For @dotdollplushies of her Phoenix species from her book series The Naiad Chronicles. This is not for sale nor will it be replicated. 

For commissions information, go to 

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Casual reminder that as someone who doesn’t really understand gender, and is therefore nonbinary because of my disconnect from the binary, there is no similar gender to mine. I understand it in the context of my own brain and its workings and my (nonexistent) concept of gender, which other people cannot exactly replicate. “SGA” is a useless term for me and if you force it on me you’re wrong and anti-nonbinary, and probably ableist as well.


So, I ran across the top photo a couple of days ago.  I remember seeing that photo and the bottom photo paired in one post.  I tried to find the post but couldn’t.   I also had the hardest time looking for the bottom photo so that I could replicate the original post.

I’m certain the intent was not to suggest anything with words, but to have you look at both pictures and the environment and draw your own conclusions.  I would love to read some of your theories in the comments section.

To celebrate 1,000 followers, I’m going to try something kind of special. I’m going to do closet cosplay requests for Ace Attorney and Death Note! I often cosplay as Miles Edgeworth and L Lawliet, so I won’t take requests for either of them, but you can ask me to do any other character from either of those two franchises and I will do my best to replicate that character using only my own hair and the clothes in my wardrobe (I’m kind of hoping someone will ask for Klavier as I own a purple shirt haha). It’s like a challenge for me! I’ll try my best to replicate that character with whatever clothes I own.

When material comes into Swann already framed, our specialists will often open up the frames to necessarily inspect the condition of the material within. Our #vintage #posters department had one such encounter with a contemporaneously framed impression of Alphonse Mucha’s lithograph, “Byzantine Head / Blonde,” 1890s, though they did not expect to find a delicate mirror replication of the image on the glass pane. Possible causes are myriad, and include unsealed framing, exposure to light and humidity or chemical release from the pigments. The frosty duplicate reminds us the time passed behind the glass, and the benefits of modern archival practices. ……
Photo’d by @unilorn
#alphonsemucha #archival

How To Become An Awesome 3D Modeler (Part 2)

External image

In this post, we continue from Part 1 and look at ways to become an awesome 3D modeler. Without wasting any more time, let’s look at some tips!


This is one of the most powerful ways of learning 3D modeling and one that I highly recommend. You can accelerate your learning by seeing how others create their models and replicate it yourself under their guidance. There are two types of tutorials; text-based tutorials and video tutorials.

Text-based tutorials are sites that show you step-by-step how to create something. This is not only limited to websites and blogs. It could also be paper-based or PDFs. A book can also be a kind of tutorial. A mega-tutorial if I may. Text-based tutorials are best utilized by having the tutorial partially available on your screen (or desk if using paper-based), with the 3D software you regular use covering the remaining part of your screen. This way, you can refer to the tutorial while attempt to create the 3D model. Windows 8 users can use the split screen feature of Windows to partially open different screens at the same time. If you have a dual-monitor setup, you can use one screen for the tutorial and the other to work on your 3D model. Text-based tutorials that utilize screenshots tend to be far more popular since a screenshot is generally the equivalent of a thousand words.

Video-based tutorials are those where the instructor shows you step-by-step how to create a 3D model. This gives you confidence that you will also be able to do the same thing if you copy what the instructor did. You can’t split the screen here (unless you have a dual-monitor setup or another tablet beside you). You’ll just have to keep switching back and forth with your 3D software and also keep pressing the pause button a lot. The main advantage compared to text-based tutorials, is that you get to see first-hand the 3D model being created. A text-based tutorial can tell you to press button A, but it won’t really help if you can’t find where button A is. With video tutorials, you see the instructor navigating to and pressing button A, so that you can easily identify where button A is. Now you may be thinking, this is clearly first-world problems. But it really does get annoying after a while. There has been many times I’ve followed a text-based tutorial and I’ve been left frustrated not knowing where to click and what will happen if I click it. Honestly, it’s like a feeling that if I accidentally press the wrong button, I will somehow set off Windows 10 and make my computer burn on fire. Video tutorials makes life a whole lot easier in this regards as you get to see first-hand the instructor doing it, so you can be left confident that you won’t set off some secret Windows 10 fire command.

Especially for a visual craft like 3D modeling, video tutorials are always going to be far more popular and far more helpful. It’s just a lot easier to show a vertex being added to a specific part of a human ear compared to the nightmare of reading some complicated text about it.


