I’m getting really sick of hearing people call Luke emo on a serious note, especially when it comes to him regretting his actions or feeling inferior for being a replica. Because when he’s always feeling regret about Akzeriuth, it’s not being emo at all. 

He is seven years old. What misdeeds did you guys cry about when you were seven? Probably things like spilled milk, accidentally pushing someone on the playground, or stealing food from your parents when you were strictly told not to. 

But Luke’s seven years old and he has to live with the fact that he’s responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. Yes, Van made him do it, but honestly I’d be more worried if he wasn't regretful about Akzeriuth, since this way at least he isn’t a jerk. He’s too young, he barely understand the world, especially since he never left the manor. This is the guy who broke down when he killed a single man in self-defense; he still sees the world in black and white, and what he did is classified as bad. When you’re that young, no matter physical age, it’s hard to separate actions from intentions that well. Plus his faith in his most trusted teacher was just shattered, of course he’s going to be a little messed up.

As for being a replica, it’s just like racism or sexism or any kind of prejudice in our world. If people are told they’re inferior, what do they often do? Believe they’re inferior, especially at such a young age…like, say, seven years old.

So Luke isn’t emo, he’s just a normal human being, and that’s all I have to say about that.