I was putting my selfish desires and sins above what God had planned and desired for me. I was blinded and it showed that I wasn’t taking my walk in Christ seriously. I had God on the side and only ran to him when needed. I literally looked for every reason possible to do it and not feel guilty. I pushed him away as far as possible. To feel good about that sin and fulfill what desire I needed too in that moment. When in all actuality He was always what I truly needed all this time.

Sin will always lead you to something less than what God has for you. Sin leads you straight to hell. Repenting takes us off that path to hell. Please remember though that repenting means there should be change. Not us running right back to that very sin every time we feel the desire resulting in us repenting to make it okay to do it again.

What made me stop was I just thought about Jesus being beaten, mocked, spat on, hanging on the cross for me and my sins. Thinking to myself those sins that I am doing is it truly worth it? Is it worth the death of my savior who did no wrong, never sinned, didn’t deserve to die but still did? Those sins that are giving me temporary pleasures and is taking me to hell. Is it worth it? No it is not worth it. So I stopped. I died to myself that day and every day after that.

That’s what we have to do as believers of Christ. Everyday we are called to pick up our cross, die to ourselves and follow after Jesus.

He is waiting for you to return to Him

Don’t let your sins weigh you down. And don’t let them be the cause of you despairing from the mercy of Allah.

Know that Allah will always be there waiting for you with His infinite Mercy and forgiveness even if you slip and fall again and again.

In a hadith it is mentioned that Allah stretches out His hand during the day so that the sinners of the night can repent and He stretches His hand during the night so that the sinners of the day can repent. And Allah will continue to stretch His hand during the day and night until the sun rises from the west.

Subhanallah, how much more beautiful can that get?

He does not need anyone, He does not need our worship, His Greatness does not increase by the whole of mankind worshipping Him. And yet, this Allah is more happier when His servant, when the likes of you and i, make tawbah to Him than a man who found his lost camel.

The biggest blessing is that Allah is our Lord. Because wallahi, who has this much love? He has billions of angels praising Him and prostrating to Him day and night, and yet, He is happy when we repent to Him.

Is this not a Lord worthy of worship? Indeed He is.

So turn to Him. For He loves you and He loves to hear your voice. Even if you’ve never worshipped Allah your whole life but you just decided to turn to Him just this once, He will accept your repentence and surround you with His Mercy.

A beautiful hadith Qudsi:

“O My slave, if you came to Me with an earthload of sins, not associating any partners with Me, I will come to you with an earthload of forgiveness.”


Big prayer request!

Alright. So, it’s time for me to be open about something that I haven’t mentioned to any of my close Christian friends. I’ve honestly been feeling so ashamed that I was afraid that I’d disappoint them. I’m writing this on here to ask for strength and healing during this time.

Well, here it is.

So, about a month ago my boyfriend, let’s call him Blake,and I broke up. Our break up tore me apart. 1. Because I thought he was the one that God picked out for me, and 2. Because I made some bad decisions in our relationship that I deeply regret. When I was about 12 or 13, I promised myself I’d stay pure until marriage. Now, here I am at 19 and during my relationship with Blake, I had premarital sex with him.

Yes. I know. The Bible says multiple times NOT to do this. Believe me. I’m having a really hard time forgiving myself right now, and I can’t even begin to explain how dirty and worthless I feel. I know what I did was wrong, and I wish that I could take it back. I really really do.

I loved Blake. A lot. So when we ended, I was destroyed. Still am. I didn’t realize it, but in the back of my mind, I had been holding on to the hope that we would get back together. Why? Because things didn’t end badly between us. He wanted to end things because he felt a strain on his relationship with God. He’d felt so before we started dating. I know a lot of you are going to think that this is a lie coming from him, but I know him well enough to know he isn’t lying. He’s never lied to me before, and I know he really cared about me, so I have no reason not to trust him. The other night, we were talking, and I got my heart broken all over again. He had asked me if I found anyone nice. When I told him no, he said “well you will”. He doesn’t want to get back together. So yeah…

The funny thing is, it was actually an answer to prayer. Just not in the way I expected it. I had been praying that he would draw near to God again. He had been drinking once in a while, plus our sexual sin, so I really wanted us to come together in Christ and repent. So in a way, it worked out. He seems to be a lot better, and we’ve been praying for each other. A small shred of me still hopes that we’ll get back together, but I’m really trying to focus on God right now, and not worry about that. Because if it’s really meant to be, God will work it out in His perfect timing.

Right now, all I ask of y'all is to pray hard for me. I’m being heavily attacked by the devil, and he is filling my head with all sorts of bad thoughts about myself. Nasty, worthless, wasted, slut, unforgivable, disgusting, dirty, used. These are all things that have filled my mind, and I really need prayer for strength and self-forgiveness. I would really appreciate lots of prayers right now.

@womanintheword do you think you could spread this for me?

Repent Before It's Too Late

Think about this for a second:

What if Jesus comes back while you are in the middle of a sexual intercourse WITH SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT MARRIED TO: your boyfriend/girlfriend, prostitute, lesbian/gay, side-chick etc.

What if He comes back when you are in a club, stripclub, xclub all drunk supposedly having “fun” etc.
What if He comes back while you are busy watching pornography, masturbating, drug dealing etc.

What are you going to tell Him?

- That you went to church last week?
- That you were planning to go to church tomorrow and repent?
- That you prayed “the sinner’s prayer” with the Pastor sometime in the past and he declared you “born again”?
- That the Pastor said “God loves me” regardless of how you live?
- That you thought that “Jesus stuff” was a fairytale?

👉What would be THE BEST EXCUSES you will come up with to justify your action(s)?👈

This verse was put into my mind while writing this message:

Luke 6:46 “Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and DO NOT DO WHAT I SAY?

My dear friend, 👉stop playing church👈. Stop playing with your life. Don’t think that what you do in secret GOD DOES NOT SEE.
“DO NOT BE DECEIVED, GOD IS NOT MOCKED; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” Galatians 6:7

Sin is indeed pleasurable just for a short while but the price tag to pay is your very soul damned for eternity. That is what Satan doesn’t want you to see.

God created sex and other pleasures of life to be enjoyed IN THEIR PROPER CONTEXT and the proper context of all things is found in God’s Word - The Bible.

Repent and give your life seriously to Christ before it’s too late. The fact that you are still alive is a clear demonstration of how much He loves you and is PATIENT with you but His patience will not be forever.

Many of those who said will repent at 12:00 died at 11:30 in their sins; and where they are going to be for not repenting, they wish they repented a lot sooner.

(Shared) Even though I do believe God will be returning after the tribulation it is good to keep in mind He is always watching.