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Hey Italian one, you said r*tarded in an ask a while ago and I don't know if you know but that's pretty offensive for people with mental disabilities

it means “slow”. It doesn’t automatically indicate people with learning disabilities or mental issues or problems like that. 

-the italian one

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I take it your the type of person who is mean to pot heads even if they don't talk or do anything to you. Like you're both in line for coffee and you say something snarky about them under your breath? You know not everyone likes the Internet and homestuck as much as you

My boyfriend… actively smokes pot. And I love him and have been with him for two years… so no I am not that type of person. I have plenty of friends who do it too. I just don’t particularly like it. I’ve had bad experiences with it and it gives me extreme anxiety being near it. If it became legal, chances are I would run into it more often. I understand it can be helpful to people. But it can also react badly with others as well. 

Thank you anon for trying to make me seem like a total bitch though, and assuming :) you are so incorrect tho it’s laughable. Funny you act like just how I said in the post. You don’t even know me, so to sum this reply up kiss my ass because you embarrassed yourself.

Also your last line confuses me. What does me liking the internet and Homestuck (homestuck in particular HOW IS THAT EVEN A PART OF THIS) have to do with anything I said? I’m sorry, but did you hit your head? U feelin’ okay?

I don’t like drugs. Plain and simple. I don’t judge people for their choices but I do not necessarily understand or agree with them. Will I stop them from doing it? No. Might I express why I don’t personally like it? Yes. I respect those who also respect me. 

Also don’t u think it’s kinda rude to refer to people who smoke pot as “pot heads”? That’s the kind of thing a *mean* person would do. B)

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This is really pessimistic, but I honestly hate those "it gets better" posts that go something "When I was X years old, I wanted to die. I'm X and I [insert something here]". I'm happy things got better for that person, but those posts come off as having doing nothing but just waiting around for things to get better. I'm sorry, but just waiting hasn't done a thing for me. How is that supposed to help?

Nah, it doesn’t mean ‘just sit and wait’. You work to go where you want to go. It DOES get better, but you have to help yourself. Of course miracles don’t rain from the sky. But if you work to treat yourself better, take care of yourself, build a self-confidence and make efforts to better your situation, it will get better. That includes bullying. If you’re bullied, you don’t just sit around and do nothing, believe me, that’s what I did and I’m still dealing with it 13 years later. You go to someone who can help. You don’t just strictly wait. But you also need patience, yeah. Just, you know, don’t take the “it gets better” thing as “standing around and waiting”, because it doesn’t work like that. Also, if you need psychological help, please seek for it. Don’t be afraid of admitting you’re depressed or you have other mental issues. And good luck. <3

-the italian one

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Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread anon love, not hate.

Thanks love!

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✩ for quietshipping! (like Wendie and Zion but it can be done under Quietshipping's light!)


Romantic Orientation: Biromantic

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Gender: Female

Mental Illness: As of now, none that I know of

Random headcanon: She adores Hello Kitty products. I’m not really sure why, but she likes them a lot. :3



Romantic Orientation: Possibly aromantic
(“possibly” because he has never actually known love (romantic or not), so he doesn’t completely understand it. He himself doesn’t really know for sure.)

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Gender: Male

Mental Illness: Aw, I hate that he has this but… He has depression and anxiety issues. He’s a very private individual so it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly, but…this are the known issues that he struggles with.

Random headcanon: He enjoys watching Youtube channels like mosogourmet, Cooking with Dog and rrcherrypie when he wants to relax. I think he secretly wants to make similar videos like them (save for cwd because he doesn’t want to talk or for his face to be seen)

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aromantic ravi is literaly the most perfect thing I'm pretty sure I'm accidentally writing him that way in the fic I'm working on

i just want of his mainstream writing to be like this huge ruse and he actually wants to write about deeper things, about the ideas behind humanity and his philosophies and who he is and how he’s so tired of having to hide behind the facade of broken hearts and relationships and love and things like that

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Can I just thank you for being so positive? I follow another blog, and I'm about to remove it because it has become a "let's talk shit about VR, and everything else related to Divergent" blog, while still trying to be about Divergent. If you don't like the thing, why are you in the fandom? Anyways, you are a fantastic human being, and you're always so nice and you make fantastic edits and I just wanted to thank you for being in this space with us. : )

Oh gosh, your words are a blessing! I’m honored and grateful to receive them, and I’m so glad that my positivity have reached others. 

I understand your story. I myself have seen a few bloggers around that seem to have different opinions about their fandoms, when they are trapped in various situations. 

Luckily, there are not many of them around here; at least not in the fandoms I’m in. Putting that aside, I am thankful that people like you are around here! Thanks to your words, my mood has become very positive in the middle of exams. <3

Cheers, hugs and love to you! 

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Personally I'm getting sick of femenists who focus their attention COMPLETELY on the United States because its pretty much fine here outside of sexism in the media and the occasional bias by the old conservative who's weeks out of a heart attack. Want to really do some good? Bring that zealous shit where it's needed instead of just flaunting armpit hair and running naked in public because you're only shooting yourself in the foot and not doing jack shit. you know what i mean?

Yes. Oh but if you say that then you’ll have feminists bounce on your metaphorical dick telling you that women in the US have problems too! Saying that they should care about women with WAY worse problems is derailing! (which means it’s better to keep on circlejerking about how society needs freebleeding basically)

-the italian one

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that faaaaace I love it

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not if it’s to allison apparently goddamn i forgot how fucking gorgeous she is

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Perfect fucking icon. THIS IS PERFECT. and painful. *weeps*

I turned it into an aged-looking holostill. At least that’s the effect I was going for. I’m glad people like it, though I made another I might change it to soon.

Here’s the icon without editing:

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the reason they don't let go of "feminist" is because it lets them keep their movement truly about women, as they can always defer to their title in a pinch if male problems come up. if they were humanist or equalist, they'd have to actually change their whole thing around and have to consider the male side of everything. as feminists, they don't have to do that.

that is what I think too. Basically, I think it’s a power game, and I personally want nothing to do with it. You know, feminism for some women brings on A LOT of power and money. There are interests at play. And honestly, you know, if you really believe in gender equality and you want to call yourself a feminist then go ahead, but thinking that feminism is entirely pure and innocent is ignorant and disingenuous. All big movements have something to gain from being popular.

-the italian one