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tfw your own daughter betrays you

(Au where sebastian has to leave union with his daughter and his new husband bc lily wants two dads)

Here you all go, a long chapter. Warnings: Smut.


It was now Wednesday, only a day apart but Rae could not wait to see Finn. She didn’t mind that he continually text and called; it was nice to feel wanted. Although most would feel suffocated; Rae didn’t. Rae loved and craved his attention, she could drown in it. It was the night of the boxing and Chloe had invited Rae round for pre-drinks. 

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She tells him the truth. Finally. [2/2]

AN: Without further ado, I give you the final part of the final chapter of this wonderful AU. Read from the beginning here and part 1 of the final chapter here.

As she left the tunnel, Eponine was too busy fighting the urge to throw up to even look at the throngs of people crammed into the stands. The crowd was a sea of white, blue and red, and the symphony of cheers, jeers and chants made her head spin.

The bus ride up had been charged with a nervous electricity. Most of her teammates had chattered amongst themselves, trying to keep things light and relaxed even as they fidgeted in their seats and picked at invisible dust on their uniforms.

She had spent it in sullen silence, forehead against the window with her eyes glued to the changing scenery outside as she curled up in her seat. Cosette and Marius would be coming in their own car, along with Joly and Jehan, who was on his last story for the college paper. More than once she caught herself reaching for her phone to ask them where they were but stopped herself. If she called, she would be tempted to ask another question. Eponine hadn’t heard from or seen Enjolras since they’d parted ways almost 16 hours earlier and though she had gone to bed with a smile on her lips, she had woken up terrified it had all been a dream. 

Would he come? Who knew. She had invited him, but he hadn’t given her an answer. The only good to come out of obsessing was that she was too preoccupied to be nervous until they strolled into the locker room. The finality of it all hit her like a ton of bricks. They each had their own individualized lockers waiting, a special uniform already hanging. Without even realizing it, she had passed the first of a series of ‘lasts.’ It would be the last time she ever pulled on the red and blue kit or laced up her boots as a collegiate athlete. It would be the last time she ever walked out the tunnel with her team. It would possibly be her last competitive match. Ever. 

In a weird way, it was like preparing for her own funeral. 

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`Umar radhiallahu `anhu said :

I swear by Allah, nothing is more beneficial to a man after Islam, than a woman who has the best of character , who loves (her husband) much and (who could) bear more children (from him).

And I swear by Allah that a man who commits shirk with allah , does not benefit anything thereafter but among the worst (of things) he gets is a woman who is bad in character and harsh and By Allah from among them some women are like shackles around the neck, for you can’t redeem (free) yourself from them and some are so good who can’t be replaced

[Ref: Sunan al-Kubra lil Bayhaqi (13480); Saheeh]