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Hey if you want to grow a veggie garden and want to repel insects without hurting the bees you can consider:

  • Flowers like marigolds and nasturtiums repel most insects.
  • Herbs like catnip and peppermint can also repel most insects. Do some research, there’s an herb for almost every bug.

  • Some natural insecticides don’t effect bees, like neem oil, bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (usually just called btk but if you google that you get the serial killer), and certain insecticidal soaps.

  • And you can even do some googling and order live ladybugs or beneficial wasps to release into your garden.

It might seem like people pushing for less chemical use in home gardens are closely aligned with the ‘gmos will give you cancer’ crowd, but the problem with insecticides is not only do they kill the bees in your garden (which still adds up), but some of them, like neonicotinoids, can be carried back to the hive and kill the entire hive, and those numbers really add up. (Anecdote: It happened to a local bee keeper, entire hives of his just started dying in the middle of spring.) And please always carefully read the labels or ask around while shopping for any live plants, as harmful chemicals may have already been applied.


Recently I was talking with another reptile keeper about reptiles and scents. They said that some reptiles are repelled by the scent of superworm beetles (Zophobas morio). I do not know if this is true or not, but as stinky as these beetles are when you mess with them I could definitely see some reptiles or some animals in general being repelled by the scent of them!

So today I decided to test this info out and see if Odin is repelled by the beetle stink! As many of you know Odin and beetles do not mix well! To remove the risk of Odin eating a beetle I decided to risk my sense of smell and harass some of my adult superworm beetles with a napkin to get the napkin nice and stinky for this test! The answer ended up being NO it doesn’t matter how stinky these beetles are Odin still wants to eat them!!!!

Also for Odin taking the time to participate in this test he got some treats from the bug bin immediately afterwards!  

An incomplete list of Good Lines from The Lego Batman Movie:

  • “Batman doesn’t talk about feelings. I don’t have them. I’ve never seen one.”
  • “Riddle me this! …What just happened?”
  • “If you call me Batgirl do I get to call you Batboy?”
  • “British robots! Ask your nerd friends!”
  • “While I’m gone, Rope is in charge.”
  • “We’re carrying [enormous amount of explosives] and two best friends!”
  • “Alright Robin, we’re gonna beat these guys so hard that words describing it are going to appear in the air above us.”
  • “Bat shark repellant!” “Don’t - actually you can touch that, it’s pretty useless.”
  • “I’ll say it first. Batman, I hate you. Now you say it.” “…Me too.” [other villains booing]
Fragments - Part 5

Word Count: 5002

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, canon divergence

A/N: Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome. Unedited. Mistakes are all mine. If you’d like to be tagged, you can add yourself Here

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Ever since the night Cas told you parts of your soul were gone, you’d withdrawn from everyone. Dean hadn’t pushed you, even though you could tell he desperately wanted you to open up to him about whatever it was you were feeling. The absolute truth of it was, you weren’t sure what it was you were feeling. It was all so overwhelming; being thrust back into a world you knew nothing about.

Sam was right, you were good at research. You’d spent most days holed up in your room with your laptop relearning how to be a hunter. When night fell, you’d wait until you were sure everyone was asleep or at the very least in their own rooms and creep out into the library to read more lore. You fully invested yourself in it. You wanted to be a hunter again.

“Y/N?” Cas’ figure cast a shadow in the library and you lifted your head from your research, giving him a half smile. “Are you alright?”

“No.” You whispered, mostly to yourself. Cas was there instantly, sitting next to you and resting his hand on top of yours. “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Cas smiled and laced his fingers with yours. “Well, first and foremost, we were great friends. You understood me in a way nobody else ever did. You read people…and angels…well. I don’t know if that’s something you’ve noticed.” You nodded and huffed a laugh. “Second, I promised your father once that I’d look out for you. I failed once. I don’t intend to do it again.”

“Failed me how?” You questioned. “A lot of people feel like they failed me. People die. You can’t prevent it. It just happens.”

