Sola, but her relationship with her parents is more distant and frequently strained. They love each other, but they don’t really understand each other. (This post has a lot more detail on that headcanon.)
  • She really loves Naboo tradition, and is a bit of a geek about it - she studies old customs and reads classical texts and is actually fluent in the traditional language of flowers (something which is about as well-known among modern Naboo as Victorian flower language is for us today).
  • She’s both an idealist and a cynic, both practical and fanciful. (And this is part of why she’s so consistently underestimated by her opponents, who tend to see only one side of her and then get blindsided by the other. “Queen Amidala is young and naive. You will find controlling her will not be difficult.” Yeah, that one worked out.)
  • Padme actually has quite a lot in common with Anakin. They’re both very passionate, idealistic people with a tendency to prioritize other people - sometimes over ideals, and certainly over themselves. They’re both nerdy romantics. They both have a complex relationship with authority (something that will probably play into a graffiti AU). Anakin’s authority issues are pretty obvious, but I think a lot of people overlook Padme’s because most of what she says is insistence on democracy and the rule of law. But Padme in action has a very definite tendency to follow the old adage: if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. In TPM when she sees the galactic authority of the Senate won’t help her, she decides to go back and retake Naboo herself - a tactic which, it’s worth noting, was at best unsanctioned by the Republic, and arguably illegal (certainly illegal if she’d lost and the Trade Federation had been able to call the shots). In AOTC Padme is the one who decides to go rescue Obi-Wan, again outside the auspices of any official Republic sanction - and that rescue attempt does ultimately precipitate a diplomatic incident. So yes, Padme has a certain anti-authority streak, and it’s sometimes in conflict with her political goals in some really interesting ways.
  • She also has a definite reckless streak, frequently related to her complicated relationship with the concept of authority.
  • She loves fashion and the arts, and has a pretty broad appreciation for different types of art. (Something which may also play into a graffiti AU.)
  • She’s extremely protective of the people and things she loves, and pretty resistant to believing anything negative about them.

Part of why I’m so psyched for this AU is that, while the initial idea of Padme and Anakin meeting again while tagging the same building was mostly crack, there’s enough in their characters that I can actually imagine it happening.

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There's a snapchat filtre that makes you look like a cow and the cow is wearing a hat. As I'm very stupid, I took a photo of me with this filtre put as the caption: my cow has a hat. I posted in my story (I didn't tough anyone would get the buffy reference) and one of my friends saw it and said to me "wow, I didn't knew you watched buffy". and this is how I got my first boyfriend (a week ago)

this is like the cutest story! I’m so happy for you! And what do you know, Buffy is still bringing people together after 20+ years! 

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its annoying but agust d isnt on the mixtape for spotify or itunes bc he sampled james brown and didn't go through proper royalty procedures. same with namjoon's. but the download link bts put up on twitter when it came out is still working

Ah, I see. That makes sense. Thank you for this info! ^^
- Kristi

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First thing's first, all these girls' pictures are slaying my life!!! Tbh just by seeing all of them, my skin becomes clear and my hair will be healthy, i love it so much Second, and not less important, i love your account so much! It spreads so much positivity its almost surreal And last, could you maybe explain what tje cookout means? I've seen it pass a few times on your blog but I could never grasp the meaning (maybe because i'm new)

Yess❤ Thank You it’s when family / friends get together and have grilled food and other bomb ass food, drinks, dancing and slang meaning you fucks with Black people so you’re allowed to join us at the cookout.

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Lmao I like how that anon thinks Het ships are all Jaune and Sun can be in.... Seamonkeys exists, hon

Not only that but also no character needs to have a love interest to be happy? That’s why I’m also a fan of Ruby not having any sort of romance in the show. Because it doesn’t really matter imo. And characters like Sun and Jaune (who had or still have a romantic plot surrounding them) need to not only be that. And I know that there are sooo many examples of female characters existing solely as a love interest in past (and sometimes current) media so treating male characters like that doesn’t support equality for me at least.

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I just bought tickets for my very first ice show! Stoked to see some of my favorite skaters live and up close ^^ However, I'm still unsure of what is the proper etiquette for an ice show. When is it appropriate to applaud? I understand flash photography is a no-no but any tips for snapping a few photos using a smartphone camera or a camera without flash? Is it appropriate to even take pictures? What is the appropriate dress code? Any other essential do's/don'ts I should know beforehand?

