Dream High

From my previous post I stated that there were many things that I wanted to do since I was little, but from all those door/opportunities I have only chosen one. That being said dreams are not just limit to family and career wise. Dreams are places that we want to travel, activities we want to do, and finally who we want to be. Over the course of time I have made many amends to my dreams.

First, places that I want to travel and write a book about them. There are many places that I want to travel to whether it be while I’m studying abroad or just for the fun of it I believe that there many more things to learn about a certain culture and experience than just watch movies about those places. I really want to travel to South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Switzerland, Greece and Italy. At first, I just wanted to travel to countries that were a bit well off as you can see from the above list. However, I changed my mind and added more countries that are 3rd world countries or developing countries. These countries are India, African, Indonesia, Philippines, and Mexico. My reason to travel to developing countries is that all my life even though there has been time when my siblings and I have to suffer financially with our parents, we were still lucky enough to have food on the table and a bed to sleep. For once I’m going to challenge myself and also help those in needs.

Next, is a list that I really want to do. I have actually never have in mind that I wanted to do these activities, but we only live once and we should do all the things we want to do while we’re still young. I want to go to Macau to do the bungee jumping (I’m pretty sure Macau has the world’s tallest bungee jumping). I also want to do mountain climbing, sky diving, and windsurfing. Usually, I stick to safe activities, but for once I just want to experience some thrills.

Lastly, if I become a pediatrician I want to open my own clinic one day and work with my friends who are getting their nursing degree/doctorate’s degree. I also want to open a yoga and/or meditation practice clinic so that people can have time to distress. In all, I just want to have fun while I’m young.

“Before you can be old and wise, you must first be young and foolish.”   ~ anonymous  

A Growing Tree

As a young kid all I ever wanted to do was play with my friends and enjoy every moment of life. Actually I was afraid that my time would be wasted if I don’t do some sort of activity; however, the real question here is have I ever thought of what I wanted to be when I grow up. 

I cannot recall any of my exact answers that I said for the past 15 years to my teachers, classmates, and family. In fact, I know for sure that each time when I was asked what I wanted to be I would give a different answer. There was so many things that I wanted to do as a young kid and so many professions that I wanted to become that it ranged from being an Actress to  Zoologist. Maybe because I was always constantly playing “House,” “School,” or “Doctor” that I was inspired to become an actress. If you look at it one way being an actor/actress you can play all sort of profession that you never had the chance to work for. And sometimes I just thought of professions that earn a lot of income so that I wouldn’t have to worry about earning money to eat and live for the following year.

One day I went to a Chinese restaurant with my friends and inside of my fortune cookie it said “There are many doors waiting for you, but you will only open one door.” I kept the fortune (since I always keep the good fortunes and throw away the bad ones), but I never gave much thought of it. Only a few days ago I was only beginning to question myself, what else out there is waiting for me and what door have I decided to open. All I know is that I’m a hardworking third year college with a Biology major and just enjoying life like any other regular person. 

So, what did I wanted to become when I was younger and why? My answer is there were so many professions that I wanted to become when I was younger. However, I now have opened the perfect the door for myself; although, I still question myself “why I opened this door and will my effort pay off at the end.” Even when I asked myself this same question over and over again, there’s a part of me that feels happy because I know that the best profession for me is one that I can make others and myself happy.