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In the March issue of Materials World, we write about nanotube-covered titanium that could be used as blood-repellent medical implants. This can be used as clot-resistant surgical implants, described by Dr Arun Kota as ‘the Holy Grail of the medical device industry.’

I’m reminded of a previous demonstration of tuneable superomniphobic surfaces from Kota back in 2014. Again working with titanium, the coating is able to trap certain low surface tension liquids on a variable scale. Also, it looks kinda cool.

3 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 3,200 


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“I’m telling you it was just some kids being kids. Don’t read too much into it man.” Yoongi patted Jin on his arm, trying to calm down the angry man,

“It wasn’t kids. I know it was that bitch upstairs.” Jin spat coldly,

“That bitch upstairs is right here you know. It wasn’t me, look at the glass,” you walked between the two men, both of them towering over you, “The glass is on the inside of the house, right? So it must’ve been smashed from the outside. I can’t leave the house, so how could it have been me?”

Jin shoved your body down on to the ground, not caring if you landed in the dozens of glass shards, he loomed over your figure, “Don’t try and outsmart me little girl, I know you had something to do with this.” He grabbed his khaki coloured jacket from the sofa and headed out the door.

“Where are you going?” Yoongi shouted,

“Melissa’s. Why, did you want to watch how a real man pleases his woman?”

How did a guy like him even find a mate?

The door slammed angrily, earning a disapproving groan from Yoongi’s lips before he left the room and a small shake from the entire building. As much as you hated Jin and his temperament, he was right, you did have something to do with the abundance of smashed glass that decorated the living room floor. Memories of the mans face flashed through your mind, you were almost certain you’d never seen him before. Rolling up the jeans Nancy had given you to wear you observed the bite mark again, could the man who came to the house be your bleeder?

Suddenly an excruciating pain hammered inside your head as you tried to stand up, the loudest ringing noise hung heavy on your ears, weighing you down to the floor once more. The intensity of the sound caused you to cover your ears with your hands, your body convulsing in agony on top of the smashed glass.

Y/N. Y/N listen to me.

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Ask Ethan: If Gravity Attracts, How Can The ‘Dipole Repeller’ Push The Milky Way?

“What are the mechanics behind a dipole repeller? How can an area of space void of matter repulse galaxies to any meaningful extent (or at all?)?”

There’s been a longstanding puzzle in astrophysics that’s finally coming to a head. For nearly a century, we’ve known that our Universe is expanding, and that the distance to a galaxy determines its average apparent recessional speed from us. But on top of that is an additional motion – a peculiar velocity – caused by the local gravitational field of the Universe. When we look at the motion of our own galaxy, we see it’s moving about twice as fast in one direction as the attractive masses would allow. But underdense regions, where there’s less mass and gravity than average, can serve as an effective repeller, failing to attract other matter just as much as overdense regions can attract it. Thanks to a newly mapped and accounted for cosmic void, we might finally understand how our galaxy is moving through the Universe.

The so-called Great Attractor has nothing on the dipole repeller idea, and at long last the Milky Way’s motion might be understood!

The Experiment

“Hello everyone, if you’d please take your seats…”  The professor waited for the room of about forty college aged Alphas, Betas, and Omegas to stop their chatter and pay attention to her.  “Yes.  Thank you all for coming to tonight’s informational meeting.  I’m Dr. Mills and I hope you all will be interested enough in tonight’s proposed experiment to participate.  And, yes, you will all be paid fifty dollars for participating, so now you can actually pay attention to what the experiment is rather than wondering about money.”

The group chuckled and Dean flicked his eyes up from his cell phone for a moment, but then returned to his game.  He didn’t care what they wanted him to do: pee in a cup, give blood, take weird experimental medications—he just wanted to get paid.  He would have signed up blind if he could have, but Charlie (a classmate in his Fluid Thermodynamics class and one of the students assisting with the project), who had told him about it said he had to attend the informational session.  Attend, not pay attention.  He’d confirmed there wouldn’t be a quiz at the end.

