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And Gladio noticing Prompto vanished, but not telling Ignis cause he didn’t want Ignis to be hurt even more.

im so tired and lazy rn but picture this:

the three of them making it to dawn. they see the start of the summoning and know they’re safe now, it’s good now, they have to get he fuck out of there. but with each successive king that’s summoned, prompto starts to fall a little further behind. the daemons around them seem to lose interest and even disappear, but as they do, prompto collapses.

gladio doesn’t miss a beat. he stoops to get the kid on his back. ignis demands to know what’s happening and he tells him it’s fine, prompto just fell - they need to get the hell back to the city gates.

prompto clings stubbornly to his back. assuring him he’s fine, but gladio can feel the strength slipping away from him. ignis calls bcak for a status report and gladio says he’s fine but he thinks back to the reports in gralea. all of prompto’s cagey mannerisms, how he’d always thrived in the dark the way they didn’t.

They leave the city walls.

They don’t run into any more daemons. Gladio assures Prompto he did his best, he fought well, it’s all okay now. The first trembling fingers of dawn reach for the sky for the first time in ten years.

“It’s so beautiful,” Prompto says. Gladio shrugs off his jacket and covers his friend with it, as if the solution to the problem is that simple. Prompto reaches for his hand and he gives it over, squeezing, hang on.

They had planned to stay to retrieve the body of their fallen King, but with Prompto’s condition as it is, that plan gets put on the backburner. They make for Hammerhead as fast as their legs can take them.

Ignis asks for updates and Gladio gives them. Prompto’s sleeping, he’s alright, don’t worry about it. He says it right up until they get to Hammerhead. Until there are others to speak up against the lie. 

It’s later he’ll confess that he felt the blonde breathe his last the second the sun had finally claimed its rightful place in the sky. It had been such a small thing, so unlike Prompto’s usual boisterous spirit, that he’d hoped ignoring it would mean it hadn’t happened.

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Can we vote for you to keep watching this? Because you are having such a good time it is really making my day.


Nah though, people are looking forward to that, too, as am I, if for very different reasons than Galavant. I WILL be finishing this show, though, and soon. As I suspect these liveblogs have largely been me splashing around and laughing, with the occasional longer comment, I feel comfortable saying I can liveblog them.

But tonight will be the horror game livestream, BECAUSE WHERE THERE IS LAUGHTER THERE IS ALSO SUFFERING

Here’s a quick look at the rest of the day. I’ll have to leave here in about half an hour, which won’t be time to get another episode done, but I’ll start. Then I’ll probably be gone for about an hour, and when I get back, we’ll begin Yomawari. Quite possibly like Life is Strange last night, I’ll need to take a break about halfway through to inhale dinner, but otherwise, we’ll go until about 10pm again.

A quick beginning of Galavant Ep 4 first, though. I WONDER IF THERE’LL BE SINGING

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Starscream, don’t ever feel guilty about flying. You are beautiful. The way you transform. The skies were made for you.

I don’t feel guilty about flying. I feel guilty about very little, but least of all flying. It’s what I was meant to do.

And yes, those astute observations of yours as well. I transform with an exceptional sense of style, and my wings have been called “the jewels that give the heavens’ crown its light”. 

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As the kiss progressed his hand continued to travel higher up on the girl’s thigh, only stopping when he felt his fingers begin to go underneath his skirt; that’s about as high as he’s willing to let himself go. With his hand situated at that point he focused completely on the kiss, gently and tenderly suckling her bottom lip and parting his own lips ever so slightly.

                  She was ready to tell him to stop. Noticing how his hand was getting higher and higher, she was ready to pull back from the kiss and ask for him to stop but, thankfully, she didn’t have to. Her hand soon letting go of his shirt to go up so her arm could wrap around his neck, the other went to rest ontop of his hand almost as if keeping it there. Her tongue absently running over his lip without her meaning to.

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Meh. I’ll be fine when I’m at his house instead of mine and omf 13?? I’m still not allowed to date until my birthday. WHICH (OFF TOPIC) BUT ISN’T IT WEIRD THAT I MET CHRIS RIGHT BEFORE I CAN START DATING?

NOT WEIRD FATE, and it was only like a week before I was fourteen and I just told my mom I was going to the movies with a guy from school, which basically means “a date but I don’t want to call it a date because I am young and awkward and don’t want you to day no”