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(a/n) shoot this is not a drabble…. well… enjoy photographer yoongi loves.. insp by this post  … can you freaking see how biased I am? yeah you can….

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Democrats Prepare for a Very Different Debate
After the Paris attacks.

The Democratic presidential candidates prepared for weeks for Saturday’s debate, a contest that was going to focus heavily on questions about the economy, immigration and domestic issues.

Then came the attacks on Paris.

With the City of Lights reeling from the deaths of at least 129 people after blasts and half a dozen firearm attacks on Friday night, the Democrats will seek to prove their mettle as strong commanders-in-chief in a perilous global moment. The Democratic debate is likely to be a subdued and somber affair.

Hillary Clinton will aim to affirm her status as a confident and collected leader during Saturday night’s debate, while challengers Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will strive to show they are knowledgeable beyond their relatively limited foreign policy experience.

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amischiefofmice  asked:

how fucked up IS the electoral college and is it really time to dismantle it? relatedly: will that ever actually HAPPEN?

I touched briefly on the electoral college in this post, but the electoral college is such an unintuitive mess that I think it might be helpful to lay out exactly what it is, where it comes from, and why it still exists.

(Most of the historical information here is from William Kimberling’s “The Electoral College,” written in 1992 for the Federal Election Commission. Kimberling was serving as Deputy Director of the FEC Office of Election Administration at the time. The entire document is here for your perusal:)

First: A little history.

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