“Now, this experiment is about trying to identify if certain genetic markers affect what pheromones we find attractive and which ones we don’t.”

“Trying to crack the True Mates code?” someone called out.

The audience chuckled and the professor smiled.

“Now, we all know true mates are a fairy tale and sentimental movie fodder, but you have to admit that there are some scents you find attractive, some you have little reaction to, and some that can be repellant.  It’s kind of like there are people you scent and don’t mind hooking up with, but you can’t picture mating.  Right?”

“That’s just because all Alphas are commitment-phobes,” a voice said provocatively.

There was a mixture of laughing and grumbling.

“Hey,” someone replied.  “Betas are the coldest bitches I’ve ever interacted with.”

Argumentative conversation broke out in the room.  The professor waved her hands in the air.

“Settle down, settle down.  Behavioral science is run by Dr. Hanscum.  I’m sure she’ll be conducting an experiment in the spring and you all can go argue about which gender and sex combination are the biggest assholes with her.”

Everyone laughed and Dean cracked a smile.

“But tonight, we’re talking about attraction people.  What attracts you and what doesn’t.  What makes you picture a house and kids and what doesn’t.”  Dr. Mills smirked.  “What turns you on and what doesn’t.”

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There is a truth to be found in what Jack Baker says about his son: the family are not truly killers, even his boy Lucas.

There’s an interesting type of truth to be found in the statement in regards to Lucas. That he is truly not a killer, at least not at heart. Lucas has murdered, tortured, and has proven not likely to stop such things. Even after his mind has become clear, given an immunity to Eveline’s control from a serum provided by her very creators; he continues his actions with a heightened sense of awareness ( a loose fitting word to how Lucas perceives the world after being pulled from Eveline’s influence). He takes pleasure from his actions, just as he takes disappoint in the failures of the abducted. He’s seeking for something beyond the bettering of his own inventions.

Lucas continued his abductions of individuals, continued acting as if he were under Eveline’s control to make her believe that he was still under her control; Lucas is an exceptionally smart individual, it would not have taken one in order to fool a child, genetically modified or not. Some of his actions are pretending. ( Which brings an interesting point– Lucas had never wanted to kidnap the Baker victims because it was wrong, but rather because he prefers not to physically be harming. The harm that Lucas does is usually through a third party, or object, and even physiological damage but he does not physically assault. Even when faced with potential confrontation of Ethan Winters he runs. He has never murder with his own hands, rather his inventions. It’s an interesting disconnect between the player and the game master.)  

While her control over Lucas was short, it did not leave without any lasting effects. Lucas was already mentally ill before the arrival of the tanker. Even before being officially diagnosed he murdered a child by starvation ( once again never really touching, rather a death by neglect ). In some fashion, as a child, Lucas did not understand his actions; while he had understood that he had murdered ( going so far as covering up the murder vis-a-vis the ‘bayou’ in order to remain a guiltless party ), there was the question of why Oliver had died, a very brief question, but still a question. Shortly after diagnosed, he began taking medicine, but Lucas stopped. Factor in the childhood trauma from the physical discipline of his father.

Eveline’s mold touched his mind. It unraveled everything that Lucas had been attempting to keep under lock and key so he could have a 'normal’ life. ( A normal life that he does not base too heavily on his own childhood, although the basics of a father and mother in a nice house stick. He would even argue for getting a job, one that uses his talents to the fullest, although he was never quite successful for varying reasons. He’s an asshole. ) Her 'mold’ was a key to unlocking the pieces of Lucas that were held back; the violent, the erratic, the more meticulous malicious pieces of his mind. ( There is, as well, a heavy sense of PTSD that comes after being freed from Eveline. ) It would be wrong to classify this Lucas as a true Lucas, he is a very complex and confusing person, he does being a 'sociopath inventor’.

