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when I was about 12 I had a membership to the local YMCA. I was sitting in the steam room one day and there were about three other adults in the room with me. I felt very mature being in here. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to be there, or I should have at least been accompanied by a parent. It was dead silent, no one was talking to one another, everyone was just relaxing. all of a sudden I ripped major ass. I had no idea this fart was building up inside, it completely snuck up on me and it was so loud in the tiny steam room. my 12 year old self was so embarrassed, I tried to cover it up by squishing my thighs together and squishing them on the tile bench we were all sitting on but it wasn’t working, nothing could replicate the sound of this monster fart. still no one had even reacted to the obnoxiously loud fart. but then it started to smell. It was kind of like when you fart in the shower and all the humidity enhances your sense of smell. I knew I had to get out of there fast so I quickly walked out. I haven’t been in that steam room since.

On Sirius’s Hair
•So I said in my last post that Sirius loves getting his hair touched
•And of course he does after 11 years of being basically ignored by his family (because I don’t think the real abuse started until after he went to school, it was probably more of them ignoring him and not giving him the attention he OBVIOUSLY NEEDS)
•He’s starved for any kind of human affection
•And lbr getting your hair touched feels great
•like when someone washes it and massages your scalp? Yesssss
•anyways Sirius thought it was relaxing and likes having his hair in pretty braids and such
•and he refuses to cut it cause he thinks it looks punk rock when it’s down
•he’ll toss himself in Remus’s lap while Remus is studying and Remus will just kind of absently stroke his hair
•and he lets James try to replicate whatever hairstyle Lily is currently rocking because James is just amazed by Lily’s skill
•but Peter is the one who knows how to braid
•so it’s Peter that Sirius sits with for hours while Peter practices “this new four strand French braid technique one of the Ravenclaws taught me stay STILL Padfoot”
•and the gryffindor girls will weave red and gold ribbons into his man bun for quidditch matches
•also when he’s Padfoot I can totally see him walking up to girls in Hogsmeade to get a good pet
•cause only that one Hufflepuff knows how to scratch behind the ears the best
•and it’s all just adorable and Sirius gets all the pets he needs forever

Like, even claiming heterosexual women perpetuate misogyny by dating men is like, technically true because without women the patriarchy would not be able to replicate itself, but also clearly victim blaming in that blaming any kind of women for the existence of misogyny is gross. Blame heterosexual women for homophobia, it’s something they’ve had a large part in. But misogyny? Men’s fault. And if you don’t think so you can, to be honest, get the fuck away from me.

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what vibe is that?

the vibe of “do the people behind this reboot really care about the source material, or do they only care about nostalgia and making money?” (like with Sailor Moon Crystal)

and I really don’t wanna have that vibe at all but uh……’s there

I mean from what I can see in the clip it’s not near SMC quality yet:

but the animation and designs of the new PPG clip still look so stiff and cheaply-made that it ends up sucking the life out of the original characters, and it’s really disappointing. The fact that Craig McCracken wasn’t involved with this reboot doesn’t help my lack of enthusiasm either.

Again, I know it’s too soon to say for sure, and I know reboots aren’t supposed to perfectly replicate the original 100% (including the animation style), but it’s really not giving me high hopes here.

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Do you think people who don't read Greek or Latin can get enough out of translations for them to be worth reading, or do you think that there's so much you're missing out on that the works just aren't the same?

interesting question…there’s a lot that you miss out on when you read a translation. some things just can’t be replicated.. in many cases, you can get close, and some people have done a very good job of capturing not just the meaning but the feel of certain ancient works. but you’re just never going to get quite there, and really, your best bet is to just read them in the original languages.

now, does that mean i don’t think it’s worth reading them in translation? of course not. hell, there are a lot of things that i’m probably never going to read in the original language- not just languages i don’t know, but greek and latin as well. you just can’t expect yourself to always be able to have access to a work in the original language, and even if you do, sometimes you just want to read something in your own language, and that’s perfectly okay. it’s good to know that you’re probably missing out on some of the nuances of the original language- and that goes for any translation you read, not just translations from greek and latin- but the stories and messages that these works contain are absolutely worth reading regardless of the language they’re in.

