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I'm glad someone is as concerned about the McElroy Fandom lol Ive been here a few years and I'm beginning see a repeat of mid 200's John Green

tbh ive always been.. wary. ive actually been watching monster factory since mid 2016, before it became A Craze here… and i kinda feel like theyre mad overrated? like mcelroy content is entertaining, but my first warning bells started when people started acting like its the Height Of Comedy.


Some round sphynx cats + sci fi cutness because I needed a proper header for my twitter. Top is the full size version and the bottom 4 is just to show the repeating pattern version I made.

Will my crappy sphynx cat representation ever have a consistent design? Who knows!  None the less this was a fun experiment with using thinner and sloppier traditional pen lineart, I may do more pieces with this style someday.

So enjoy!

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Sorry for bothering you, but do you have any tips for creating fun, colorful background patterns? I don't mean like a full background environment, but like you did with this picture?: ost/158976584808/30-now-that-were-on-the-cusp-of-the-new. Do you draw all of it yourself, or is there a template of premade shapes you use?

Hello!  I made that pattern with a four-pronged star!  You can make stars with the polygon tool in Photoshop and set whatever number of prongs/angle of indentation you want!  I made the large shape with a four-pronged star, then made the overlay on top of it using a repeated pattern of similar four-pronged stars, just tiled!

Aries: Trust more in things you can’t understand. Sometimes the weirdest answer is the only answer left.

Taurus: Recognize old habits and old crimes. Don’t let patterns repeat when you deserve so much better then you deserve. 

Gemini: Stop complaining and start working. You can do anything you put your mind to, you just have to put your mind to it. You’ll lose the war if you don’t fight.

Cancer:  Stop. Just stop. Those vices have have no virtues. They don’t give you character their just killing you. Nothing else to say on the matter.

Leo: One step at a time. Because if you never start you’ll never get the chance to stop. It’s time to grow up and learn to care for yourself.

Virgo: These scars aren’t what made you. These wounds didn’t forge you. You are the hero of your own god damn story. So it’s time to stand up and fight.

Libra: Stop hanging out with people who don’t want to fix themselves. Doing drugs and drowning yourself in the bottle never fucking solved anything.

Scorpio:  Learn to keep your mouth shut for all that is good and holy. Some secrets weren’t meant to be shared and some scars weren’t meant to be shown.

Sagittarius: It’s okay to need love again. It’s okay to need someone in your life. Don’t be scared just to fall just because it hurt last time.

Capricorn:  One relapse doesn’t mean you don’t throw out your recovery. Learn to grab and hold on for deal life. Because you’ve got this.

Aquarius:Jumping off bridges for thrills never did anyone any good. Learn to be content with life as its stands instead of always needing drama.

Pisces: Looking back, learn to not regret. Learn to enjoy who you are and what made you, you. As hard as it was. As painful as it was. You’re you for it.

—  This Weeks Zodiac Post

my favorite davekat is  the kind of davekat where karkat lowkey takes on an alarming mixture of shitpost aesthetic unironically because he’s been way too influenced by dave mashing sbahj with his photography