oh jeez…. oh no…. I was afraid my impulsivity/lack of research would come back to bite me hahaha. But I’m super happy to talk with a contra dancer!! I’ve gotten a few questions that I wish I had better answers to! But first I’ll answer yours!

So first off while I did base their dance off of Thingumy and Bob’s, it was honestly based mostly off of my memory of their dance from their episode, and I didn’t actually look it up again until after I finished the animatic (WHOOPS). I combined that memory with other notions of similar dances I kind of absorbed through osmosis?? Which explains why the dances aren’t totally the same. and I’m not totally sure if I’m interpreting the ask right, but I think you’re saying the Snufkin/Moomin dance is more allemande than the Thingumy/Bob one? (Or maybe neither of them can fall under that category LOL) 

But anyway, the answer is I think both I wanted it to be and it was a coincidence!! of course I wanted their reunion dance to feel natural and spontaneous but also like something that they had maybe done before (and therefore could wordlessly slip back into). since in the 90s anime Snufkin has been known to spontaneously twirl & dance when he’s happy :’) (or has committed a successful jape) 

Anyway I thought it would be really fun to add in an allemande, though I didn’t actually realize that’s what it was called at the time 😅 I would love to know more about traditional contra dancing though!!!!!! Especially any particular dances that are of Finnish or Swedish origin, I think it’d be fun to animate them dancing more in the future and I’d love to be able to get it right if I can…. Feel free to send me references because I’d love to learn! 

Also I know it goes by so fast but I also have been wondering if anyone caught that when they turn, they go from having the back of their hands touching to interlacing their fingers… lol


TLDR; Short answer is that they just dancin. they didn’t plan it but they felt it so they forgot all form and stumbled into what felt right :’) (and then onto the ground)

oh and of course, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💕💕💕

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please write Matteo being anxious about just life in general (his parents, his sexuality, his friends, graduating, what comes after graduation etc) in the middle of the night, so he wakes up and because he's fidgeting in bed, David wakes up as well and then David tries to comfort / calm him

(sorry this won’t be exactly what you’re looking for but it’s what my mind went with. also please excuse any mistakes, i wrote this in one sitting and though i re-read it a few times i fear something might still be off. warning for an anxiety attack.)

There was a story Matteo had once heard. A story about a girl abandoned by her step mother to live in a small house in the middle of the forest. Alone. In that story there was a tiger that came to her house, carefully tiptoed around the tall trees and jumped in her room through the open window. He came in the cover of the darkness, eyes shining in the moonlight, claws extracted and mouth a terrifying grimace. Hungry, so unbelievably hungry. The shadow of him from the moonlight streaming through the window was just a grotesque monster, ready to swallow her whole. Take everything she had got to offer and eat her raw.

And right this moment, at 4am, sitting on the bed in his dark room, silence almost deafening, Matteo felt like the same tiger had come for him too, lurking in the shadows, awaiting the perfect opportunity. He was at his weakest, too sleepy and too slow, too something. Always lacking. Never enough.

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I wonder how the David and Patrick relationship would have worked if they hired another actor instead of Noah

that’s such an interesting thing to consider because noah just so fully is patrick. i mean i know that’s true of all the characters, but it’s so hard to imagine anyone else in that role because there are things about patrick at this point that are just so inherently noah. the most obvious of course is noah’s musical influence–open mic night wouldn’t exist without noah in the role. (and what a sadder world we would live in without that in our lives.) but it’s smaller things too, like the fact that no one else in the world can do heart eyes the way noah can do heart eyes. so many of those little patricky things are due to noah and his on-screen chemistry with dan. and i think most importantly, noah gets it. he is fully on-board with dan’s vision for the show and more specifically his vision for david and patrick’s relationship, which isn’t to say that another actor wouldn’t be (dan wouldn’t hire someone who wasn’t on-board, lbr), but it’s a contributing factor in what makes him the perfect patrick. 

could it still be good with someone else in the role? sure. but it definitely would look very different than the david and patrick we love so much.

related to that, it’s also interesting to think about the fact that originally patrick wasn’t supposed to stick around. but ultimately we ended up with this beautiful, perfect storm where dan realized in the writing process that their relationship was special and deserved a longer arc AND we got noah fulfilling all our wildest dreams as the perfect other half of that relationship, and honestly thank god or fate or whatever for making those things happen. where would we all be without that?

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will you still post ts2 gameplay or are you strictly ts4 now? i loved the ts2 gameplay!

i uninstalled ts3 but i still have ts2 :o) i think i’ll keep it around bc i love the gameplay and no lag so it’ll just be smth i do when im bored of ts4!

leanmeanand-green reacted about your text post: “Oh my god—Loki! (When you saw something but cant say it)”


Are you sure? Many people send me messages to show.


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...if the post is about transphobia, why is it tagged with lesbian stuff?

