Replicreate - new start-up offering replicas of things that you want to copy, copy, copy…

Wow, such a great idea! Not everybody want to buy the 3d printer and 3d scanner to make a “backup” of their favorite things. Let’s for example imagine beloved childhood toy made by craftsman just for you. If you would like to share it with your child, grandchild etc. you have option to just copy it for them without worrying of accidental lost, damage or any other threat. Your child would be even able to modify it in their own unique way using future intuitive tool like Leap Motion or doodle3d and create something completely new.  There are many other ways to use it. Just copy, copy, copy and print! :D

“Replicreate is the first online service which makes a 3D copy of about anything you want. Just send us your item and we’ll produce an exact 3D printed replica.”