replica relics


So the upcoming production ‘Tut’ has me both excited at the prospect of seeing my much loved 18th Dynasty subjects portrayed on Television, but also quivering with fear and a tad bit of anger at the thought of where they are taking their story-line.

tiny-librarian alerted me to the above still from the up-coming mini-series and once I had visually devoured the stunning costume (THAT CROWN!) I was instantly drawn to the thrones.

Naturally, as any Ancient Egyptian production goes, someone had to be sitting on the lion-handled, Tutankhamun-and-Ankhesenamun-chilling-out-at-the-back Throne which Ankhesenamun is shown sitting on here.  But I was pleasantly surprised (thrilled, lets face it I was thrilled) to see that the empty throne (which I have casually highlighted) is also a replica of a relic from Tut’s tomb.

Another lesser known, but no less impressive throne has been included.  Lets hope and pray that more little details like this spring up!!