He lacks a filter. There isn’t something to keep his invasive thoughts at bay, nothing to guide morality. There are actions, like nail pulling and teeth spitting and subjecting individuals to his ideas; these are things that he most ardently enjoys, things that a little less than kind and more than disturbed. Specifically, there’s a reason to the nail pulling/chewing/ripping, as they grow back quicker and knows that he can not really die, it’s become a way of calming himself.

Yet. Lucas has his moments. The moments where he is helpful, where he isn’t an entire asshole. Purposely leaving video tapes which Ethan ( or truly, any other victim ) can find, leaving the photographs and hidden treasure caches. Lucas Baker is an observer of the Baker family, employed by the same B.O.W manufacturers that had made Eveline; Zoe is helpful, yes, but Lucas is the only one whose not under Eveline’s control. Now, whether Lucas intentionally left the tapes is another question to be asked, another secret that Lucas will not reveal. It is, all of the helpful things he has done, another way at keeping people from assumptions. Keeping people guessing, because Lucas Baker does not like being pegged as one thing. He doesn’t want anyone to have a grasp on who he is, what he wants, and truthfully most aren’t capable of forming a solid conclusion on Lucas beyond asshole.

In a way, Lucas invites sympathy. He has this childlike quality about him, and he can be very charming. At other times ( really, most of the time ) he can be quite repellent, because he can be remorseless and erratic and hes an indirect murderer, and you’re reminded about what he did.

rockruff-dailys  asked:

How do you draw your doggos so cute?

MHi @rockruff-dailys! OKAY, WHEW! This may seem long-winded, but please bear with me, and I hope this answer is satisfying :) 

This part is a little more subjective; what I personally find interesting or cute or something that I want my own style to strive to is unique to me, and will probably be unique to you, but I think it does help to take the time to look at other art, and contemplate what you like about it, what maybe you’d like to emulate, or what you don’t!

So one of the big sources of inspiration for me are children’s books; there’s a wide range of talent and styles that art directors will look for, so there is reallly a niche for everyone (as long as you can get your foot in the door, which is a post for another day)

Some favorite illustrators and their takes on dogs:

Christian Robinson, Gaston, Last Stop on Market Street, Leo: A Ghost Story

Kristine Lombardi, Lovey Bunny and The Grumpy Pets

Japan Wave stationary

Their styles are not perfect one-to-one matches for my own style, but there are brush strokes and textures and expressions that they pull off effortlessly that I personally adore and find inspiration in! The point is that it’s art that excites me, and that I try to emulate in my own work somehow, all to keep the creative flow going and to keep being open to new ideas and color palettes.

Other cool sources for inspiration:

Catbird Literary Agency – a cool resource for anyone who wants to get a look at a lot of different art styles in one place (and dream illustration agency ;’D Haha maybe someday) Artists of note on Catbird: Camille Garoche, Kerascoët, Mike Yamada

Shiyoon Kim

Claire Keane

Olivia Hyun – Especially her Inktober 2016 challenge, which is very much appealing to doggo fans

;’D Again, it’s all subjective – but kind of making inspiration maps or knowing what inspires and excites you vs what repels you can help with developing your own approach to what makes a “cute” dog that you can personally be proud of.

Do Something Bad, Too - Part 3

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: It’s like every single Alpha on the planet won’t rest until they’ve confessed their eternal wish for you to mother their children, and it’s getting old. Luckily, that’s a problem Bucky might be able to fix.

Warnings: language, a/b/o dynamics

A/N: part 3!! things are getting more intense, let me know if you like where its going! also just a reminder, the tag list for this fic is closed for the moment so please dont’t ask!

Part 1 Part 2

Waking up is torture because it feels so good. You’re warm in a way that doesn’t just feel skin deep, but more like every bone is glowing with something so satisfying it almost aches. It takes you a few sweet, sleepy seconds to realise exactly why you’re waking up more well rested than you’ve ever been in your life, and then the whole illusion shatters.

