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Author: @duizhangdeluxe

Title: Suho!Bot AU

S/OS: Collection of One-Shots [Open to Continue]

Rating: 6/5 (yes I am rating this six out of five, it’s that good)

My Description: You get your first android boyfriend (yay!), and he turns out to be a sweetie pie! He’s new to the world and learns many things with your guidance, while also repaying you in the best ways (smut warnings). Ft. Kris!Bot in some scenarios, so it’s double the feels.

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Hi love. At soccer today, a girl was worried because she was hungry but already ate lunch today. I shared your philosophy with her that eating is fueling your body and you NEED to eat! She loved it and ate before practice, reminding herself that she needed fuel to go on. thank u for sharing positivity and good thoughts, I'm trying to repay you by spreading love as well!!

This makes me want to cry and give you the biggest hug. I am so happy to hear this babe. Thank you so much for sharing this philosophy and this message with me. Love you <3

Fursuit update


Some amazing people came over and helped me with the suits I’ve been working on!  Seriously, I’ve never had co-workers who honestly cared about who I am before.  It’s really kind of a refreshing feeling.  And though i’m seriously exhausted and looking forward to being DONE with these suits, I super hardcore appreciate all they’ve done for me.  I can’t thank them enough.  So, many thank yous guys.  <3  I don’t know how to repay you.

Springtrap looks awesome, but Bonnie needs a bunch of work.  I’m too tired to do it right now…


151217: seokjin’s flip phone

at the fansign, a fan said she was mad at jin and showed him her ice cream phone. she said she had bought it because of him, and he had to take responsibility - the phone’s memory was low.

j: ah…you bought it?
but i don’t use it anymore
f: oppa has two phones, right?
j: yes. but i’ve switched to the iphone now
f: then when you’re holding (the ice cream phone) with you at airports, it’s on purpose?
j: yes. it’s a concept
f: (oppa is) intentionally looking cute?
j: yes…(avoiding eye contact)

trans cr: KataeBum13

okay but remember when Taylor would give fans in the audience her bracelets and stuff???

Then she gave fans the black hat 

and now 

Taylor is literally the best person in the universe and nobody will ever even come close to comparison.

You are the lonely side character that has helped countless main characters to obtain true love and or accomplish their goals. To repay you, they decide to finally give you a story of your own and this time, them as the side characters.

Excerpt from Yixing’s 吉星高照 interview

“I would like to pass this question back to you: what is the question that you most want to ask yourself?”

He (Yixing) stunned for a little while, he never thought that i would throw such a difficult question at him.

He thought about it quietly for awhile, his face gradually transformed into a surprised expression.

“I would like to ask Zhang Yixing - are you tired…..” he suddenly looked at me and muttered.

“Are you tired?”, i asked him.

He gave a sigh and allowed his gaze to wander out through the door. I saw a flickering hint of exhaustion from his eyes. He was silent, deep in thought. At this moment, he showed a sense of maturity well above his age.

He was silent for a long time. I laughed to help relief him off of this heavy feeling. He too laughed along, but it was somewhat bitter.

I know, this boy is at an age that is supposedly to be spent carefree, eating, drinking and hanging out with his friends. He has put in so much hard work that no ordinary person could possibly know, shouldered so much responsibilities that no outsider could ever understand.

He has no freedom, no entertainment, not even the chance to cry and laugh as he please.

For his dream, he’s determined to walk through this road that although is full of hardship, but with an end point that is full of satisfaction. He never complains. Just the opposite, he feels lucky that he has the chance to climb to greater heights.

But is he tired?

Actually all of us know the answer to that question in our heart.

It’s just that to make him say it with his own mouth, it would make that pained emotions seem a little more real.

He did not say a word. He was sitting under the light, but it looked like his body was enveloped by his shadows.

He shed away his radiance, sitting there quietly.

He looked at me, but it was like he wasn’t looking at me. His line of sight gradually grew faint, just like the bubbles that melt in the air - you could easily hear the ‘pa pa’ sounds made by the overheated light bulbs. He just sat there. He asked himself a question, but he didn’t want to answer it.

“But i believe you are happy. Although it’s hard on you, but you received a lot of success,” i answered for him.

“(You are) right…. right….”, he softly mutters, sighing ever so lightly.

“I hope everyone who likes me would not feel disappointed,” Zhang Yixing finally said after keeping silent for some time. “Also because i shoulder this dream of mine - i hope my music can be known to more people on the world stage”.

This boy, who still maintains a sense of innocence, described his dream so determinedly. It’s as if he would never rest until the day he accomplished this goal.

“Like that time when i danced at the NBA, a lot of americans came and clapped for me. They told me ‘you’re so good in dancing!’, that made me really happy. I hope that more people from overseas would genuinely praise our country and our people”

“With people like you, i believe we will have more and more works that will amaze the world.”

“I will work hard,” he said it with utmost sincerity.

His facial expression is genuinely real, true-hearted and full of sincerity.

He is really a very real boy.

At the end of our talk, he stood up from his chair and bowed to me in thanks.

I quickly returned the gesture, and the moment when i lift my head up, i saw his eyes, albeit slightly tinged with fatigue, is full of ambition and determination.

“Lay seems to be a little tired oh,” i laughed and said.

“Lay is not tired!”

This boy with full confidence, stood up tall with his chest.

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To be honest, i was having a really hard time when we were preparing for Exoluxion concert. But after meeting fans like this and seeing your facial expressions, all my exhaustion vanished. I felt like my efforts were paid off and that makes me happy.
—  Baekhyun || 160123 Exoluxion in Manilla ending ment