replacement kits

eeek I just finished the first affinity approval scene for my Nate/Nora companion/The Replacement quest mod (bc fuck it why not just put all the damn info out there) anddd

it actually feels like a real conversation! this mod of course is hard bc i’m just reusing player dialogue so trying to make a a conversation flow right is tough


now i just have like 5 more affinity scenes to go, then finishing up the idle dialogue, doing the main quest, adding the voice/lip files, and then copying everything over for Nora since I started with Nate first!!!

lmao rip me

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I decided to do inventory on all the TF2 food items I had in SFM

This is only the TF2 food item inventory (which consists of Sandvich and Bonk! replacements, health kits, SFM beta files, downloadable props, hexed weapons and hats), excluding the birthday medkit cakes and the bread models. I probably have way too much food models elsewhere.