1) Applaud before and after a program, just like at competitions. And basically whenever you feel like it during a program?

2) We’re not photographers so we can’t really give tips on taking photos, but non-flash photography is usually allowed at shows (except in Japan, where no photography is allowed from the audience at all).

3) Dress however you like, but remember that the rink might be a bit cold.

4) You can’t throw gifts on the ice at most shows; there are no sweepers to pick them up. But this varies by show.

If you’d like more info about the event/venue, we recommend contacting the organizers or arena directly. Have fun!

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What placements could make someone photogenic?

Libra on the ascendant has Venus as their chart-ruler, the goddess of beauty, and gives a wispy, charming beauty in Libra not only physically but in vibration. Libra rules the diurnal side of Venus as well, making Libra a social butterfly; there is effort put into their photos and the way they look, they posses an interpersonal intelligence so they know what the people want to see. Similarly, Venus in the 1st (world appearance) or 7th (social house, Others) can come of as photogenic too, Venus is caught up with their appearance, the most likely to adhere to beauty standards of the given society making them attractive in the eyes of the surrounding population 

I think fire ascendants or a fire planet strongly impacting the chart like sun, mars or Jupiter in the 1st can give off an aura of self-confidence and you know, confidence makes anyone look good. there is also a joyful, optimistic and warm nature to fire that people are drawn to such as the radiance of Leo

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Thank god u are back, will your cc ever return from war?

I’m going to reply to every ask individually and privately in the morning but this one I will reply publicly really quick… So,  I too don’t know when it will return from war because I deleted my dropbox account a couple months back and actually have absolutely none of my content 😣 I’m really sorry, I’ll try to track some stuff down, though. I think I have some stuff on a flash drive somewhere?

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Okay so I just read something on Buffy Wiki that I just had to share which is that apparently in season 7, the first was also going to appear as Kendra to Buffy, but Bianca Lawson was busy at the time. Could you imagine how awesome that would be? I always felt like they never gave enough attention to how her death affected Buffy. Idk I just think that would've have been really cool to see...

Oh, I don’t think I knew that! It would’ve been totally awesome, that’s for sure. There really wasn’t that much time to actually see how Kendra’s death affected Buffy because she had to go kill Angel and all, and then the season was over, but I think it would’ve been interesting to address it in season 7 when Buffy was in a very different place and somewhat closer to Kendra’s mentality as regards slaying. 100% agree it would’ve been super cool to see.

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Hi M, I think I found a typo? It's at the 2% mark on a kindle reader. "Wren tossed her book backward over her head, and I started as it landed beside me on the couch." It should be startled right? Or am I wrong? Anyways just wanted to let you know. You don't really need to publish this if you don't want to give quotes away :)

Tragically there are a few typos in the hardcover/final Kindle edition (trust me, I know they’re there and have agonized over them individually; my editor can attest to many an email on the subject), but this is not one of them. “Start” as an intransitive verb means “to give a sudden, involuntary jerk, jump, or twitch, as from a shock of surprise, alarm, or pain.” See here for a full dictionary definition.

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Who is the biggest lesbian in yugioh and what are your favorite types of monsters?

I NEVER GOT AROUND TO ANSWERING THIS ASK BUT THERE’S AN HOUR AND A HALF LEFT IN LESBIAN DAY OF VISIBILITY SO first off i don’t play the tcg so i don’t….. know enough about the monsters to say which types are my favorite. but as to the biggest lesbian: it’s serena

point 1: she is badass as hell, a soldier who takes no shit and doesn’t do any of the delicate femininity stuff

point 2: her reaction to guys hitting on her

point 3: 

i tried SO SO hard to turn this into a gif using my extremely limited skill but it wouldn’t cooperate.  anyway she and yuzu switch clothes at one point for strategic reasons (serena is the one who suggests it lol) and the opening represents that and. it’s p darn gay.


(those are their monsters)

point 4: her voice is so deep and badass and butch i love it so so much…… please accept this funky mad i found as a demonstration

point 5: would a straight not-butch girl dress like this

(transparent from here, the only good full-body i could find that showed her very cool skirt)

(listen i realize having a skirt is not very butch but in comparison to the shounen anime girls’ dress code that particular style of skirt is p damn unfeminine)

in conclusion: serena is very gay and very butch and i love her so so much.  the writing fucked her over so bad near the end but at least she got to shine for a while, she’s so so so good.  absolutely biggest lesbian in ygo imo