replica jacket

  • <p> <b>People:</b> why are you so extra about star wars?<p/><b>Me, wearing my replica of The Jacket, wearing R2-D2 socks, holding my Finn action figure and watching Star Wars on my phone with a Darth Vader case as I mouth the lines along with the movie:</b> i didnt know there was this much disrespect in the whole galaxy<p/></p>

Hello everyone! I’d like to stop your scrolling for a minute to see if you’re interested in a replica jacket? It’s from The Winter Soldier, and it’s genuine leather! It’s the replica of the jacket James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes wears! I bought this off of the Internet but it’s way too big for me, and now I can’t return it. I’d like to cosplay as Bucky in November at a Comic Con near my city. The shipping is free, and I’m only shipping in the United States, unfortunately. Sorry! Both sleeves are removable via zipper. If you’d like more pictures of the jacket or more information, private message me. It’s never been worn, as it’s too big for me. I’m aiming for $160 bucks, a bit lower than what I paid for, which was almost $200.

The dimensions are
Chest: 39"- 40"
Neck: 15"

If you’re interested, please let me know! I’d like to get rid of this thing before November, so please message me!!! Thank you!

It’s easy to lose track of how much money you’re spending when you’re at a convention. Your basic math skills and your knowledge of how they relate to your bank account is replaced by an overwhelming urge to own all of the Legend Of Zelda T-shirts and Fallout memorabilia that you never knew you needed before. Every tidbit that you’ve ever learned about budgeting is thrown out the window, because that booth is selling the kind of replica leather jackets that you’d wear if you were slowly whittling down a werewolf’s health with fireballs, and holy shit, how cool would you look in a werewolf-burning outfit?

I’ve watched this happen quite a few times. Caught in the heat of the moment, someone would be told that the weight of buying every Japanese version of the first-generation Pokemon games was going to crush their debit card, and they would suffer what can only be called a sudden awareness of their mortality. At a horror convention, trying to balance a malicious spending habit with an income that fell between “No money” and “Canned ravioli is good if you steal your roommate’s cheese to put on it,” I tried to buy a replica Freddy Krueger glove.

As I totally overestimated how impressed the female population of my college would be to find aNightmare On Elm Street prop mounted on my dresser, my debit card was declined so hard that the machine got a stress fracture. I slunk away and made sure to never walk in front of that particular vendor again, lest he remember my face, point to me, and exclaim, “Shame the broke dork!”

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