Sometime in the night you and Bucky had shifted until he was lying on his back, long legs dangling off the end of the couch and his arms wrapped tight around you curled up on his chest. Sun streaks warm through the windows and glass walls - glass walls, because you fell asleep in your office literally on top of Bucky. You make a highly undignified squeak and try to sit up, which only succeeds in dislodging Bucky’s grip on you and sending you crashing to the floor.

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Strength - [EXO] Dr!Baekhyun Au

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[A/N] He came home with a sullen look, and no matter how long I lived, I shall never forget that look, ever. Based on a true story.

Medical field, as everybody knows, deals with life and loss. And maybe a lot of outsiders out there who thinks that death didn’t affect the staffs as much as the family does. And logically saying, they shouldn’t.

But no matter how many times you heard the word death, it will stung you.

Maybe you don’t understand much but seeing how Baekhyun is breaking within himself, humbles you to the great creation by God. He takes whom he please, whenever He pleases. Don’t life mattered when it’s short? Don’t we value things the less we see them? Don’t we appreciate things that are not forever, like you and everyone around you. Or this ground you stepped on, or this sky you are seeing, or this wind you feel on your skin and this breeze.

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PJO Headcannons

The Seven Plus and fears.

Percy is afraid of losing the ones he loves. He always has been. He always will be. He is also afraid he’ll never be good enough though that fear has grown less intense over his years in the demigod world.

Annabeth is terrified of spiders. It used to be the same level of fear as the other members of the Athena cabin but ever since she and Percy were pulled into Tartarus by Aracne it’s gotten worse. She has panic attacks at the smallest of spiders. She hates it. Percy has planted peppermint around the Athena cabin and anywhere else he can to repel spiders anywhere Annabeth might be. The Demeter cabin helped.

Piper is afraid of losing her family and afraid that one day Jason will realize that she’s not worth him. She knows it’s silly but she can’t help it.

Leo is terrified of loss as well, though he’s more afraid of being the cause of it. He also has a healthy, and slightly ironic, fear of fire.

Hazel fears death. She’s experienced it once and knows what it’s like to wander the fields of Asphodel endlessly. She doesn’t want that again. She doesn’t know it but there’s a place in Elysium reserved for each member of the seven.

Frank also has a healthy fear of death but he fears failure more. Failing to protect Hazel, failing to be a good Praetor, failing himself.

Jason fears losing himself again. He has never felt more empty than he did when he didn’t know who he was and where he belonged. He doesn’t want to feel that again.

Reyna fears weakness. She knows it’s human nature but she can’t help but fear it. She is a Praetor and to show weakness in front of her legions is one of the worst things she can imagine.

Will fears fighting. He knows he’s not good at it. He sucks in fact but he goes out there anyway to try and heal the wounded and keep his friends and family alive but he knows if it comes down to a fight he’s going to lose and that scares him.

Nico fears tight spaces. Ever since his time in the jar he can’t stand enclosed spaces. He’s ok in elevators for a time but not for long. If he’s stuck in anything smaller than an elevator he finds himself, in his mind at least, trapped back in the bronze jar and can’t breathe. He once had a panic attack like this in a closet in the infirmary. The Stolls, not knowing about the jar, had locked him in as a prank. Despite the light not working he couldn’t shadow travel out as his fear was overwhelming. Will found him passed out two hours later. Jason and Percy had a firm talking to with the Stolls that ended in two broken ankles and a severely sprained wrist. Will kept the Stolls far away from Nico while they were recovering.

Nico is also afraid of lighting. This is because of the time Zeus attempted to kill him and Bianca but instead murdered their mother. Any time a storm is let into the boundaries of Camp Half Blood Nico slips into his Cabin and hides. Jason once followed him and found the son of Hades trembling under his blanket. He comforted Nico and they ended up watching movies together on the tv Leo had installed into the Hades cabin for the remainder of the storm. This has become something of a tradition with them and if Jason isn’t available Will is more than happy to step in.