The post was made after a couple of bloggers felt it necessary to bring the lesbian flag discourse onto my posts and into my inbox. “HoW CAN yoU fORGet The FiRst LettEr!!!11117”, style.

The post that I made is about tumblr lgbt acronym discourse in general, that is why it is also tagged with #queer discourse and #lgbt discourse. If I had thought of it at the time, I would have added the ace discourse tag as well.

A curious amount of discourse on this website centers on which acronyms we should use, who belongs in the acronym, and in which order.

Someone in the reblogs pointed out that my observation also applies to the way trans people are treated by cis people within the lgbt community. It was a good point, so I reblogged that reply as well.

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hey do you know what brand is the sneaker that david uses ALL THE TIME? that one that looks like a converse

these ones? they’re def rick owens (like a fair chunk of the rest of his wardrobe). they’re specifically the DRKSHDW ramones in black mesh.

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youre.... kind of a bitch...? like i kno these guys are assholes but goin in on them personally every time is just ugly n unnecessary cuz they dont actually care. a random girl on tinder insulting them isnt gonna change them, youre just makin yourself look bad. and begging (sure, youre ‘asking’ but having it in your bio is begging) for money 24/7 isnt cute either. men dont exist on this planet to pay for your nails. if you got 2 jobs, use your own money. youre just makin yourself look cheap.

damn this would really hurt my feelings if I cared what strangers online think of me huh

I’m not being dramatic, it literally could not be any worse for me. It invalidates his entire journey. And it irks me cause clearly none of it was planned. The whole point of their conversation in catws was that she’s lived her life and that he should find a way to move on and have a life in the present. The kiss with Sharon was weird, but I tolerated it because I knew it was gonna happen because of the comics. What are we supposed to think of it now? I still maintain what I said about Steve/Peggy the other day, but this ending was not earned, they paid dust to everything and everyone else involved in the cap franchise. And they found a way to honor everything about the iron man movies. I’m not saying this bitterly, cause I loved it and it was beautifully written, I just… I don’t understand it at all. I might change my mind once it settles in, but right now I can’t even think about the cap movies and these characters.

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what do you guys think about the whole situation of bp being accused of „promoting domestic abuse“ with their photocards?

All of us at BPO had a discussion about this just yesterday and some of us agree that it’s sort of problematic while some of us don’t think there’s anything wrong with the photocards so we are sort of split on the subject. This does not mean that any of us support domestic violence in any way. We just have different opinions on this subject in particular.

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Do you think it means anything the couple times that Patrick does not wear blue? (Not counting when he's just wearing an undershirt or is in costume.) I'm thinking especially of the start of Open Mic.

dan is so careful about his choices for the costuming and so many other things on this show that, yes, i do generally think there’s meaning when we see a character dressed in a way that they don’t usually dress. for “open mic” in particular, i think the costume changes for both of them (since we see david in a non b&w sweater) serve to underscore the importance of the open mic night  in the trajectory of their relationship–it’s honestly a moment that changes them, so having them dressed a little differently than normal just further emphasizes that. 

i know you asked about patrick in particular, but i just also want to say that i think the choice of having david in a sweater that looks like he’s on fire is certainly Something in the context of the ep: first he’s practically burning with secondhand embarrassment at the thought of patrick performing at all, then there’s that slow burn of emotion during the song where he sort of melts into allowing himself to enjoy and appreciate it, and then there’s also the fact that the lyrics to the song literally start with i call you when i need you, my heart’s on fire. i don’t necessarily know that that particular sweater was chosen for quite that literal of reasons, but it is an interesting choice in light of them. 

anyway, i would also recommend taking a look at this post, too, which discusses the color choices made for these outfits.

finally, back to patrick for one more brief point: his shirt at the end of “rock on!” seems to be a pale purple rather than blue, which means when he was getting dressed to go out with ken, he intentionally decided not to wear (and dan and co. intentionally decided not to costume him in) the blues he normally wears around david. i love that choice to draw a visual line between david and ken by having patrick in a different color than usual, AND i love that they chose a color that was close to blue but not quite, further highlighting that “off” feeling that both patrick and david are having about the potential date.

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how do we look at ur nsfw art 👀👀

my nsfw twitter is temporarily on private! bc i dont want any minors interacting with it, and i dont want to lead them into the account by accident either, so this way i get to control who sees the content and who doesnt. the username is velgoodies 

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If anyone was wondering if Joven is coming back to smosh games or not, someone commented on his newest video asking if he's coming back. He responded with "keep an eye out", so he is coming back to smosh!

oh w o r d ? i’m a bit skeptical bc “keep an eye out” doesn’t necessarily mean he’s coming back as a full-time member but,, he’s probably aware of what that sounds like and i’m not sure if he’d say it if he didn’t mean what we thought he meant,,,, u kno what i mean ?