I realized something interesting at this episode

We see Jenny and Joe trying the whole episode to replicate Abbie and Crane’s chemistry and yeah they got the monster but they failed. They argued and overall it feel awkward to watch.

Also Joe is trying to hard to get into Jenny emotionally and its not letting herself doing naturally or even doing it himself. I reminded of that scene on the porch that Crane and Abbie were sharing two really personal things about them and it felt… Right, to see them doing that.

Honestly Joenny can kiss and presumably have sex all they want and the writers can think thats enough but no way they have a connection like Ichabbie. I wanna see them finally kissing and fucking? Of course, now, but at this point its pretty clear they never needed that to be endgame

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Zelo. 😳

6th person gets to cuddle up.

“It’s still raining” you complained with your nose pressed against the window.
“It’s okay, we can stay in and watch a movie” Junhong said, resting his chin on your head.
You shrugged. “You choose the movie while I make popcorn?”
“Sure” he grinned.
By the time you entered the living room, hands full of junk food and soda, Junhong already had the chosen movie on pause and was stretched out on the sofa, hoarding it all.
“And were am I supposed to sit now?” you asked, nudging his leg, but he simply opened his arms. “Are you serious?” you felt your cheeks getting hot.
“Sure” he beamed, although you could see the faint blush replicating your own.
Cautiously you lay down on top of him, trying to find a comfortable position for the both of you. “I thought you’d be softer” you poked his chest with a shy smile.
“Do you want a cushion?” he offered.
“No, I mean, it’s fine” you rested your head on his shoulder. “I like it.”
“I’ll play the movie then” he reached out for the remote, his other hand resting on the small of your back, his cheeks twice as red as yours.

so in my history class yesterday we were doing a lab using lenses and candles etc. to try to replicate some of the experiments Galileo did and there was a part where we had to measure something and we did it in inches but it was supposed to be in centimeters so we had to convert it but everyone was so confused and one guy was so distraught and with the most exasperated look on his face he was like “but we’re HISTORY majors… WE CAN’T DO MATH”

Tour complete!

Alright folks, that’s all the dash spam for now. ;) This build took me nine days!! I am the slowest decorator ever. It probably didn’t help that I took 5 days just to make all the souvenirs for the gift shop, haha.

I’m afraid the lot won’t be for upload because the amount of CC is far too extensive for me to find links to everything. People are more than welcome to take inspiration/blatantly replicate it to their heart’s content, though! I used the gym in Windenburg as my shell, and I’ve got top-down views of the cafe  HERE that you can use as reference. ^_^

There is, evidently, a deep longing in popular culture to somehow humanise the impacts of this barren culture of technology. We see that in the way that the replicants in Blade Runner acquire feelings, how Sonmi-451 learns an expressive language in Cloud Atlas, how the robots in Wall-E learn to care and shed a tear while human beings, bloated with compensatory consumer goods, passively float alone, each on their separate magic carpet, above the ruinous world the robots are seeking to order below; and even, more negatively, how HAL the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey goes rogue. The sheer impossibility of this dream of humanising technology does nothing to deter its repeated articulation. So where, then, do we go to find a more human way to reconstruct our world?

david harvey saw wall-e 


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How do i begin to astral travel for the first time? I already have begun to protect myself but i dont know the actual process of doing so.

Really get use to being a blank canvas. Instead of focusing on thoughts and emotions, focus on your sensation of actual feeling.

When you move your arm back and fourth, focus on that feeling. Then replicate it in your mind without moving your arm. Jump up and down, and focus on what your body is feeling. Do this with your whole body until you can literally move around without moving around.
Then focus on the way you see. Look at something with vivid color, then visualize it. Strengthen your minds eye.


It takes time. Don’t give up, be persistent and you’ll have success. Likely when you get to a point where you want to give up, that’s when you’ll have your first step of success.

~ Δ

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Hi, um, do you have a base for like... skeleton legs/body in the normal sprite style, or know where someone could find one?

=There is a panel where handmaid’s skeleton is shown (flashing gif warning) but if you want a stationary sprite I made you one=

=Let me know if I need to fix something! I tried to replicate it to look like the one in the comic=

=Here’s one with/one sans (lol) skeleton face so you can edit these if you want of course. Sorry they’re not the best! –cts =