repeal citizens united

“I’m just exploring all my options”

You have no options. Voting for a third party candidate is effectively throwing your vote away. It’s a BINARY CHOICE

You are going to get us all killed.
You are going to get us all killed.

You might not remember what happened last time, but I do. Leftists swore up and down an Al Gore Presidency would be “just as bad” as a Bush Presidency. That was the EXACT phrase they used.

“Al Gore is a corpratist,” they said.

“I want to vote for something instead of against something,” they said.

Now, over a decade later, the entire GLOBE is still trying to correct what was done during the Bush administration–global financial collapse, SCOTUS nominees, TWO endless wars, drone strikes, the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Isis, DICK CHEYNEY.

Open your eyes and see how the tide is turning. For the past 10 years, there’s been a steady rise of right-wing ideology and politics. There’s UKIP and the Brexit, France and their damn neo Nazi Marine Le Pen, whatever is happening in Brazil right now. Canada only just ousted a leader who muzzled scientists who spoke about climate change!

And now we have the possibility of Trump. Trump who, as of this moment, has a 38% chance of winning according to Five Thirty Eight. Not 38% of the vote. 38% chance of winning. Those aren’t terrible odds. They’re better odds than rolling a specific number on a die, 16.68%. 

Do you understand that we have a chance to flip the Supreme Court for the first time since the 60’s? 

Remember all that Civil Rights shit from the 60’s? Do you know what happened to it, why it didn’t usher in a new age of equality like MLK’s Dreamers hoped? The Burger Court happened to it. The Burger Court is the conservative-majority Supreme Court that came into power in the backlash following the 60′s. With that Court came a conservative jurisprudence that would last for generations. It was the Burger Court that stymied de-segregation efforts, and created ‘white flight’ by ruling that de-segregation orders couldn’t be extended past district lines. It was the Burger Court that laid the groundwork for Citizens United, when they ruled that corporations could spend money in politics. Everyone was so shocked when SCOTUS ruled corporations are people and money=speech. Well, thank the Burger Court!

Now, for the first time in SEVERAL DECADES there is an opportunity to flip the Supreme Court. We haven’t had a liberal jurisprudence since the 60′s. And look at what’s coming down the pipe–anti trans laws like HB2, Affirmative Action, housing rights, repealing Citizen United, immigration, abortion, gun control, police brutality, climate change, etc. 

I am begging you to vote Hillary. And tell others to vote Hillary. I won’t quibble over whether her policies are better than Trump’s (they objectively are) or whether or not she is a better person than Trump (that’s…more subjective). The SCOTUS nominations should be reason enough. PLEASE don’t make me live through a Trump administration. Please don’t do this again.

audreykitchen  asked:

Hi, As a fellow lover of America, I would like to know why you feel the need to attack Conservatives daily? I will admit that I lean more towards the right, but there are definitely a lot of left opinions that I often listen to and agree with. Instead of attacking the right, why don't you encourage both Democrats and Republicans to work together to help make America a better and SAFER country? Collaboration is never a bad idea and often gets things done. Especially with the ISIS issue. Audrey

Encouraging the Right to work with the Left is not an option these days. The Right has decided saying “no” to everything is their best option. I agree collaboration is ideal, but when that option is not available, the nest step is to show how one side is not neglecting their duties.

Take your pick: immigration, income inequality, minimum wage, climate, student debt, Wall St reform, banking reform, repealing Citizens United, gutting the Voting Rights Act, GOP voter suppression, gun safety, and most obviously marriage equality. Conservatives are on the wrong side of history. So maybe after I listed TWELVE important issues of the day where Conservatives are doing their best to do nothing, you will understand why people attack their obstruction.

Recently we Have Received A LOT of “Bernie Sanders is too idealistic/his ideas are unrealistic” Type Criticism. Here is Our Response.

As we have worked on our blog the amount of support has increased exponentially. Knowing so many people support Bernie Sanders is honestly a really amazing thing to see and we are glad to be here to experience it. That said, by virtue of doing the work we do there has been a certain amount of criticism thrown our way. Sometimes we decide it isn’t worth our time, the rumors messaged to us are unfounded, or something else compels us not to respond. Other times we are feel obligated to respond and this is one of those times.

