How my brain works...

Replaying Portal 2: Okay Wheatley, we went over this. You weren’t supposed to hook yourself up this time. Now we gotta do this all over again.

Portal 2 Musical: Surely he’s learned his lesson this time. No? Aight cool…

Portal 2 Musical Remount: Okay different actor. Different show. Different Wheatley. This one’s a total cinammon roll, things will be different.


Repeats cycle.


Drone view captured while digitally mapping the crater edge alongside the Masaya Volcano Lava Lake, Nicaragua

I love you, with no strings attached, no fine-print terms and conditions. I love who you are right now, in this very moment. Should you change, I’d love that ‘you’ too. If you ever leave, my love will follow you out the door, a reminder to carry with you–into the cruel world–that you’re adored. You will always have a home in my arms, close to my heart that pulses in time with yours.

I love your robust laugh, your infectious smile. I love your touching tears, your furrowed brow. I love your eyes, your lips, your nose, your cheeks…every inch of your compulsively kissable, devastatingly beautiful face. I love your soft curves and your sharp angles; the scars where your brokenness was fused back together. I love every uncharted part of your body, every corner of your brilliant mind, every beat of your tender heart, every celestial piece of your soul. The components of you I can’t touch, I still somehow feel with all my being.

If you ever stop loving me, I won’t stop…even if you want me to. I’ll just love you unobtrusively, quietly, never forcing that love on you. I know no other way. But if you were to ever think life unloving, you would find solace in knowing at least one person out there loves you. Always.

—  Sorry to sound like a broken record, but this is the song I have on repeat