I’m sorry guys but you can never be as extra and dramatic as Anakin Skywalker. The guy chose to live in the huge Dark Gothic Castle right beside the place where he almost killed his wife and where he was almost killed by his mentor. He probably spent his mornings on the balcony - watching the lava flow while listening to Lana Del Rey albums. He was that Extra™


some more comics where reigens a magician

Are you excited for the new NieR: Automata game yet? I for sure am!!

YorHa 2B is really one of my new, favorite costumes from this year. Although the heels wear me down pretty swiftly and I can’t see very well due to those blindfolds, the costume itself is actually really comfy!

I’ll be sure to wear it some more next year. After all, I still need to do a big NieR photoshoot with her together with the lovely Drakengard 3 ladies I had a shoot with earlier this year <3