repecca art


HEY GUYS!!! As some of you may know I went to AX this year for all four days and commissioned SO MANY ARTISTS for my OCs *__* (mostly a lot of Hunter LOL)

I finally got around to scanning all of them because I really wanted to show off all these lovely artworks I got!! Please click the images to view each respective artist they’re by :-D

(also i’m just gonna link them all here in order for convenience. CHECK ‘EM OUT!!)

@evonyo | @parakid | @peachymintsdraws | @janetsungart | whoatess | @pepperonccini | @animoose | @pastghost-art | @eggelo | @repecca

I’m trying to get used to not being a perfectionist so I can get things done faster weh and that little girl is a new character…

Also I got a lot of new followers in the past week presumably because of 1 picture that kept getting reblogged? HI guys