5 things you didn’t know about...fog-fighting nanotextures

Credit: Nature Materials

1. Water-repellent nanotextures have now been proven to have anti-fogging capabilities in research conducted by US Department of Energy’s researchers and scientists in France, at the Thales Group, ESPCI Paris Tech and École Polytechnique.

2. The DOE researchers were inspired by the physical mechanisms observed on some insect bodies, which can repel water and oil, reduce reflections and adhere to surfaces.

3. They used self-assembling block copolymers, made up of two distinct molecules forming repeating units, to create nanoscale textures in a range of inorganic materials. Conical nanotextures were found to be most efficient at repelling water and dirt.

4. An optical microscope connected to a high-resolution camera was used to view dew formation on various textures. Water droplets on conical textures were seen to jump off the surface when two drops combined, as they could not adhere strongly to the surface.

5. An understanding of the structure of these anti-fogging materials may be useful in the design and manufacture of aircraft and car windshields and steam turbine condensing equipment. 

To find out more see page 4 of the April issue of Materials World.

Herb of the Day: Thyme


The word Thyme comes from the Greek meaning to “fumigate.” This indicates that Thyme was used as a smoke cleansing herb. It was often mixed into drinks to enhance intoxicating effects and induce bravery, while warriors massaged with thyme oil to ensure their courage. Women wore thyme in their hair to enhance attractiveness

In Medieval England, ladies embroidered sprigs of thyme into their knights’ scarves to increase their bravery. 

In Scotland, highlanders brewed tea to increase courage and keep away nightmares.

Thyme was used as early as 3000 BCE by Sumerians as an antiseptic, as it does have rather great antiseptic qualities. It was used as an embalming herb in ancient Egypt and was burned in other places as offerings to celebrate Rites of Passing. It was placed in coffins throughout Europe to ensure passage into the next world.

Propagation, Harvest & Storage:

Thyme prefers full sun to part shade and loose, fast draining soil, preferably sandy. The roots should never be allowed to stay wet. Thyme is winter hardy, but a light mulch will protect it when the ground freezes. It does not need fertilizers. Thyme does best if it is pruned in the spring or summer after its first year.

Leaves can be harvested as needed throughout the year. Give the plant a year to get established before doing any heavy harvesting. The best flavor is right before flowering.

Thyme dries very well. It should be dried as any other herb on the stem and the leaves stripped off later.

Magical Attributes:

Thyme is associated with the element water and the planet Venus.
Also associated with Freya, Aphrodite, and Aries
Used in spells to increase strength and courage, maintaining a positive attitude, communicate with the fae, or honor new beginnings. 

Used as a cleansing herb when burned to dispel melancholy, hopelessness, and other mellow but negative vibrations, particularly after family tragedy or during a long sickness

Faeries also love Thyme and its addition to your garden will attract them.

Tips for Using Thyme:

Place thyme beneath your pillow for a restful sleep and happy dreams and to prevent nightmares.

The tiny flowers will attract bees to your garden. Honey made from these flowers is highly prized.

Sachets of thyme hung in your closet or folded in with your stored clothes will keep moths out, and smells nicer than mothballs.

Oil of thyme can be used as a household cleaning agent as it is good germ killer and drives away pests. Just put a few drops in a spray bottle with 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar.

A strong infusion of thyme makes a great hair rinse for dark hair and repels head lice. You can add rosemary as well if you have problems with dandruff.

Thyme has been used as a cough remedy and digestive aid as well as a treatment for internal parasites. It is also used for athlete’s foot and hemorrhoids.

Kitchen Witchery- Cooking With Intent

The fun thing about being a kitchen witch is that you can do it every day, you don’t need anything that you don’t already have, you can work it into your already busy schedule with barely any change in routine, and it is fun.

Here are some simple ideas you can use when Working in the kitchen.

