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iiaat to get really annoyed when people try to tell you things you already know/can easily infer? it bothers me a lot when people do this because it feels like a huge waste of time and energy and also feels like they think im stupid. also when people take too long to get to the point of what they're trying to ask me

I don’t know if this is autism related, but I know that I do the same thing. I also get very frustrated when I feel that someone is being condescending or if I think they’re wasting my time.


I think it is. I’ve seen in mentioned by several autistic people and I know I have a tendency towards that as well.


I can’t figure out how exactly it would relate to autism, but I do this as well. Like, it is a huge thing for me that I have to actively use learned coping techniques sometimes to quash my anger when it happens - and I know it is a thing a lot of other autistics experience as well.

- Sam

Fun Moments With Autism™ (*sarcasm*):

“wow you’re so rude”

“what are you upset about?”

“you have a serious case of Resting Bitch Face haha”


*only realizes social faux-pas 3 days later when someone points it out to me*


 [randomsong] (10 hours)

*paces around room, consumed w/ rage bc of minor change in routine* 

“why would i order something different to eat if i already know what i like??? what do you mean i’ve eaten the same 2 dishes for a month?”


me: *doesn’t understand innuendo/dirty joke*

friend: “omg you’re SO INNOCENT lmao”


me: *watching asmr, squeezing play-doh, touching random objects for hours, while playing w/ a mermaid pillow, flapping hands and jumping* ummmmm what is this stimming you speak of?


*overwhelmed by my burning love for my SpIn* … when will i be free…


relative: “we almost never talk. sometimes i wonder if you actually love me”

me: *confused and heartbroken bc i thought that my feelings were obvious*


“why are you so weird”

“you need to be more friendly”

“omg rou’re SO antisocial”

“stop doing this you look stupid”

“do you have photographic memory?”

“i don’t understand why you’re struggling w/ this it’s so simple”

*talks non-stop abt my SpIn* *only afterwards realizes that my audience might not care abt the thing as much as i do*

“what difference does it even make if the dirty dishes are close to the clean ones???”


*has to order something/have a ordinary social interaction/talk to someone* *practices what to say beforehand*


“why are you always in the dark? why do you have your phone/notebook brightness so low? don’t you know it’s bad for your eyes?”


*goes on vacation* *feels lost w/o the routine provided by school/college/extracurricular activities*

bi men? awesome, incredible, outstanding

bi men in a relationship with a man? awesome, incredible, outstanding

bi men in a relationship with a woman? awesome, incredible, outstanding

bi men in a relationship with a nonbinary person? awesome, incredible, outsanding

bi men who are single? awesome, incredible, outstanding

all bi men are awesome, incredible, and outstanding! all of them!

LOTR things that still haunt me after all these goddamn years

  • Frodo deliriously crying out for Gandalf after he’s wounded
  • Frodo intially trying to fight Boromir as he tries to run out to Gandalf, then clinging to Boromir for dear life mere moments later
  • “You can’t help me, Sam. Not this time.”
  • Frodo suffering a flashback, and “Mr. Frodo! It’s all right. I’m here” so soon after
  • Frodo begging Sam to help him as he starts to sink under the Ring’s weight
  • Frodo removing his helmet as he gasps for air and struggles to speak
  • watching Frodo crawl up Mount Doom when he is too weak to walk
  • the way it takes Frodo a couple of seconds to respond when Sam asks him what’s wrong and how he looks so deeply distressed when he mentions Weathertop

bonus book things

  • Frodo weeping in despair as he watches the Witch-King and his host leave Minas Morgul
  • when the hobbits are returning home and Frodo begs them to hasten as they approach Weathertop and he doesn’t fucking look at it as they ride past wHAT THE FU-
  • Frodo concealing his illness for Sam’s sake. nOBODY TOUCH ME.

If you’re traumatized and ya know it clap your hands *clapclap*

If you’re traumatized and ya know it clap your hands *clapclap*

If you’re traumatized and ya know it and you’re really trying hard not to show it so you don’t ruin present relationships and you aren’t even sure if you made it all up for attention or were asking for it or deserved it but if you’re traumatized and ya know it clap your hands *clapclap*