replica skull

I’m presenting at a conference at IU this weekend. It’s not an anthropology conference, it’s a conference about language/rhetoric/teaching/etc. and my presentation’s about how to teach physical anthropology while acknowledging the racism and eugenics of the past and moving forward at the same time. One of the things I’m talking about is why we really do need skeletal reference collections. One point that I’m making is that we have skeleton casts that let us do general things, and I was going to do a slide about how a 3d object can engage people…

but then i realized

there’s no rules that say i can’t bring a 3d object with me

there’s no rules that say i can’t take a replica human skull with me on an airplane

Looks like it’s time for Mr. Bones’ Airplane Ride.

so i’m hanging out w/my younger brother and he is holding one of the replica skulls from my collection & regarding it all solemnly and shit, and quietly as you please he says “the only thing you can control in this life…….. is someone else’s.”

murder. he was talking about murder.

anonymous asked:

You and the other noir detective seem to have some sexual tension between you

no that’s a replica Homo rhodesiensis skull

Mr Reyes (Part 3)

Part 1     Part 2

After Jack had left the meeting they had arranged, Gabriel was quick to begin packing up his things, smirking as he cleared his mug of coffee away and washed the remaining drink down the drain. He was, pleasantly, surprised that the uptight blond had easily accepted his offer. Gabriel had been more than ready to pull more tricks out of his sleeves in an attempt to coerce Jack into going out with him, but it seemed Hana’s father was an easier catch than he had first thought. Placing the black mug, a skull emblazoned in white on the front, aside, Gabriel packed the kid’s work books in his bag and heaved the leather satchel onto his shoulder, waving to Sally the cleaner as he exited the building.

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