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memyselfandmyclone  asked:

How ethical is it to own a real human skull? I know owning human remains has always been kind of a moral gray area and I would love your input on it. What would make it ok to own a skull, for example.

From what I know, ethically and legally, owning human remains isn’t so much the problem as how you acquired them. (We all remember that nonsense a couple of years back with a person collecting and selling bones from New Orleans graveyards.)

If you want to obtain a human skull for some reason, ask yourself a couple of things first.

One, is this a situation where a realistic, anatomically correct replica skull would suffice? Replica skulls are fairly easy to acquire and there’s little to no danger of having to worry about ethical or legal lapses on the part of the seller. Certain materials even provide the appearance of actual bone, so if it’s mostly aesthetic that you’re going for, this might be the way to go.

And two, are you willing to take on the possible spirit work implications of owning someone’s skull? Having human remains inside your home always carries the risk that someone’s going to come looking for them, and that sort of visitation is very difficult to break or banish if it becomes troublesome, short of destroying or reburying the bones.

That being said, you’re an adult and capable of making your own decisions, so if you’re sure you want to acquire a skull, just make sure you do your homework on your bone source.

Your best bet is to look for a company that supplies specimens for biological or medical teaching purposes. These companies usually get their specimens from donations or unclaimed remains. They probably won’t provide a name, but some may tell you the sex, ethnicity, and age of the person.

A quick Google search shows that an actual human skull from a reputable supplier is going to run you upwards of $300 USD. (Anatomically correct replica skulls, by contract, seem to mostly run less than $50 USD.) So that might be something to consider.

For more advice, I’d suggest talking to vulture culture enthusiasts here on tumblr. They should be able to give you more specific information.

Hope this helps!


Skull replica from school.

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Are you still considering doing a pre-order to fund a deer skull replica mold?

Possibly! Depends on what my funds look like and how far my supplies will get me. I’ve actually rediscovered a box of aquaresin (like a fiberglass substitute) that I bought a few years ago, I’m going to use that as a mold shell. If that doesn’t work then I’ll have to scrap it and start over, in which case I probably will take maybe 5 preorders for new materials. 

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bladekind featuring a mastersword replica, canekind featuring a skull-topped cane and years 1-7 of the harry potter books, and tomekind featuring the 3 core rulebooks for D&D 5e please? Mage of Time/Knight of Doom needs to be prepared to fight anything (please let me know if that's too much at once)

(I answer one strife specibus question at a time, but don’t worry, you’ve given me a lot of material to work with)

Honestly, the most interesting idea out of these is the tomekind one, sooooooo many possibilities. Literally. It’s a DnD masterpiece, which i formally name the Reality Bender. Flipping to a selected page in this massive tome allows for you to turn the area around you into a Virtual Reality DnD session, with you as the dungeon master, for a short period of time. It allows you to change the fates of any foes or allies caught in its midst, but be forewarned, for even though you are the DM, you are also a player in your little world, take care not to let it consume you.

As for how to create it, ALL of the DnD rulebooks, a splice of spacetime, and a stuffed dragon.

Hope you enjoy!!

~Weapons Master Blu


Ancient Spirit Set

Set of two items - massive antique silver haddress and necklace.

Includes patined metal filigrees, antiqe tribal findings, antlers and raven skull replica made of high quality plastic, coloured antique silver to match metal parts. Decorated with rainbow rhinestones.