Model Minority

I think I been through enough people telling me that “I’m Asian so I’m smart”. This stereotype has been with us for so long that we have been ignored. Because we are better well off than other minorities we do not need the help. I am not the “model minority” nor do I want to be assume I’m smart because I’m Asian. I want to be validated because my actions and my voice speaks so. If we fail to lift this stereotype, we fail to see those in needs. 

Much Love, Gaow
GMS 2010

Joanne Chang - An AAPI woman I respect

by Iyleen Ismail

Joanne Chang is an restaurant owner/chef/baker based in Boston. She owns Flour Bakery which makes amazing tasty pastries and sandwiches. She also owns Myers and Chang restaurant, which is an asian fusion restaurant. She went to Harvard and majored in mathematics. What earned her my respect and admiration, was she did not pursue the career that was expectant of AAPI citizens (engineers, doctors etc.). Joanne decided to pursue her passion for baking and cooking and opened up her own bake shops and later restaurants and became her own business entreprenuer. She was on the food network show, Throw Down with Bobby Flay where she explained how she developed a mathematic equation to put the right amount of stickiness in a sticky bun. Later on the show, Joanne totally beat Bobby Flay in creating the best sticky bun which made her respect her more!