I’m getting really sick of hearing people call Luke emo on a serious note, especially when it comes to him regretting his actions or feeling inferior for being a replica. Because when he’s always feeling regret about Akzeriuth, it’s not being emo at all. 

He is seven years old. What misdeeds did you guys cry about when you were seven? Probably things like spilled milk, accidentally pushing someone on the playground, or stealing food from your parents when you were strictly told not to. 

But Luke’s seven years old and he has to live with the fact that he’s responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. Yes, Van made him do it, but honestly I’d be more worried if he wasn't regretful about Akzeriuth, since this way at least he isn’t a jerk. He’s too young, he barely understand the world, especially since he never left the manor. This is the guy who broke down when he killed a single man in self-defense; he still sees the world in black and white, and what he did is classified as bad. When you’re that young, no matter physical age, it’s hard to separate actions from intentions that well. Plus his faith in his most trusted teacher was just shattered, of course he’s going to be a little messed up.

As for being a replica, it’s just like racism or sexism or any kind of prejudice in our world. If people are told they’re inferior, what do they often do? Believe they’re inferior, especially at such a young age…like, say, seven years old.

So Luke isn’t emo, he’s just a normal human being, and that’s all I have to say about that.

[Closed RP w/panickypaladin]

They had been exploring a new (to the paladins) planet all day, and Hunk was thankful when Shiro decided it was time to rest. His shins were killing him.

He wandered over to a nice looking rock and plopped down against it. After a few moments he moved to take off his helmet. The protection was nice and all, but it was tight. He relaxed once it was off, a passing breeze a welcome comfort for his stinging cheeks. He relaxed a bit too much however, and the helmet slips from his hands and bounces off a smaller rock and… straight into some mud. Great.

He forced himself back up, taking the few steps necessary to reach his helmet. Bending down, he picked it up and tried to shake the mud off it but to no avail. “This is some sticky mud.” He mumbled and placed his hand against the helmet to try and wipe it off. Only he found he now couldn’t move his hand. “…Too sticky. Guys! A little help here?” He turned around, calling to his fellow paladins.


They ended up having to go back to the castle to get some water to free Hunk and clean his helmet. By the time they were finally done, night had fallen upon the planet and further exploring needed to wait. According to Allura, the planet became much more dangerous at night. They even ended up taking the castle ship up into orbit as a precaution. 

Hunk felt pretty guilty about the delay in schedule he had caused, and was just sitting on his bed staring down at his helmet. He sighed, trying to shake himself out of it. Nobody was mad at him. It’s fine, they aren’t in a big rush. It’s fine. 

He placed the helmet on his head. He had already given it a quick once-over to make sure it was still a magical super technologically advanced helmet but given how he was feeling he needed the distraction. He’ll just check all the functions one by one, and hopefully when he’s done he can fall asleep without feeling anxious.

First off on was the comm. He wanted to make sure to check it before it got too late and everyone was definitely already asleep instead of just probably already asleep. He activated it and cleared his throat, “Hey, guys, is anyone still wearing their helmet? I just wanted to make sure the comm still works after uh, earlier…”