This is perhaps a more modern day approach. The idea is to collect any helpful infographics related to 3D modeling. If you don’t know what an infographic is, it’s basically what it sounds like. It’s a graphic image with information on it that can help you. Infographics are quite popular nowadays and big websites and bloggers utilize them since a lot of people download and consume them like hot cakes.  Infographics can show you how to do something or teach you some useful facts in a visually nice looking way.  As they say, a picture speaks a 1000 words.  People tend to learn better by looking at an image and interpreting it rather than just reading plain words all day.  Your journey to mastering 3D modeling can be sped up through infographics as you’ll find you are better able to process the information then reading of book or tutorial for example.

There are plenty of infographics all over the Internet in relation to 3D modeling.  They can show you how to model something as simple as a soccer ball to something as complex as a high-detailed cinematic character. They can teach you the process of becoming a 3D modeler and some useful tips and shortcuts you can use during 3D modeling. There are many places you can go to find helpful infographics. Places like Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest are littered with a whole bunch of infographics related to 3D modeling. If you subscribe or follow those 3D profiles, you can get regular feeds full of awesome eye-catchy infographics. I, myself regularly put out infographics on my website from time to time. You can find them on I don’t think I was that subtle there with the self-promotion of my site.

My best advice is to subscribe to wherever you can get helpful infographics on 3D modeling and download as much infographics as you find useful. This way, when you check out your regular feeds, you get the added bonus of learning new things. Facebook friend feeds can get boring after a while. You just get the same old pictures of the same old holidays they went to or the same old parties they attended, pulling the same old poses over and over again. With regular infographics feeds in between, you at the very least get to develop more understanding and grow your knowledge base. If you have friends that like 3D modeling, you can share the infographics with them too, making you look all knowledgeable and smart.

Another bit of advice which I may recommend, is to print out all the most important infographics you find. The ones where you will regularly refer to again and again. Once you’ve printed these out, stick them on your wall or keep them beside your bed table or wherever you work. That way, you can quickly refer to them as needed. I actually keep an infographic showing the modeling of a basic human as well as the right way to model a human face. Of course, I may not always remember this process of modeling the human off the top of my head. I may forget as I move onto other things like other aspects of production.

You can actually just download a copy and store it in a folder somewhere. But I find that whenever you need to refer, you need to open the folder and find the infographic. It hurts my finger muscles. Whereas, with a printed version, I just turn my head and eyes slightly and it’s right there. Also, switching back and forth is a lot smoother with the printed version. Again, maybe first-world problems, but it really does make the experience of 3D modeling quite enjoyable when you can refer easily. You may also feel more confident when modeling knowing that you have everything you need right there beside you.

Continue onto Part 2 –> (Coming Shortly)

Or go back to Part 1.

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Hi, I want to say something about this submission, more precisely about this:

TPTB never forget to mention how they are following the comic book plot, how they can use the comics as source material and how they want to combine those two. In that light, you know who is going to die. But… then again… they have changed SO MANY things in the show already.

The most important changes happened between season 1-3, when the showrunners were Darabont and Mazzara. And they were fired for that reason, because they tried to diverge from the comics completely  and Kirkman disagreed. What Gimple’s trying to do is return to the comics. There will be changes, of course, Gimple can’t replicate the comics exactly, not because he doesn’t want but due to the changes that the previous showrunners has made. That doesn’t mean that each time he has the chance, he tries to make us swallow a comic arc, even if it’s totally ooc, like the Rick and Jessie arc (Was it necessary? Was it on character for Rick? In both case, I think the answer is No) or that damn tiger (yes, Shiva looks cute, but it’s totally ridiculous) But sadly, when he tries to do something original (like Grady) he screws it royally. That’s the reason why Daryl is barely there, and (spoiler) that’s the reason why Abraham and Glenn are likely to be Lucille’s victim. At this point, Gimple should write something original for them, and he isn’t capable to do that. Gimple made “cosmetic changes” but, at the end, he comes back to the comics.

anonymous asked:

do you know how to make the maria reynolds dress from hamilton? i really wanna cosplay maria but i dont know how to make her dress

It’s a pretty straightforward bodice pattern and I don’t think you could really go wrong looking into the same colonial bodice patterns you might use for the Schuyler sisters since the fit is still conical. One of the main details is the expose boning channels and the gathered bell sleeves. 

