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anonymous asked:

what kind of chemistry do you do?

I’m an inorganic synthetic chemist who specializes in a few heavy metals and a specific type of structure using different flexible ligands (I’m afraid I can’t be less vague; my research is specialized enough that it would be rather identifiable).

In general, I design molecules with my metal/ligand components and synthesize (or attempt to synthesize) them in lab. I then work the compounds up through crystallization so I can utilize single crystal x-ray diffraction on an instrument like this:

This bombards the crystal with x-rays and allows me to collect data to produce a structure of the molecule, which gives me bond lengths, angles, etc. This is the crystal I’m currently running (it’s huge and awful, really, but I just need to confirm what it is before I care about a better collection). The crystal looks enormous on the screen - and it is large by my usual standards - but in actuality, the loop the crystals sit on are quite small:

The crystals go on the very tip of that loop, so I do a lot of work under a microscope.

It’s a pretty neat process (when reactions behave), and for the most part I do enjoy my work. Bonus perk is that many of my compounds display luminescence, so I keep a black light handy:

theliterarybreaker  asked:

I wanted to know... My MC suffers one helluva blow to his chest during glorious battle. Would that mean that he's a goner thanks to Commotio Mortis? If not, what would the docs do? Thanks so much! Your blog is heaven on Internet! Keep it up!!

Hey there @theliterarybreaker! Commotio Cordis is actually a physical manifestation of R-on-T phenomenon, which I talked about in literally the previous post! Replace “defibrillator” with “blow to the chest” and it’s the same concept. 

The answer is, unless you really want him to be dead, no, commotio cordis did not just kill your character. It’s a pretty rare phenomenon :) 

Best of luck! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


changes in heathers 101

in case u wanted to feel horribly depressed (then realise that it’s just a high school production and it Doesn’t Really Matter) here’s a link to a google doc I made with all most of the changes to the script in heathers 101.

also despite how shit it sounds, i’m still heathers 101-positive: I recognise that it’s a crappy high school version that is nowhere near as good as the original, yet I still see that it is a high school version. for high schools. written to be pg-13. yikes. chill u guys.

I’ve been staring at this picture for over an hour editing it and I’m still not over the love on their faces.
[EDIT: this is super late but since I’ve seen this reposted/used in other places, that’s totally fine but pls credit either my tumblr or my instagram (@nari_doodles) thank you!]