1. make your own spice-rubs/seasoning blends. Go by your own nose and what you like to taste to create spices that are uniquely yours. You can raid the cheap $1 section of the spice aisle and spend some time mixing and matching. Don’t be afraid to add salt for protective qualities, as well. While you are making your blend, think about what you want it to accomplish every time you use it. My last mixture was a home-made Italian seasoning blend I put on breads before I baked them for the Lammas Holiday. I wanted the herbs to convey my thanks to the gods for a successful harvest season, and I wanted to ask for blessings for a warm and happy home. I use this seasoning every time I bake a holiday bread now…it just seems right.

2. I saw an idea another witch had on making homemade sugar cubes and I loved the idea.

I did some experimenting and found that you can also use sugar in the raw or any sugar that is not powdered sugar. You can replace the water with a mixture 2 parts vanilla extract/1 part water for vanilla sugar cubes. The spice aisle sells other extracts as well. There are probably several different flavors you could create for your coffee or tea. I use silicone candy/ice molds to shape my cubes and I bake them on 200 degrees for 1 hour, then let them cool and then pop them out. Do not go above the liquid solid ratio of 3 teaspoons liquid/1 cup sugar. If you do, you will get a gooey sticky mess when you bake as the cubes will boil and try to become candy.  If you do not want to go to the trouble of molds or cookie cutters you can also roll the sugar out flat on a pan to the thickness you want the cubes, use a sharp knife to draw lines in the sugar where you want the cubes to break apart, and bake.

3. When baking you have the opportunity to draw or cut sigils into most anything. You could add a sigil to a cake before icing it. You could hide sigils in the patterns of the icing on cake or cookies. You could give blessings this way, or use this to enchant your own food for good luck, or good health. Art in the kitchen is always fun. As seen here:

4. Add a bit of salt to your mop water to help clean out negative energy. You can also experiment with making a deodorizing carpet powder- you know, the kind you pour down, then sweep up? Popcorn salt for spiritual cleansing, baking soda for deodorizing, essential oil for scent. mix in a bowl by whisk until the powder has absorbed the oil, add to a container you can shake out of, and voila. According to some online sources, adding Borax can repel fleas. You can do a search on homemade carpet powder for other ideas and recipes.

5. The important thing for a kitchen witch to remember is that anything can be made magical. In many places, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Where food and life comes from. Embrace that. Follow your heart and instincts.


Sherlock fandom: Why were there so many plot holes in TFP?


Sherlock fandom: Uhm… okay, but we asked about… Fine, so why all the women were treated so badl…


Sherlock fandom: …….so, uhm…. okay, why…


Sherlock fandom:

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Magical Properties

- Cedar is a powerful ingredient. Wands made from this wood are particularly great for cleansing and creating sacred spaces. It can be burned, planted and used in incense. It’s shavings can be burnt to consecrate and purify both places and tools.

- Cedar is associated with power and longevity. The essential oil has been used as a preservative throughout history, and the wood has been used for building coffins because is resistant to the elements and repels insects. Cedar can be used in charms for long life and growth, or added to spells to increase their potency

- Cedar can be used to attract love, and is best used when burnt or added to sachets and charms. 

- It can be utilised in protection charms, spells, rituals and incenses. When hung above a door it will repel negative energy and spirits.

- It can be used to aid in the summoning of spirits during rituals, invocations, and evocations. 

- It will also aid in healing magic, can be burned to attract money, and to boost psychic abilities. 

universalhellfire  asked:

i saw you have been talking about tick prevention... y'all gotta wear SOMETHING if you are going to be outside. i contracted Lyme's Disease when i was 16. 8 years later and i still have joint issues. anyways, long pants and long sleeves don't cut it. i wear the strongest tick repellant i can find all summer- for even mowing the lawn- bc if i would be infected again, medications wouldnt help me. keep thaf in mind, as Lyme's sucks wind and the treatment is worse!

I would also like to add: if you have been out in tick infested areas and show symptoms of lyme disease, get treated even if you don’t have the tell tale bullseye rash. Not all cases will have an easy to distinguish mark. If you get it early enough a round of antibiotics will save your ass.