It does also look like the side panels of the bodice are closed over the stomacher portion but if you’re a beginner seamstress it’s really not a major detail to drive yourself crazy trying to replicate, creating the entire bodice in one piece is the easiest way to tackle it. 

decided to try and replicate the way i used to draw when i first learned about digital art programs as a little one

so here’s an old skool kashebu, drawn with the curve tool entirely and shaded with the spray tool with reckless abandon

tinwhistletoo  asked:

What are your top 10 favorite names that you have given/would like to give to your sims (any gender)? Once you answer, pass this on to 5 simblrs you love and want to get to know better, and share the fun! ♥

- Tuesday and Friday (the Lee-Huntman siblings, children of Marceline and Finn :D) – named after Jasper Fforde’s characters. If they ever have kids, they’ll probably get names of the months xD
- Rachael Nexus (named after Nexus-6 replicant from “Blade Runner”) and her daughter Sean (named after the actress that played Rachael)
- Io Zenu, half-alien, and her son Titan
- I want to use the surname ‘Incandenza’ at some point, because it’s my favorite dysfunctional fictional family
- Also Fang (as in “The Family Fang” book) – a bit obvious but imo perfect surname for a vampire family xD.

And that’s 10! Thank you, @tinwhistletoo​! <3


24 августа 1848 года родился Лансере Евгений Александрович. Это известный русский скульптор-анималист. В детстве он выбрал тему для своих работ, которой был верен всю жизнь. Чаще всего Лансере лепил лошадей. Он не получил специального образования, но стал выдающимся скульптором. Лансере часто создавал скульптуры на заказ, однако однажды право на литье скульптур Лансере купили фабриканты. Они начали тиражировать его работы. Сегодня скульптуры Лансере очень популярны. Музеи и частные коллекции во многих странах мира экспонируют его работы.

On August 24, 1848 Lanceray Evgeny Aleksandrovich was born. This is a famous Russian sculptor-animal painter. In his childhood he has chosen a subject for his works to which he was faithful all his life. Most often Lanceray made horses. He didn’t receive vocational education, but became the outstanding sculptor. Lanceray often created sculptures for order, however once manufacturers bought the right to mold sculptures of Lanceray. They have begun to replicate his works. Today sculptures of Lanceray are very popular. The museums and private collections of many countries of the world exhibit his works.

сегодня [sivòdn'a] - today
часто [chasto] - often
однажды [adnazhdy] - ones
известный [izvesnyj] - famous
жизнь [zhìzn’] - life
Евгений [jifgènij] - Eugene

bigbenalpha  asked:

What question would you like someone to ask you?

questions with substance, Alphabetabejamin.

enough with the sexual based inquiries. i’m a retired entertainment/ combat/ model. i did want to be a sex worker/assassin replicant. you know that already. 

humans are more interested in my sins of synthetic flesh, why?

ask me about:

why am i late for work, when i open my eyes at 4am.

what am i going to do with all this junk i’ve collected over the years?

why i terrify people, just by looking at them?

blonds, reds, bald, brunettes?

my favourite neutral?

what up grades and enhancements i look forward too?

what films i like?

why i turned down a cool job to work with a roving pack of dildos?

why all the best people i know live so far away?

why i spell “humour”, “colour”, & “favourite” with a “u”?

why i’m the most dangerous man in Philly. at least on twelve blocks.

i have no answers to the questions to be honest.

((note to my current writing partners. Due to shitty sleep issues, I’ve been having a rough time writing things out properly. I would like to give nice well thought out replies, but my current mental state allows, at best, a mad toddler who’s just heard their first storybook and is desperate to replicate it by any means possible.

So gimme a day or two and I should be good to go and don’t go worrying that I’ve forgotten. I haven’t I just want my replies to be the best they can be.

And on that longass note I say goodnight. Catch ya on the flip side or somethin

wondygirl  asked:

I just think it's a little funny that Lisa and Roscoe were originally a couple and then in the New 52 Lisa and Sam where a couple and now in the show the couple is Sam and Roscoe (well Rosalind technically).

It kind of goes to show just how weirdly uncreative DC can be at times.  The Lisa/Sam pairing basically replicated the major thematic aspects of the Lisa/Roscoe pairing (a Rogue couple who truly love each other then tragically separated by death/accident, leaving one of them a ghost – Nu Lisa isn’t exactly a ghost, but pretty darned close.  And Len has tension with her boyfriend, leading to tension within the group), so it was a bit nonsensical to not put Roscoe in the New 52 role anyway.  We don’t know what the Rosa/Sam relationship will be like so it’s impossible to say if it’ll be another rehash, but the choice of Rogues involved does seem suspicious.  Sure is odd, at any rate.

I dunno.  I’m pretty bummed about it all, but I guess we’ll see.  Maybe it’ll turn out well on the show…I hope it does.