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Summary: Nat and Wanda trick you into going to a Halloween party at the Stark Tower.

Warnings: smut- oral (receiving), penetration; fluff

A/N: Wrote this to get out of my writer’s block. I hope you like it!

“Fuck!” Nat yanked the strings tighter and you gasped for air. “I know I wanted to wear a corset for Halloween but-”

“Authentication is the key.” She helped you straighten. “And look at how great your breasts look.” 

“They do look pretty great.” You admired yourself in the mirror, running your hands down your torso and enjoying the feeling of the leather under your fingertips. “So…are you finally going to tell me who’s going to be at this party?”

“Nope, it’s a secret.” Nat chuckled as she adjusted her hair and makeup. “Don’t worry, you’re going to have fun.”

“You’re in for some serious hell if you’re lying to me.” You pointed at her and slipped into your leggings. “Why do I have to be a sexy cat? Why can’t I be like Victorian royalty?” 

“Because last time you were drunk you let it slip that you’ve always wanted to dress up as one.” Wanda slipped into the room grinning. “I told Nat and she helped me get the costume, now let’s go.” 

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so the thing that makes me angriest in the world about yuri on ice is that no one ever, ever mentions the fact that yuuri and yurio are wearing viktor’s costumes. like. never. in real life, how would the announcers not shut up about something like that? “here’s yuri plitsetsky in a piece choreographed by viktor nikiforov oh BY THE WAY LOOK AT THAT ICONIC VIKTOR COSTUME.”

i hate it. months later, i hate it. 

I love you - I know - for @memorieswarm

“Come on Aaron!” Robert pleaded with him as he held up the costume in front of him. 

“No,” Aaron stated matter of factly, a slight edge to his voice as he glared at him from between two massive Princess Leia buns resting on either side of his head. He had to bite back a laugh just looking at the ridiculous image in front of him. It was going to take a lot to win this argument. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi I don't mean to be rude or anything, I'm just trying to understand, but you're selling stuff made from other people's designs (skyrim, LOZ) even if you made the model yourself...what's the ethics of that?

Ever hear of replica props or costuming for cosplay? Do you ask the same question of people who draw fan art and sell it on places like redbubble, tee-spring, society 6 or at comicons?


We aren’t claiming the designs are our own (except in the cases where they are like the hanger and weapons we havent released yet) 

We’re offering a service no different than those who build cosplay items or draw and sell fan art. We’re charging for our time, skill, materials and efforts which last time I checked was more than ethical. 

Everyone on the Waverider are huge Star Wars fans. When they have a little down time, the travel to the opening nights of every Star Wars movie and have Gideon make them an entire ensemble of perfect costume replicas. Their favorite time so far had Ray and Snart in Stormtrooper suits, Amaya as Han Solo, Sara as Leia, Stein as Obi Wan, Jax as Lando, Mick as Chewbacca, Nate as Darth, and Rip as Yoda.