Saying astaghfirullah is not only after we do something sinful. We also seek His forgiveness for not fulfilling His rights of worship. The benefits of saying astaghfirullah while feeling remorse for our shortcomings are many. Amongst them: increase in wealth, increase in offspring, increase blessing on one’s children, and a nice abode in this life and in the next.
—  Dr. Shadee Elmasry

Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the LORD. Lamentations 3:40
Repentance does not mean rationalizing your sin.
The path to a fresh start and a clear conscience begins with repentance. First, you review every area of your life, and then you repent of every sin.
What does it mean to repent? It means three things: First, you take responsibility for your sin. Second, you turn away from those things. And third, you turn toward God and His grace.

Wario meets with Barry bee, a local nonconformist comrade of his and sit down in the coffee shop “Waaaaaahbucks” to enjoy a delicious espresso blend, as you can’t be a nonconformist if you don’t drink coffee. Together they talk about the goings-on of Barry’s local confessional, as well as the politics of the mall, and what this all means to the Wahfia and their plans. Wario is pleased to know that it is all going swimmingly on both fronts, and urges his followers to give their support, as it would benefit the Wahfia in their efforts to spread nonconformity to the masses. (If you’d like to see more Bee Movie, feel free to give @beeshrektestinthemall and @beemovieconfessions some love!) Repub in [b33 m0vi3] seconds to mix some honey into your coffee. Otherwise, check your Wario privilege. Repent, reform, don’t conform.

The purpose of Sawm (fasting), is much more profound than what we think. Allah doesn’t want to leave us thirsty and hungry for drink and food, but eager to quench our souls with His remembrance and feed our hearts with His closeness 🌸

Ramadan is a precious chance for repentance, if we did not repent in the most blessed month of all months, in which devils are chained, Paradise doors are open, hellfire doors are closed, bounties and blessings of Allah are near from the believers, and dua'a is accepted, when are we going to repent?

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