For the last few days multiple people have tagged our page in the post above. Now let me start this whole thing by saying, I completely agree with the post. Bernie Sanders has been campaigning on free health care, free college education, and increased minimum wage, workers’ rights, tax reform, and taking on the billionaire class. As it stands now, most of that, specifically the first couple items, are probably unsustainable. Certain factions on both sides realize this, while other factions FROM BOTH MAJOR PARTIES, benefit from the status quo. Make no mistake, Bernie Sanders is not some fringe candidate promising people free stuff to get elected. He is a man with an ideology and seeking solutions for our country within that ideological frame work. He may be running as a Democrat, but his convictions are only loosely tied to a fringe of that party. Just as Ron Paul’s convictions were only loosely tied to the Republican party. Just like conservatives want to fix America by removing government, Bernie Sanders wants to fix it by reshaping it.

We have reached an impasse in American politics. Once again two groups with different ideologies are battling each other for what they feel is the best for America. The fact that we have $16 Trillion dollars in debt cannot be overstated. The fact that every administration since Ronald Reagan has carried out an incredible amount of deficit spending and that is a problem. The fact that health care and college are unaffordable is a problem. The fact that millionaires, billionaires, and multinational corporations are allowed to make record profits and let their workers suffer, that is a problem. Some people view the solution to these problems as cutting government out of the picture.

Making the reach of government smaller is a political solution as old as Thomas Jefferson who famously said, “the government that governs best is the one which governs the least”.  That sentiment remained a powerful force when Andrew Jackson heralded small government and beat the Hamiltonian, use the government for business, James Madison. Conservative ideals prevailed throughout the 19th century it helped foster economic growth and benefited the United States in a lot of ways. This conservatism popped up again in the 1920s and allowed Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover to propel America to a period of unprecedented economic growth. Then finally the latest strain of conservatism from Reagan to Bush, which I feel history will cast in a far more unfavorable light once there is some hind sight and more history. Not that Reagan and Bush didn’t accomplish SOME good things (emphasis on the SOME, really heavy emphasis). It’s just every time in American history this conservatism has led to a political push back, and for good reason.

Despite what many would have you think politics is incredibly complex and one single ideology will not always solve every problem. The aforementioned administrations definitely pushed America forward economically and otherwise, but they had counterparts which always fixed some problems they exacerbated. Teddy Roosevelt and the progressives counteracted the lack of workers’ rights and regulation which had plagued the United States since the Jacksonian era. Franklin Roosevelt tried to solve the problems the unchecked economic system created during the Hoover years. As a result he won land slide election after land slide election, whether you agree with the New Deal or not, it has impacted America immeasurably and has continued relevance to this day. Now it is time for a new push back. It is time to push back against the military and corporate interests which have run our economy dry over the last 3 decades. Make no mistake, every president since Ronald Reagan, and even before that, has contributed to the problems we face today. There are multiple solutions to those problems, but as it stands now Bernie Sanders seems like the only one removed enough from the dirty cogs of the political machine to actually make a change before things get any worse.

We appreciate the skepticism involved when a politician just offers voters services that they cannot possibly follow through on. The thing is, some of what Bernie Sanders offers may seem idealistic, but most of it makes sense. We are the wealthiest country in the wealthiest time in the history of humanity. Technological advances have compounded that wealth and it is ridiculous that we have let so much of that wealth fall in to the hands of so few. So many people in our country continue to go without and the Billionaire Class continues to laugh to the bank. If you feel conservative ideals are the best way to combat this growing trend of inequality and our unsustainable economic structure, we don’t blame you. Conservative ideology could certainly bring about that change with the right people.

Unfortunately I seriously doubt, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, or Jeb Bush, or any other Republican, are going to provide that change. We need a government that helps the American people and works towards their best interests. In my mind, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who will fix our unsustainable political and economic system. As the only candidate pushing for universal education, universal health care, and combating the interests of the Billionaire class by reforming tax laws and repealing the Citizens United decision, Bernie Sanders is the only president who will help get our countries priorities back in line with the needs and desires of the average American. Just because we are unable to provide these things right now, doesn’t mean things shouldn’t be changed in such a way that we can provide them.

Before you call his ideas unrealistic, take a long hard look at our current system and then try and objectively say it is right for major corporations to pay sometimes effectively no taxes while workers work 40+ hours a week for starvation wages. That has got to stop, and Bernie Sanders is the only one who will stop it. Bernie Sanders 2016!