Ok, I was hoping to never blog about this fuckhole Dongle Trumpet but seriously.

Take this man seriously. If he wins the primaries and is elected to be the president of the united states, Trump WILL follow through with all the bullshit he’s been spouting since he’s been on the campaign train.

To all my American followers turning 18 this year/early next year, register to fucking vote, and go vote in the primaries. Get that shit done as soon as you’re 18 so that you can cast your vote into the ballot.

And honestly the best option we have to prevent the republicans from fucking up the US is to vote for whoever is in the democratic party, be that Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton, either one is better than the 11 repiblican candidates and fucking Trump.

But also, educate yourself, do research on how to vote, ask your parent/guardian to help you register for next year. Make your own opinion about all the presidential candidates, and make what you believe to be the best choice in making the US better.

But understand that the masses have the power to change, even is it doesn’t seem like it right now.

Tonight Was The Night.

Tonight I saw the speech of a president.  A speech that did not show a divided country, a conquered people, but instead showed a people that are united.  United not by the color of ones skin or the gender of a body, but instead by a right and a history.  Mitt Romney’s presidential candidate acceptance speech was not only moving, but it revealed a side of himself to the American people that few had seen before, and it was a side I would stand by.

God bless you Americans!

  • my grandkids:grandpa tell us about when you were young
  • me:when i was 18 not only was the internet meme Deez Nuts running for president but also a bigger joke, donald trump, who was in the lead of the repiblican party 2015 was an unreal year but im still very loyal to President Nuts and dont regret his 8 years of presidency one bit